The world’s largest Multi-cultural exhibition event has Now Arrived: The Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020

The World Universal Expo happens at an interval of every five years and the multinational exhibition, this time was involved or rather bound to take place in Dubai named the Dubai Expo 2020. The exhibition was first thought to start on the 20th of October 2020, nonetheless, the organization of the event has been delayed, keeping in mind of the pandemic. As a consequence of such events that are taking place, the Dubai Expo 2020 evolves as the first Expo that has got suspended, with the good news being the expo has not got fully terminated.

This year the central theme of the exhibition simply revolves around the destiny of ours as we comprise some huge technological inventions that will change and transform the fabrics of the modern world, the future of the world that we see the dream of. The Dubai Expo 2020’s theme time around is to connect minds and recreate the future.

Both experts and critics have inferred that this year’s expo in the United Arab Emirates one of the richest nations in the world, is entire to be shaped around to look out for innovations and technological solutions.

About the Expo-

The main area in which the expo is to be held encircles in a total area of about thousand plus acres. Situated in between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the number itself indicates the huge expansion of this area.

Each enormous thematic region has a distinct notion based on which the inventions and topics will be exhibited. These three thematic regions are centered around threes concept of Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. It is being said that the post the end of the event which will be held for six months long the entire hub will be converted and devoted to scientific research and education purposes.

The Dubai Expo 2020 is anticipated to create an enormous rise in the GDP of the host nation in general as the administration is widely positive about the exhibition and the after developments.

How Coronavirus affected Dubai Expo 2020

The original dates for the events to start were from October 20, 2020, and was planned to go on till April 10, 2021. This is maybe for the first of all events in the past records of the Expo that an edition has to be postponed rather than abrogated as the Novel Corona Virus is raging around the whole planet, leaving no nation immune from it.

The event host of the Expo advised that this year’s event will be delayed by a whole year, and now it has been scheduled to start from October 1st, 2021, and proceed till March 31st, 2022.

This edition of the Dubai Expo 2020 is established on the class of World expo and the states will accentuate their developing skill and visions in the domain of modern technology that can influence various financial sectors or organs of the world. Apart from this, the guests will also get to know about traditional heritage and cultural values, and the handicraft and art section from each and every member state.

Around 192 countries have registered their names with the Dubai Expo 2020.

Words from the Dignitaries

His Excellency, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, along with other important dignitaries like the  Chairman of the Expo 2020 Dubai Higher Committee, in a media briefing stated that they greet the ruling of BIE Member States to aid the indecisiveness Expo 2020 Dubai by one year. They also quoted that they were grateful to the participating countries for their constant obligation to provide to a World Expo in Dubai that will dabble a key role in molding our post-covid earth at a period when it will be greatly required.

Efforts approved at this year’s World Expo 2020 at Dubai

There have been several expectations to be met by the government to make Dubai Expo 2020 a grand accomplishment. This will also encourage wider involvement across the many landmasses. This will certainly make tourists from different countries and local people to come and visit the Dubai Expo 2020 and be excited about it.

It is the program inducted by the organizers to finance this large exhibition. Initially, the Expo of this year has been said to start with a tiny amount of USD 100 million. This fund will primarily go towards enabling the governments of various nations to come forward and show their talent to the world and also inspire people around the world. The money will mostly be invested in several subsidies, contests with exciting awards to be received, and a shared information center that will motivate larger participation for men and women of various ages and ethnicities.

Sustainability is a crucial factor to be exhibited in the Expo

The event managers are chancing to center the impression of the DubaiExpo2020 around three pillars and this encompasses – Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility.

The government is attempting to present reasonable problems to make the whole exhibition a key base for sharing endurable ideas for development in the country’s as well as the prospects of the whole world. There have been some endurable objectives set which are permitted to be followed on the campus.

Emergency assistance that can be found at the Expo

The emergency center situated in the Expo includes an isolation compartment, emergency care room, ambulances, and chopper services. Rob Cooling, who is the vice president of safety and environment at the Dubai Expo 2020 stated in a media meeting that appliance and preventative measures are in place to manage emergencies. The center is equipped to furnish immediate care and stabilization during the ‘golden hour’. The golden hour in emergency care means the first hour after pain or disease when medical care may be most beneficial. The prominence of Dubai Expo 2020

This year’s Expo 2020 is anticipated to be a big exhibition as nations look to join in and the event days draw nearer. It is predicted that this year’s Dubai Expo 2020 is getting on to be a platform that is crucial for communicating the various pressing issues around the world such as the habitat, power consumption, world global exchange, future notions, and inventions, enabling easy measures in global commerce.

