Fortnite battle royale game modes

battle royale game

The Fortnite battle royale game is an action-packed video game that is developed by Epic Games. It is a free to play a game that has been launched across various platforms.

On the PC version it was launched on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for the mobile versions it was released on iOS and Android game modes.

The Fortnite battle royale game pitches you against 99 other players in an open island where you have to kill other players and make yourself survive till the end. The game has received many positive views from critics.

The game is well known for its unique graphics and action-packed warfare. The game is a little bit different from the other games because here you can collect weapons as well as other materials and build obstructions such as walls, roofs, floors, etc to save yourself from incoming opponent fire.

The game has lots of game modes to enjoy for the players. Now you can enjoy the Fortnite battle royale game mode both in the offline and the online mode as well.

Here are some of the game modes that the players can enjoy in the game-

Solo mode

In this mode you each player plays for themselves only. The players have the chance of choosing and customizing the characters with weapons, maps, and protective suits as per their choice. In this game mode, all the 100 players are dropped from a plane onto an unknown island which is laden with weapons.

As soon as you land your main task till the end of the game is to keep collecting weapons, kill other layers, and survive till the end. Now, there is no point in hiding behind or staying in prone position all the time as this way you will not be able to win the game. For collecting XP points you will have to hunt down other players. The more kills you make the more points you get.

Pair up with another online player in the duo mode

It is always said that people can perform better in teams. If you think the same way. Then you can start by teaming with another online player and join the game with 49 other such duo teams. This is an exciting game mode because players have more options and alternatives available to themselves.

Now you will be able to make proper strategies on how to attack and defend against other teams. This mode is available in the online mode only.

Squad with groups of four players each

If you want to take it up a notch further and play similar to a real-life battlefield then you might try playing the squad game mode. Here each player can join a team with three more players making the total steam strength to four.

In this game mode, you will be placed against twenty-five such teams and your intention is again the same- to be the last squad standing.

If one or more members of a team die the remaining members can still fight off till the end.

Limited-time game modes

The limited-time game mode in the Fortnite battle royale game is one of the best game modes of the game considered by many players. In this game mode, some of the rules are different than most of the other ones.

In the limited-time game mode, you have to face time challenges as is quite obvious from the name of the game mode. In the first place, Epic games made it a 50v50 where the two teams are pitched against each other from two different sides of the island.

Later the developer changed this to 4 member squads and each squad has the objective to kill the other squads. One of the biggest changes here is that the players will be able to respawn their teammates and fight it out till the end.

You will be given exactly 60 minutes to kill all the other squads. After the time ends a violent storm breaks over the entire island and kills everyone. The changes in the game mode have made some positive outlook in the minds of most players.

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In this game mode, you cannot dare to hide from your enemies. Because you know either way you are going to die. So get out there and fight it out, well that the best you can do. It’s best for the players whose instinct is to go to an attack mode right from the onset of the game.

So which is the best game mode among them all?

Well, if you ask certainly the answers are going to be different. For some, the solo mode is different as they like to take control of it entirely on their own hands. If you want to play in squads then you have got the option to play in groups of two or even four.