Call of Duty All Series Review

Call of Duty

The Call of Duty franchise started out in 2003 in the United States is an online video-gaming platform with a series of games under its banner. And as we have progressed into a modern era, with mobile devices, computers, and laptops easily available to the people, video games like Call of Duty are gaining more and more popularity among the young generation around the world. Today Call of Duty or CoD as it’s popularly known as is one of the most successful video gaming franchises with a lifetime revenue collection of USD 15billion as of 2016 and sales are only going to rise further.

About the game

Call of Duty is an entertaining shooting-based gaming franchise. In its games, participants or players are exposed to a virtual combat situation where one has to fight out to ultimately win. Call of Duty rolled out in the market as a World War II-based video game in 2003, published by Activision. But gradually with the progress of time, the series saw new games, set in Cold War, space, and the Futuristic world. 

Call of Duty 2

This game was one of the most popular first-shooter video games of the time.


The Call of Duty series is very popular for its graphics. Every game in the main series has a great quality of graphics and resolution. Hence,  CoD 2, was no exception in this feature. The game was initially launched for PCs of Windows and macOS in 2005 and later expanded to Xbox 360 and Play Station 2.


Like any other Call of Duty game, the game had a high resolution compared to its predecessor. Good display enhances one’s way of understanding the game. It was also one of the best games back in 2005. The game sold over 6million copies by 2013 and higher display quality was an important feature of the sensational success of the video-game.


The real-life sound of the battlefield and background music of the video game makes it a delight for the gamers to play. And the sound of a video game is probably the most important aspect of it, as it brings life out of an artificial world. The game meets with all expectations of the fans. Its sound does give a real war-like experience which is why it’s loved so much among its players and fans.

The ease of gameplay 

The game has a very simple interface for playing. It’s a first-person shooting game where players can play both in single-player and multiplayer modes. Players can make a wide array of moves like running, crouching, and many more to protect themselves. Also, it can carry weapons like machine guns and flakes. 

Call of Duty 3

Following the success of Call of Duty 2, the Call of Duty franchise continued along with their game Call of Duty 3. The game hit the stores in 2006 and as expected, became an overnight success story for its developers. The game supports more gaming platforms like the Xbox One, Play Station 3, Xbox 360, Play Station 2, and Wii.


Like the series’ every other game,  Call of Duty 2 also presents excellence in graphics. Though played over various other devices, the game looks best in PlayStation 3, Xbox, or Xbox360. The gaming community loved the improved graphics in the new Call of Duty game compared to its predecessor. The game was surely one of the most popular games among the youth and was widely enjoyed by them.


Just like any other game of the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty 3 did not fail to provide its gamers with an incredible display. With enriched quality and advancement in video-gaming technology, the game provides a much better resolution compared to the already great Call of Duty 2. It completely transformed the dynamics of the Call of Duty franchise giving it a much attractive and appealing look into the eyes of modern video gamers and video game developers.


Just like the previous games in the franchise, the sound quality of CoD 3 is also impeccable. The sound quality of the game is again very nice giving a realistic sound of combats and war-like scenarios. This makes the gamers more satisfied with their purchase, ensuring a long-term customer base for the company. And just like it’s predecessor games, Call of Duty 3 also garnered huge critical appreciation.

The ease of gameplay 

A lot of people still play Call of Duty 3 along with friends. The game gives it’s players with many tasks to execute to succeed to the next level. While some may consider this as a tough game from what it sounds, but actually it’s not. Yes, it will be wrong to say that it’s not challenging, but something challenging doesn’t mean it’s hard to get at. In fact, it is one of the features of the game that makes it lovable and widespread popularity. If you have the right skills to play the game, it will seem like a cheese walk for you.

Call of Duty 4

In every aspect, the game is perfect in its own way. The game is really good, as it completely indulges it’s players into it. The hard work of the developers has turned Call of Duty 4 into a sensational success. The game presents a unique visual experience for modern video gamers. Meaning, it is hugely celebrated amongst the gaming community as a whole.


