Fifa Games Series Review 

Fifa game series

Fifa Games series is a world-famous video game series. It is the most competitive game. The game contains many series in it, and each of the series was developed by adding more fun. It was the first modern video game featuring a new version of football. The game has many interesting features of real-life football which makes the whole series extraordinary. This is the reason that the Fifa game series are not limited to football lovers. The game is appreciated by players across the world. Hence, this is surely an interesting, exciting, and unique one. 

About the game series

Fifa game series is a next-level football video game series. The first series of the game was established during 1993 and today the game has many series follows it. The series of the game has developed over the years. Each of the Fifa game series is different from one another. This video game series was the first one to launch football in such a unique way. The latest series of the game was launched last year. Each and every series of the game has gained great popularity. Hence, every football lover across the world is surely connected with the game. 

Fifa 18 

The game is perfect in every aspect of it. It is very interesting and attracts a lot of players. The strong efforts of the developers have turned the game into such an outstanding one. The game enhances your visuals towards modern video games. Hence, the game has a great impression on the players. 


Fifa 18 has very high graphics and advanced technology. The game has a perfect texture in it which makes it more realistic. The game looks best if one has PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. It may surely turn out to be the best video game for you if you own any of this. 


There is no doubt that the display of a game is an important feature of it. The game has an excellent display feature. It was launched in 2017, with the greatest display quality. It was the best looking game of the series until a more developed series was launched. The display of the game enhances its quality. It also increases the attraction of the players towards the game. 


The sound of the game is an important feature for its players. Every gamer wants a stunning sound quality of his or her game. Fifa 18 also wins your heart with its sound quality. Its sound gives you a real-life experience. Starting from the audio of the crowd to the voice of the announcers, each thing is perfect in the game.

The ease of gameplay 

Every gamer demands that the game must be challenging and adventurous. These things are the prime source of entertainment for them. This does not mean they should be difficult one because too much difficulty may lead to sticking in the level for hours or for even days which may make it boring. The developers keeping this in mind have made the game easy but not boring. 

Fifa 19 

This game was the highest sold video game across the world. This game of the series was developed with the purpose of entertaining more. The game has various modes that add more fun to your game. You can simply choose your desired character, imply your own skills there, and just begin your game. 


The Fifa game series is popular for its graphics feature. Each of the games in the series has great graphical quality. Hence, Fifa 19, is no else in this feature. The game is played best if one has Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, or Nintendo Switch. The graphics of the game are surely perfect.


Fifa 19 of the game series have a high resolution and display quality. The display features enhance your way of perceiving the game. These games were the smoothest version of the series while it was launched. Its realistic display feature was behind such popularity of it. Hence, the unique display quality and different types of playing the game are truly attractive. 


The game aims to put forward the real-life experience of football in a video game. The most important feature to bring life out of the virtual world is its sound quality. Hence, the game does its job brilliantly. Its sound quality gives a real-life experience of football. Do not miss the fun of the game and do not forget to plug in your earphones while playing. 

The ease of gameplay 

The game is to be played with great accuracy. The gameplay of Fifa 19, is much unique and impressive. It allows you in easy control features which makes the game appeal to its audience. The interesting thing is the gameplay of Fifa 19 attracts players the most. Hence, one can surely comment that the game is developed with huge perfection. 

Fifa 20 

The game is the latest and standard edition of the Fifa game series. It’s like a disease that attracts players and makes you addicted to it. The game was released in September 2019. 


Just like every other game of the series, Fifa 20 also has brilliant graphic features. The game may be surely played over many devices but it looks best if one has Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Stadia. Hence, most of the players surely desire and demand to enjoy it over PC. 


Just like every other game of the Fifa game series it also has a high display feature. The game is presented to its audience with a much better and higher resolution. It also gives a crystal clear look at the game. Its display features of the game make it more realistic and attractive to play. 


The game has an amazing sound feature. The sound quality of the game gives you a feeling of a real stadium. This make the players feel that a lot of audiences are cheering up for them. Hence, always keep your earphones plugged in while playing Fifa 20. 

The ease of gameplay 

This game is played by a huge number of people. The game has many activities to do and many challenges to fight out. This may appear to you as a tough game but this is just a myth. Something which is challenging is not necessarily tough. The game is quite easy, interesting, and adventurous to play. The game is quite easy as your skills define your game. 

Other versions 

The Fifa game series has many versions other than Fifa 18, Fifa 19, and Fifa 20. Every year the Fifa game series launches its versions.


The Fifa game series have very high graphics, which allows the game to include more texture, more realistic lighting, shadows, and show the game at a higher resolution. These graphics make it the latest iconic video game. One can enjoy it the most when played over the PC. The advanced graphics of the game gives the sensation of viewing a real stadium. It may surely turn out to be one of the best video games ever played for someone owning PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or any other platform. 


The texture and display of the game are much sharper, giving a detailed look in it. The display of the game gives it a smoothness of any reflective surface. Its display enhances the quality of the game and grabs the attention of the players. The game gives a feeling of a real stadium because of its display features. Hence, these display features are truly a cause which is increasing the number of players these days. 


