, a Free-to-Play startup simulator, is storming the blockchain gaming market

Blockchain-based collectible card game

Having launched the Open Beta in late 2023, blockchain-based collectible card game is actively building its vibrant community that unites crypto fans, aspiring startupers and lovers of 18+ cartoons. Approaching the full-fledged release by leaps and bounds, the project plans to start the next gaming activity in February and promises to introduce updated gameplay mechanics and features. Let’s take a look at both recent and upcoming changes.

Recent updates

Following a series of experiments involving both Tycoon (office management) and Collectible Card (project completion) modes, developers have fine-tuned the balance between task complexity and characters’ abilities. Additionally, they’ve made some refinements to the interface and design. Basically, game updates in late 2023 included:

  • Players now begin their journey in a garage, inspired by the setting of many classic startups in Silicon Valley. This was the original creators’ concept, aiming to immerse users in the startup atmosphere.
  • Notifications about purchases in the Shop are now displayed in the game, serving as a reminder for players to manage their new cards or furniture.
  • Project generation algorithms have been revamped. This update allows users to grasp the gameplay basics through initial tasks, with subsequent projects becoming progressively more challenging as they advance through the game.
  • Project modifiers were introduced to give players a random bonus. For instance, this could involve extending the lifetime of all specialists in a specific category by +1 or triggering an event that boosts their productivity.
  • A new element, problem cards will  randomly appear during project completion, presenting challenges in the office, such as a broken coffee machine or specialists taking sick leave. Players can address these issues by utilizing special cards added to their deck.
  • Managers’ abilities have undergone slight adjustments to make project solving more challenging but more engaging for players.

What’s coming next?

  • New skills are introduced for characters, enhancing gameplay engagement. Besides, characters’ leveling order will be updated (old characters will be recalculated), mana cost will now depend on the skills.
  • While furniture currently does not play much role in the Collectible Card Game mode, developers promise to add some useful effects to them. Additionally, several design refinements are coming, and renewed items will be regenerated when a player buys them.
  • The KALE reward system will be rebalanced, adopting a progressive structure – the size of winnings will grow as the player updates.
  • A few screens will be introduced or changed for better gameplay. 
  • Players will have an opportunity to mint some characters.
  • Owners of NFT land and offices will gain access to the first district on San Crypto’s map. A bit later, they will have the opportunity to acquire a larger and more advanced second office lot, which will help them scale up their virtual startups.
  • To provide a more immersive experience, ratings with top players will now be visible on the city map, not on the website only.

Finally, the team redesigned the garage location – this time, it will be dedicated to the Chinese New Year. 

Season 01 has successfully finished, but it’s not too late to join Season 02

Celebrating the launch of Open Beta, started Seasons – gaming periods where the most active players can gain rewards (the largest number of projects solved or playing days, and other records) in KALE and NFTs. 

Season 01 finished on January 15th 2024, marked by the following statistics:

  • 10 top players in the ‘Most purchases made in the Shop’ leaderboard made 237 purchases altogether and shared the prize fund of $1,280 will be paid in KALE.
  • There are 437 project winners who completed 59,982 projects together and shared the prize fund equal to $13k!
  • 111 players qualified for the ‘Most playing days in a row’ leaderboard (altogether they played 3,611 days) and shared the prize fund equal to $3,360.
  • 121 players qualified for ‘The most playing days (total)’ leaderboard (altogether they played 4,533 days) and shared the prize fund equal to $3,660.
  • The total number of participants – 894, the number of winners in all leaderboards – 558.
  • The total prize fund is equal to $21,410.

The number of players and their involvement are steadily growing. The most active participants of Season 01 will soon get their rewards, and if you want to be the next winner, join Season 02 – it will start on February 1st. 

About the Ambassador Program

Another way to earn a generous amount of KALE and branded NFTs is participation in the Ambassador program. It was announced in December 2023 in the project’s blog. Crypto influencers and the most active community members can get rewards for helping popularize and fulfilling its brand-building strategy. The first ambassadors have already been chosen and will soon start completing their tasks. If you want to join the program, read the rules and don’t hesitate to apply when the next recruitment starts – it will be announced in the project’s media. 

Conclusion is quickly gaining traction by introducing gaming activities with generous KALE rewards, so it’s high time to explore the game. You still have time to join Season 02 that starts in February and become one of KALE winners. Are you ready to build your virtual startup? Click here to launch and enjoy the atmosphere of San Crypto. Don’t forget to subscribe to X and Telegram to keep tabs on the latest news and remember — PLAY, EARN, UNICORN!