Call of Duty 4uses high-end advanced technology which is the reason behind its astonishing quality of graphics. The game has an impeccable texture and resolution which makes it look way more realistic. The game can run on various gaming platforms likePS2, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS. Though it can easily run on computers and other such devices, it definitely looks best on the mentioned gaming devices. It is surely one of the best games for gamers who like realistic-battleground situations.


Undoubtedly, none will disagree with the fact that the display of a game is an important feature of it. And like any game of the Call of Duty series, this game too has an excellent display. Launched in 2007, CoD4 had one of the greatest displays of the time. It was one of the best looking games of the franchise until more advanced games got released. The game’s display presents the true picture of how advanced technology was used for its development. It also rose the affection of the gamers towards it.


Sound is a very key feature for the players to like a game. Each and every player demands a great sound quality in its game. Call of Duty 4 also won hearts with its superb quality of sound. Call of Duty 4 was probably the first game in the series with truly realistic sound quality. Especially sounds coming out of the snipers, and the blasts created a real battlefield for the ears. 

The ease of gameplay 

Every gaming player wants the game to be adventurous and entertaining. They also want the game to be challenging, but this necessarily means the game should be too difficult to play. Making the game too tough not only hinders the progress of the players to the next level, but it also kills too much time which can frustrate the player. Owing to this reason, the creators of the game have made the Call of Duty series game easy to moderately hard, so that the players don’t get too bored. 

Other versions 

Other Calls of Duty games include top-class games like Modern Warfare 2(2009), Modern Warfare 3(2011), Black Ops(2010), Ghosts in the year 2013. It also launched a kind of a reboot version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2019.


The Call of Duty series has very advanced graphics, allowing gamers to enjoy high-resolution gaming quality. It also provides gamers with the option of adjusting their resolution according to their need. This has made the Call of Duty series a valuable asset of the gaming world. The game runs smoothly on an average modern-day Personal Computer and laptops, making it popular among the masses. In spite of the game being so graphically rich, it doesn’t lag at all due to its well optimized developing technology. However, one thing is for sure that the game runs and looks best on gaming devices like the Play Station 3 and 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.


It is a key aspect behind the game’s popularity. From 2003 from where it all started to the present day, the gaming screenplay quality has only progressed. Quality of the screenplay is so realistic today that players often get indulged in the game’s universe. The quality of the graphics thus is an important feature of this game. In comparison to its closest competitors in the market, this is one aspect of the game which makes it so successful and popular.


The quality of the sound throughout the games of the Call of Duty has been remarkably wonderful. The sounds of shooting, running are so damn realistic that critics say it has set a new benchmark for the modern-day video gaming industry. This has made the game more likable to the players purchasing the game, which has made sure the company to hold on to both long and short term customer base. And this is the reason why the Call of Duty series is much celebrated both by the critics and loved by the fans.

The ease of gameplay 

The Call of Duty series, first only played in the West, is now loved and enjoyed by lots of people all across the world. Today, the game is available on almost every digital gaming devices, and also on the smartphones. The game can be played both individually or with multiple people around the globe.  With many functions of the keys and lots of detailing, one may think that the game is difficult, but it’s not actually. The game is really interesting to play with.

The characteristics of the video game are very much understandable to gamers. Its display, design, graphics, sound, and easy way of playing the game are certain reasons why it is so much attractive to the young gaming community.

Game controls 

Call of Duty series is played across the world. There area lot of ways a player can enjoy. The game can be played over many electronic devices. It can be played over — 

Over phone

The mobile version of CoD provides similar fun. The game’s control is easy and handy when played over a smartphone. So, the game’s feature gets a new feather as it runs smoothly on the touch screen. This series is most often played on PC but it also played on the phone. The Call of Duty Mobile is available on the play store and Appstore, where people can download it for free. This means that the game is easily available to play on your phones and tablets.