The Dubai Expo 2020 will work as a program for the diplomats from around the planet to come and sit concurrently to make the world united to deal with the largest difficulties facing us today and that is starvation and poverty, joblessness, terrorism and enabling the nations to shake hands for making the world a more restful place and form a diverse consensus with harmony and navigate ahead in search of shared growth.

Sustainability exercises continue to be a huge factor

The Expo 2020 is in a major path that revolves around the impression of endurable processes to assure a peaceful living habitat. There is also going to be a huge priority rested on renewable energy consumption and farming and food.

A meet for unity, coalition, and unified improvement to gain success

The Dubai Expo 2020 is like a big committee meet from states around the planet where diplomats and significant figures are anticipated to come forward and discuss how to maintain peace and tranquility. It is being plopped as a priority as the planet rages pass some acts of unrest and terror works that are taking the lives of many peaceful innocent individuals regularly through such terrible acts.

For this, the Dubai Expo2020 is predicted to give rise to an important modification and form partnerships and unities between several nations of the globe and form peace pacts.

The Dubai Expo 2020 is a big exhibition for the nations to showcase their developments in science and technology. There is also anticipated to be some form of diplomatic conversations to urge worldwide trade and ease laws for doing business.

Presenting a window of fresh chances to the World Community

Dubai Expo 2020 is a place to show the planet of the future. It is a forum where specialized advancements and research work is going to be displayed. Some of the significant areas encompass the displaying of use of renewable energy in everyday uses and rendering it available to people around the planet, the use of electric cars, 5G technology, and the use of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things(IoT) on various devices.

Will Dubai Expo 2020 be a success, particularly in the post-pandemic society?

With the advent of the coronavirus plague around the planet, the international economic activity was put to shut as people had no alternative rather than keeping up themselves at home. This is one component that had the Dubai Expo 2020 got suspended to the next year.

Speaking about the exhibition it is anticipated that in the post-pandemic realm the Expo 2020 will evolve to be a more significant incident that will evolve as a platform for communities to get encouraged for the future primarily the people from the young era.

The meet of the diplomats will last for six months successive and there are going to be several treaties, MoUs, multinational unions in the world bloc that is believed to be ratified.

The exhibition will take the core phase for fueling advancement and excitement and bring in feelings of confidence and trust and revived joy in the minds of the people about a prosperous and endurable world for the future.

Best pavilions demonstrated so far in the Dubai Expo 2020

There have so far been nominations sent from 192 countries sent across the world that will be joining the meet. And so far the top news outlets or media have ascertained the best pavilions that should be visited by every people. The list encompasses 34 countries, but here we are only going to give emphasis on the four pavilions of four countries that have set their camps most beautifully.

United Arab Emirates

The pavilion of the host nation has been established in the shape of the wings of a falcon. It has been constructed by top designers and is expanded over a region of 15,000 square meters.


The pavilion from Spain has been planned and developed by top architects using just recyclable elements, iron slabs, and wood. It has got an undercover exhibition area developed underground, with an entertainment area in the open.


The Chinese pavilion looks like a conventional Chinese lantern. It is created from eco-friendly elements and is anticipated to showcase several technological and scientific improvements. The whole pavilion is set to exhibit a dazzling show of lamps along the external surface that you just can’t miss.


This pavilion is set up in the mobility thematic district. There has been a huge emphasis given on using eco-friendly substances and the entire energy consumption is ridden using a renewable sources of power with no use of fossil fuels at all.

Facets to get happy about, after the Dubai Expo 2020

What is the aim of the United Arab Emirates’ Government to transform its Economic vision?

The government of the gulf nation is very much positive about the fortune as it attempts to change positions over the reliance of the economy from being heavily dangling on the crude and petroleum industry. The government of UAE is striving to give an impression to the local companies and exploration corporations about the various other arising sectors like healthcare treatment, technology, and data collection which they can adopt a citation from the pavilions.

Smart City Dubai

The total aspects of District 2020 will be retained in house 5G network communicating system. There have been tremendous chief makers and tech experts who are working day and night to execute the 5G technologies advancement in the Dubai Expo2020 itself.

Sustainability pavilion

A brand new genre of the pavilion has been set up for the people to see how the improving infrastructure and specialized modification will serve us, the humans, and our planet, the earth an environment where everyone can live together peacefully and in good being.