Dubai Expo 2020: The world’s largest diverse exhibition event is Now Here!!!

Dubai expo 2020

The World Universal Expo occurs every 5 years and this time the multination involved was bound to happen in Dubai called the Dubai Expo 2020.

It was initially anticipated to begin from October 20, 2020, however, this has now been halted. As an outcome, the Dubai Expo 2020 becomes the first Expo that has got postponed instead of getting canceled altogether.

This year the main narrative of the event encircles around the future as we encompass some huge technological creations that will nearly transform the complexion of the modern world as we see it in the upcoming decade. The Dubai Expo 2020 theme for this year is- ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

Experts and critics have inferred that this year’s expo in the rich Gulf nation of the United Arab Emirates is taking off to be based around technology and futuristic inventions.

About the Expo-

The whole region in which the expo is to be held encircles a cumulative about 1038 hectares. This enormous area is placed between the towns of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Showcasing the region of the Dubai Expo 2020 indicates that there is a big primary building called as Al Wasl that is encircled by three huge thematic sectors where different participating countries will have their belvedere or pavilion. Each enormous thematic region has a distinct notion based on which the inventions and topics will be exhibited. These three thematic regions are centered around three concepts of Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. It is being said that the post the end of the event which will be held for six months long the entire hub will be converted and devoted to scientific research and education purposes.

TheDubaiExpo2020 is anticipated to create an enormous rise in the GDP of the host nation in general as the administration is widely positive about the exhibition and the after developments.

How Covid-19 impacted Dubai Expo 2020

This is probably for the first time in the history of the World Expo that a version has to be suspended rather than abolished as the covid-19 pandemic is fuming around the globe.

The organizers notified that this year’s expo will be delayed by one year and will commence from 1st October 2021 and proceed till 31st March 2022.

Initially, the exhibition was to begin from October 20, 2020, and take place till 10th April 2021.

Are you interested to visit the Dubai Expo 2020?

This year’s expo is founded on the classification of World expo and the nations will highlight their evolving skill and inventions in the world of technology that can impact various industries. Besides this, the visitors will also get a flavor of tradition, cultural heritage, and the handicraft sector for each and every participating nation.

Expectedly there would be around 192 countries till now who have sent names to participate in the Dubai Expo 2020.

Endeavors adopted at this year’s World Expo 2020 at Dubai

There have been several initiatives taken from the government to make Dubai Expo 2020 a grand success. This will also motivate wider participation across the many landmasses. This will clearly make visitors locally and from different nations come and visit the Expo and be fascinated about it.

Expo Live

It is the program inaugurated by the organizers to finance this large exhibition. Initially, the Expo of this year has been said to start with a small amount of USD 100 million. This fund will primarily go towards enabling the nations to come and show their talent to the world and also inspire people around the world. The money will mostly be invested in several donations, contests with exciting awards to be earned, and a shared information center that will motivate bigger participation for people of various ages.

Sustainability is a vital factor to be displayed in the Expo

The organizers are attempting to center the notion of the Dubai Expo 2020 around three planks and this comprises of- Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility.

The administration is trying to present the sustainable problems to make the whole exhibition a key base for sharing endurable ideas for development in the country’s as well as the prospects of the whole world. There have been some endurable objectives set which are permitted to be followed on the campus.

Expo School program

The UAE government is expecting an increased involvement from the gen-next which is, the kids. This is apparent from the point that the organizers have implored the schools to motivate participation in the exhibition. Schools have to bring in learners and demonstrate them the region around them.

Why is the Dubai Expo 2020 such a significant incident?

This year’s Expo 2020 is anticipated to be a big exhibition as nations look to join in and the event days draw nearer. It is predicted that this year’s Dubai Expo 2020 is getting on to be a platform that is crucial for communicating the various pressing issues around the world such as the habitat, power consumption, world global exchange, future notions, and inventions, enabling easy measures in global commerce.

The Dubai Expo2020 will work as a program for the representatives from around the globe to come and sit together to make the world united to deal with the largest difficulties facing us today and that is starvation and poverty, joblessness, terrorism and enabling the nations to shake hands for making the world a more restful place and form a diverse unity and navigate ahead in search of joint development.

Sustainability exercises continue to be a huge factor

The Expo 2020 is in a major way revolves around the impression of endurable processes to assure a peaceful living habitat. There is also going to be a huge priority rested on renewable energy consumption and farming and food.

A meet for unity, coalition, and unified advancement to gain success

The Dubai Expo 2020 is like a big committee meet from states around the planet where diplomats and significant figures are anticipated to come forward and discuss how to maintain peace and tranquility. It is being plopped as a priority as the planet rages pass some acts of unrest and terror works that are taking the lives of many peaceful innocent individuals regularly through such terrible acts.