Over desktop or Laptops with Mouse and Keys

People love to play Call of Duty games on their personal computers as well. It’s not free but it is worth the purchase. If you are thinking of playing the game on PCs or laptops, one must also keep in mind about the type of desktop they are playing on the cause, not every PC or laptop support such high-resolution games smoothly. Also many may find that playing just with the help of a mouse and keyboard makes it a bit complicated to play, if you excel at it, then it’s cheese walk for you.

Over joystick 

Lots of people around the world also enjoy the game, playing with the help of a joystick, considered as the most friendly controlling system. It may jump up the price and hit high, but surely the extra spending is worth it. Playing with help of using a  joystick is more exciting and fun. Some find it easy, some find it tough. But the entertainment and joy offered by the game never get lost. 

Fun in the game

Call of Duty games has garnered a lot of popularity. There are a lot of features of the game behind its success, behind it being ‘fun’.

  • Personal Skills 

The series involves its players having fun in the game too. It definitely polishes the skills of the players by which they can move to the next level and become a pro. Players love this as this makes the game more interesting and engaging.

  • Easy Customization

Call of Duty games offers its players with loads of customization while and before starting a game. Ammunitions, vests, and other battle-related items, in their virtual forms obviously, can be customized by players in various styles as well as various layouts. Players can also adjust their resolution according to their will, enabling players to play even under a low internet bandwidth.

  • Realistic Approach

The game does provide a realistic screenplay for gamers to enjoy. The sync of virtual reality with modern-day hardware is something that the developers have excelled upon which has made the game so much enjoyable for the players.

  • Various Modes

Each of the games in the Call of Duty series presents player with various modes like the Plunder mode, Frontline, and Domination. This has transformed the face of the franchise and is a hit among the players. Players can also play the game both individually and with partners.

  • High Graphics

The high graphical representation of the game has enhanced it as a powerful fun game in the market. With each new launch, the quality of the graphics has established commendably. Today, it probably has the finest graphical quality in the world.


None will doubt that Call of Duty is loved by people across the world who like realistic combat-like situation games. This means that there are multiple pros to the gaming franchise. The perfectionism of the gaming series has been noted down below.

  • Multiple modes 

The whole series of Call of Duty can be played in two modes when it comes to the number of people-Single and multiple. 

  • Impeccable animation 

The Call of Duty has beautiful animation. This has made the game wonderful and more enduring to the gamers. 

  • Astonishinggraphical representation

Advanced graphical representation of all the CoD games is a key aspect of the game to attract young modern gamers. This has made games more entertaining and realistic.


The Call of Duty series also contains a decent number of cons. The following are the cons of it, which are short in number but can disturb some players.

  • Occasional lagging

It’s a common problem for any high-resolution game. Though all games in the Call of Duty are well optimized, in an area with low internet bandwidth, the game may not run properly.

  • Weird Interactions with Environment

The Call of Duty games excels in so many things that even minor errors seem big. Well in the game run, it can be noticed that while firing, the bullets can pierce through the walls and doors, but it fails to go through some buckets!!!. These kinds of things are some minor setbacks for the Call of Duty franchise.

  • Addictive 

The Call of Duty game series is a very addictive game. The game brings out emotions from the players which are dangerous in some way. The series indulges it’s players to concentrate on the game by connecting with the gamer’s mind which makes him or her play it again and again. Players can’t come out of the world the game takes them into, and thus, this is in fact a matter of concern for the parents and family of the players.

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The Call of Duty series is today a very loved and celebrated modern game of the video-gaming world. The franchise has garnered major success by appealing to the combat loving youths of the world. People around the world play the game with their friends and sometimes family members bringing everyone closer. Also, it encourages young people to take interest in the military after getting inspired by the game. With fast digitization and the ever-increasing video gaming market, then it is just a start for the Call of Duty family.