Call of Duty is now available on Smartphone

Call of Duty is one of the most favorite games of yours on your computers. But the matter now is that you prefer not to play games on your PC. Those days are gone when you will be fighting hard with your PC arrow keys and with your joystick. Now is the time to be mobile and keeping that in view here comes the most preferred Mobile game for you, right on your Smartphone.

Outstanding gameplay

The thing that is hounding your mind right now is the difference that you will have to face while you will be playing the game over your phone. Here it must be very much clear that you are going to experience something literally outstanding while you play the favorite Mobile game over your phone. Available both in android and iPhone, you are going to experience the ease of control in your gameplay that you have not even experienced in your PC. With smooth control over the screen and with sensors to control your fighter, Call of Duty is going to give you the ultimate entertainment on your phone play.

Toggling, walking, running, sliding, and jumping all you can do with just your screen touch or even with simply using your phone sliding. Toggle your arms, make your actions sharper, and smoother to complete the missions at ease. All you had in your PC is well there, but the difference lies in the graphical expressions. The effects that you will find on your phone will completely erase the feel to play the game any time again on your PC.

Synchronizing your gameplay

You have progressed much on your PC? Give up the thought of data loss. Just login with the same account of your PC and you might continue from the mission you are in. Rather, you can also start fresh gameplay too. The extensive graphics of the game that you will find on your PC is much more entertaining that of your PC game and hence you might prefer to play afresh too.

Outstanding graphics of the Mobile game online and expressive shooting experience on your Smartphone will make you feel that you are into some real-life battleground. The experience that you will gain of the gameplay in both single fighting mode and that in the multiplayer mode is much entertaining than you experienced before. To experience the extensive 3D graphics and real-time sound effects, just use your headphones.

New aggressive features

You will get new maps and new arenas every month on your mobile game and that will be much more entertaining in the game. The best thing here is the multiplayer mode of the game. In fact that makes the game the most interesting and interactive among all the Mobile games online. You can not only experience a multiplayer mode in this game as you find in other games but here you will find the feature of playing 5v5 games too.

The special multiplayer support that you will experience in this Mobile game online is when you are selecting some specific mode. You can go for 100 player battle and even can go for sniper vs. Sniper round too. In order to go for the 5v5 mode, go for a deathmatch, and select your team. That’s it to experience the ultimate fun out of the most intensive and entertaining game of PC over your phone.

Experience intense views

The matter you faced while you played the game on your PC is the speed of the game. You could experience the speed issue since you need to zoom in or out with lots more care. Here in this advanced Smartphone mode, things are made much simpler. Zooming in or out, taking a perfect position for shooting, and even going with duels with multiple players online is much easier here than ever before. Just with a single tap or geo sliding inclination, you can handle everything which in case of PC, you had to face much more trouble.

Download and enjoy

You might have played different shooting games on your Smartphone, but if you have played the Call of Duty on your PC, you might not be getting that entertainment from your Mobile games online anymore. Shooting features were there, but the free games won’t have the speed, focus, and missions in them. Stop searching for any more games as the game that you liked the most on your PC is not on your phone and this time with a better gameplay experience, better speed, and better graphics with ultimate multiplayer features and controls. The most interesting thing here is that you can play the game free of cost. There is absolutely nothing to buy for playing the Mobile game. So, download it and start experiencing the best.