For this, the Dubai Expo 2020 is anticipated to give rise to a major modification and form partnerships and unities between several nations of the globe and form peace pacts.

Branding of countries and a platform for diplomats

The Dubai Expo 2020 is a big exhibition for the nations to showcase their developments in science and technology. There is also anticipated to be some form of diplomatic conversations to prompt international trade and ease standards for doing business.

Showcasing a window of fresh chances to the International Community

Dubai Expo 2020 is a place to show the world of the future. It is a forum where technical progressions and research work is going to be displayed. Some of the significant areas comprise the display of the use of renewable energy in many everyday uses and rendering it available to people around the planet, use of electric automobiles, 5G technology, and the use of Artificial Intelligence and IoT on various devices.

Will Dubai Expo 2020 be a success, particularly in the post-pandemic society?

With the advent of the coronavirus plague around the planet, the international economic activity was put to shut as people had no alternative rather than keeping up themselves at home. This is one component that had the Dubai Expo 2020 got suspended to the next year.

Speaking about the exhibition it is anticipated that in the post-pandemic realm the Expo 2020 will evolve to be a more significant incident that will evolve as a platform for communities to get encouraged for the future primarily the people from the young era.

The meet of the diplomats will last for six months successive and there are going to be several treaties, Memorandum of Understandings, multinational coalitions in the business that is believed to be ratified.

The exhibition will take the core stage for fueling advancement and passion and bring in impressions of confidence and trust and revived joy in the psyches of the people about a comfortable and sustainable futuristic world.

Best pavilions demonstrated so far in the Dubai Expo 2020

There have so far been nominations sent from 192 countries sent across the world that will be joining the meet. And so far the top news outlets or media have ascertained the best pavilions that should be visited by every people. The list incorporates 34 countries, but here we are only going to focus on the best five pavilions.


The pavilion from Spain has been planned and formulated by top designers using just recyclable elements, iron chunks, and wood. It has got an underground exhibition area assembled underground and a leisure area in the open.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE pavilion has been constructed in the shape of the wings of a falcon. It has been designed by top architects and is extended over a region of 15,000 square meters.

The pavilion will display the prosperous cultural inheritance of the country and also exhibit the nation’s enterprising plans in the prospect of economic improvement and growth in the different regions of science and technology.


The Chinese pavilion looks like a traditional Chinese lantern. It is created from eco-friendly elements and is anticipated to showcase several technological and scientific improvements. The whole pavilion is set to exhibit a dazzling show of lamps along the external surface that you just can’t miss.


The Swedish pavilion will provide you a rapid feel for the tall trees in the Nordic woodlands set in the sphere of nature. It has been formulated geometrically and also placed eye-catching lights as a show for the people coming in.


This pavilion is set up in the mobility thematic district. There has bee a huge emphasis given on using eco-friendly materials and the entire power consumption is driven using renewable energy.

Glamour in the Expo 2020

It is a must-visit spot if you like to understand more about world lineage, society, and rich belief in some of the faiths around the planet apart from being a tech lover.

Vertical farm

There are two huge hubs of attractions in Dubai Expo 2020. One is the vertical farm from where all the food output is being taken from.

There is going to be a wide range of aromas, flavors, and original cuisines from the country. You can also have a flavor of the eateries if you are a food fanatic.

Rope fewer elevators

This is possibly for the first time that people will be deceived with the theories of science and technology. The rope-less elevator will operate using magnetic power and move you both vertically and horizontally to display the Dubai Expo 2020.

Aspects to get fascinated about, after the Dubai Expo 2020

Some things continue to be recognized even after the aspects get ended. Here are the best 5 things that might be even more significant in the fast-changing post-covid world-

UAE’s aim for Economic vision 2030

The administration is hugely positive about the fortune as it tries to shift the dependence of the economy from being heavily dependent on the oil business. The government of UAE is attempting to give a notion to the local firms and research firms about the several other emerging areas like healthcare, medication, technology, and information in which they can adopt a citation from the pavilions.

Making a happiness index and governing it

To tackle anger, coercion, and depression the administration is initiating a new index known as the happiness index. This is to make Dubai the gladdest city in the world. There have been numerous norms and parameters which have been placed for this.

Dubai’s smarter city

The whole District 2020 will be possessing in house 5G system. There have been extraordinary principal makers and techies who are tirelessly working to enforce the 5G in the Dubai Expo2020 itself.

Sustainability pavilion

A fresh pavilion has been dedicated to the people to see how the enhancing infrastructure and technological improvement will earn the earth an endurable atmosphere to live.