The series is perfect in every bit of it. The developers have also kept in mind the sound quality of the game. Fifa game series has an amazing sound feature. Starting from the sound of the audience cheering in the crowds to kick the football, everything is just perfectly done. Hence, when one is playing this game the headphones must be surely on. 

The ease of gameplay 

The Fifa game series is played by a huge number of people all over the world. This game can be played in many ways- individually or in a multi player mode. In the game, there are many challenges and tournaments but this does not make the game tough. The game is quite interesting to play. 

The features of the game are very much approachable to the players. Its graphics, display, design, texture, sound, and ease in playing the game are certain causes that have made it to be more attractive.

Game controls 

Fifa game series is played across the world. There are many ways one can enjoy the series. It can be played over various devices. The game can be controlled — 

Over phone 

The mobile version of the game gives you a similar sort of fun. The controls of the game become easy and of course handy when one plays this over the phone. So, the touch screen feature makes the game bit sorted. This series is most often played on PC but it also played on the phone. The game is available on both Android and iOS free of cost. That means the game is easily accessible on your mobile or tablet. This series might have certain in-game purchases. 

Over desktop with a keyboard and mouse 

Every football lover dreams to play the Fifa game series over PC. The game does not come free, but it worth buying it. If you are planning to play the game over desktop then always remember you need a fairly good enough desktop because the game has a high graphics quality. It is never late to begin playing it over the desktop. There is surely no doubt that one can show his skills when played over a desktop using a keyboard and mouse. The fact that playing with a keyboard and mouse might the controls of the game a bit complicated. 

Over joystick 

There are many players who enjoy the Fifa game series over the joystick. It is considered the best control system. This might cost a bit high but the experience you achieve worth your money. The control over the joystick is much easy and exciting. No matter where ever you play it. The controls of the game might be easy or tough. The essence of the game is never lost. It is appealing in each case. 

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Fun in the game

Fifa game series in the world of modern video games have earned a lot of popularity. There are many features that add more fun to the game, and would surely attract you like a magnet.

Personal Skills 

The series engages you with more fun than any other video game. The reason behind this is your personal skills define your achievements in the game. Hence, you should have great control over it. The game surely polishes your personal skills towards football and acknowledges you are about various moves. 

Realistic Approach 

The high technology used in the game along with its display features gives a realistic approach. The game is designed in such a way that it would surely entertain you because your movements in the game are much important. The series also adds more fun by implying each and every detail of the stadium. 

Desired Characters 

The series gives you an opportunity to choose your desired character. Each of the versions allows you to do so. The exciting thing about it is the real-life football players are your characters. This gives you a feeling that you are playing as a replacement for your favorite footballer. 

Various Modes

Each of the versions in the Fifa game series gives you an opportunity to play in two different modes- single-player and multi-player. This vanishes any doubt the fun you can create in the game. Hence, you can enjoy the game with your friends and make it more exciting, although the single-player is not boring rather surely interesting. 

Role Models 

Every football fan has their role models. They want to become like them and gain their traits. The game allows you to do that. You must surely know about the strengths, and weaknesses of them. Hence, when you choose them as your character, you exactly get them with similar qualities. There is no doubt that this adds more fun. 

Real teams and players

The Fifa game series entertains you with many features. So, here is another surprise for you. The game allows you to play with real teams and players. Your desired characters play from his real-life team and against other players. It is true that each and every feature of the game surely has the quality to attract you. 

High Graphics

The high graphical feature of a game has the power to enhance the fun in the game. This series would not disappoint you in this case also because each time the version was launched they were the best at graphics. Hence, the graphics of the game has developed over the years. Today, it has become the best. 


There is no doubt that every football lovers are attached to the Fifa game series. People across the entire world love this game. This confirms there are many pros to this series. The perfection of the game is highlighted in the series. 

Multiple modes 

The entire series of Fifa has multiple modes in the game. The “Ultimate Team” is the best mode of the series. 

Perfect animation 

The series of Fifa has a gorgeous animation. This makes the game fantastic and more appealing to the players. 

Excellent graphics

The advanced graphics of the game is also a key feature to attract the players. This makes the game much interesting and exciting. 


Fifa Game series also has a certain number of cons in it, just like any other video game. The list is surely very short, but we cannot ignore it. 

Uncontrollable Features 

Sometimes one cannot control the movement of the ball in the field. This feature makes the game a bit annoying. 

Career mode 

This mode of the series may be called the biggest con of it. Career mode cut scenes are the most irritating point of the game. 

The cons of the game do not decrease the popularity of the series, although open up the shape to reach perfection. 

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Fifa game series is the most addictive modern video game played by one. The game evokes feelings of happiness and satisfaction which acts as a cause of its addiction. The series successfully does its work of entertaining its players which keeps them connected to the game. It evokes an urge to play this game again and again. The feeling to play the game for the one last time is always in the mind is of the players. They just cannot come out of this feeling. So, whether or not intentional, the players spend hours on the Fifa game series. 


Fifa game series has become a very popular modern video game. The series has received a major success by attracting football lovers across the world. There is no doubt that the excellent features of the game including the Tournaments and World Cups makes, it just awesome. The game has tried to digitalize football and the love it receives acts like evidence of its victory. This digital version of real life football assures to entertain you from the comfort of your home. Hence, every football lover also loves the Fifa game series and remains attached to the game over the years.