Choosing the Best VR games in Android

VR is slowly emerging from just a concept into reality in all the walks of life. Let’s take the gaming sector for example. Nowadays if you notice there are so many VR games in Android.

The gaming sector in itself has undergone huge changes in the past couple of decades. In the last decade, the VR games were just a concept. There were a few odd games that were released here and there.

But this decade marks the era of a new journey in the gaming sector. The game development companies had developed the concepts of virtual gaming into real games that can now be enjoyed with headsets.

During the last end of the decade, there were a lot of games that were being quickly released the trend is expected to deepen as we turn towards a new decade.

The addition of a new dimension to the world of VR games

The newest additions of the VR games are that now you can turn on your Android phone into a gaming device and along with a headset, enjoy the latest VR games being released. There are so many VR games in Android available in the market.

This is a new dimension that has been added so early into the era of VR games.

This was not the case just a few years back. If you turn the clock back you will see that to play VR games earlier we had to use simulators which high-end devices including computers, consoles such as Play Station and Xbox, headsets, controllers, and some other motion-sensing gadgets.

All this was pretty much very expensive which is still today for average decent gameaholic.

But the thing that has changed in today’s times is that you can enjoy VR games in Android and thus you don’t need access to so many devices and gaming equipment to enjoy a VR game.

This means that the ultimate device to launch a VR game can almost be fitted into your pocket and includes on thy two things. This includes your smartphone and the headsets.

Can VR games in Android be played on any smartphone?

Unfortunately, not all smartphones are ‘smart enough’ to run a VR game. For this, you need to buy the high-end smartphones that are capable of running a VR game.

Now, this is very important that we discuss it here only because a lot of gamers have already taken this step.

If you are already thinking to buy a new smartphone and use it exclusively for running a VR game then you have to be aware of certain things.

First, the smartphone must have software which has an interface to run the game

This is important. Any device which has a gaming interface will be able to give better gameplay experience to the user. You can simply take this as something that will help you to play the game smoothly without hanging or surfing too much.

The smartphone must be compatible with the VR headset

These are pivotal or else forget even about playing the game. And when it comes to the VR headset each headset has its own set of requirements to be met for playing VR games in Android.

For this, you have to download software for your specific VR headset into the smartphone.

Don’t worry, the process to do this and the name of the software should be written in the manual itself.

Matching the hardware requirements for playing VR games in Android smartphone

There are some hardware requirements too that have to be met if you want to enjoy cool VR games on your smartphone. This includes checking the memory requirements, minimum RAM, etc.

What types of VR games can I play on my smartphone?

Well, if you have already founded a smartphone after checking all the above-mentioned features and setting up your newly bought handheld device you are good to go.

This means that you now start paying any game by downloading it from the Google Playstore. Still, we recommend you to check out the system requirements including device compatibility before making the download.

This is because much high quality and intense VR games will be large and will require substantial memory space.

But there are generally all types of gaming genres that are available for playing VR games on Android. The usual list of preferences might vary from one gamer to another.

You will find different types of VR games which also includes some other types of inputs and sensory parameter such as motion sensors, using one-touch controls, and more.

Final words

So are you concerned about whether your smartphone is capable enough to run a VR game? Make sure to check that out on the game-specific requirements on the Google Playstore. If you are ready to buy a new Android smartphone you have got plenty of choices.

Determine your budget and go for it. The types of games for VR games in Android are endless so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.