Fortnite battle royale game: all you need to know

Fortnite battle royale game

With many games on the internet sometimes even the players are confused as to which is the best game for them. With the development in technology and gaming, modern games are based on high-end software that is designed for a hyper-real experience. Fortnite battle royale game is the best game, you can get more detail at

After a long while, there is a game that has been recently launched in the market which is attracting a lot of attention from gamers. The pro-gamers are considering this game to be quite different as it is super realistic and super challenging.

What is the Fortnite battle royale game all about?

The Fortnite battle royale game is a survival game that can be played online as well as offline mode. If you have played a survival game then you know what is the Fortnite game mostly about but in case if you haven’t then don’t worry we should tell it for you.

In the Fortnite battle royale game, you will be pitched up against 99 other players. Thus the total number of players playing the game at a time is 100.

What about the objective of the game or how do you win the game?

In the Fortnite battle royale game, you have to survive till the end. Yes, all that you have to do. Considering the objective you might consider this to be easy right? But what if we tell you that to remain as the last man standing is quite tough that you might have thought about previously.

Consider this, you will be playing against ninety-nine other players who are waiting to kill you. Yes, so you have to remain vigilant and have the right combination of defense and attack.

To win the game you don’t have to kill all the players. This game is such that you can win even without being the best killer. You don’t have to go all guns blazing right from the start.

How is the experience in the gameplay?

If you have played any type of survival game before you know how it all begins right? See, the Fortnite battle royale game beings when you will be airdropped from a plane onto an island. Once you parachute yourself to the ground you can say that its time for the action to begin. Now, your most important priority is to gain access to the loot. This essentially means that you will have to loot all types of weapons such as assault rifles, automatic machine guns, pistols, grenades, even melee weapons such as knives, shovels, etc.

The next thing is to begin the real action. You can either go hunting i.e. to kill other players or prevent yourself from being hunted down. There are two types of approaches that you can take to win the game. You have to restrain yourself from being killed and being defensive. This means that you don’t necessarily pull the trigger and get into a battle with other players until a life-threatening situation or else you can go on a killing spree and be aggressive in your tactics.

But remember that your ultimate objective in the game should be to be that last man alive on the island.

Game modes available in Fortnite battle royale

There are different game modes each one having its unique challenges. You can play the game in the solo mode, in teams of two, or even you have the option to make a squad and play in groups of four.

Even there is a game mode wherein you will be given a time limit of sixty minutes and your task will kill all the other squads. This mode is only available to be played in squads of four each.

How the difficulty level?

Well, we mention right from the outset that you can expect the level of competition to be nothing less than difficult. Fortnite battle royale game is a tactical game and you have to plan properly and even choosing your weapons and the right character might be the key to your victory. You see all the characters are not of the same style. Some are good snipers while others like to take charge in close range battle.

So you have to choose characters wisely that match your game style for maximum success. As far as the difficulty or AI level of the game is considered you can expect this to be tough if you are an amateur gamer. But you should not get disheartened by this. If you are addicted to playing games then you should rather be excited to try something new that challenges you. And there is nothing better than Fortnite battle royale game that can challenge you.

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Final say

The game is quite brilliant in the sense that for victory you have to consider so many things. The outright battle is not the key to winning. So you have to plan everything before engaging yourself in Fortnite battle royale.