Do you want to start your own hologram stickers business

Hologram stickers are not something new. These are the bright colorful stickers with all seven colors of a rainbow which changes the color complexion and also the orientation of the images inside them. Children are always interested to see these bright colorful stickers which are pasted on the various products and their labels, packaging, and covers.

So are you looking to manufacture these stickers for some brands? You have to know about the technical process which is used in making them. As you might know that the holographic stickers cannot tamper easily and they are the representation of a company brand and name.

They give protection to brand identity and thus are useful than having normal stickers.

What do you have to know about the hologram stickers printing business?

As you are looking to start a hologram sticker printing business, there are some basic things that you should know.

First things first….a hologram sticker contains a brand image or logo which gives us the perception of a 3D image. These stickers are used for security purposes and they give protection to the company logo and brand image from illegal replication.

Hologram sticker printing is significantly different from genuine stickers and they are made using highly scientific gadgets such as light interference gadgets, laser technology, etc.

What is the basic process of manufacturing holographic stickers?

Before we move into the detailed process you need to have a basic idea of how the holographic stickers are printed. Holographic stickers are made on a glass plate. This glass plate must be treated with iron oxide first. The next stage is to treat the glass plate with a photoresist material after which the stickers are pasted on the glass plate.

In the next stage, the material of the sticker undergoes a reaction with the glass plate while a set frequency of light waves is allowed to fall on it. This is process is allowed to go on for some time in a controlled manner in a photo lab after which the holographic stickers are take out.

Commercially if you want to produce holographic stickers on a large scale you have to make use of laser technology of different light waves from the visible light spectrum.

Now let’s understand the hologram stickers printing process in a detailed manner

Whenever light falls on a physical object it is light is reflected from it. But as the glass plate is coated with a photo resistant material the light beams get reflected. During this time there is light generally from a laser that falls in the material.

The reflected light waves and the light waves from the laser are so chosen that their phases and frequencies so that they can easily get coherent interference. In the presence of the photosensitive surface which is coated on the glass surface, a 3D image is created on the material.

The time taken to complete this process will significantly depend on what types of lightwave frequencies are being used and some other technical aspects.

The entire process to create hologram stickers may take from anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes.

The entire set must be kept standstill as the slightest movement or vibration can result in a blurred and distorted image.

What technology do you need to print holographic stickers?

The printing of hologram stickers does need some high-end gadgets and high-end devices. Depending on the complexity of the image on the sticker itself and its resolution the prices of the gadgets may vary.

The better the technology used for making holographic stickers the better is the precision and the sharpness of the image.

Some of the technology that you need to make a hologram sticker are- laser marking technology, inkjet, and dot-matrix hologram printing material, UV-ray marking devices, and thermal equipment.

What are the security features of hologram stickers?

Depending on the client or the company you have to work with there are different things that can be used inside the holographic images. These could include micro text which is only visible with a magnifying glass.

Some hologram stickers also use flip flop images which change the orientation and shape or size of the image as the sticker is rotated in the presence of normal transparent light.

Sometimes the use of nano text is done which is visible through the microscope. These are exclusively used in some high-end products. The prices of making such types of nano text inside the holographic stickers can involve high tech costly machines.

Sometimes images can also be used with animation effects. Even hologram stickers can be made by using morse text which are certain types of lines in a pattern. These patterns of lines can be viewed with a special photo film only.