Best VR games in Android in 2020

Do you crave to play VR games? Don’t know what a VR game is? Are you looking for the best VR games in Android?

Well, you have come to the right place. Make sure to read this article right till the end to get some exciting information about VR games.

Before we move on to the details let’s get to know in short what a VR game is?

VR games in Android- what is it?

VR games are the hottest games that are in demand in the gaming fraternity. If you don’t know what a VR game is you should not even call yourself a professional gamer. VR games will give you the excitement and the thrill which you have never experienced before in normal PC games.

In short, they will give you a feel of hyperrealism and 3D effects of a game.

Can you play VR games in Android Mobile Phones?

The latest and most demanding thing in the gaming community after the dawn of the virtual reality games was when it would be available to be played in smartphones.

The game development companies indeed have done a pretty decent job of coming out with the latest VR games in Android.

This means that you can now enjoy all the thrills and excitement of a virtual reality game on your mobile phone screens.

All mobile phones in Android might not be compatible to run virtual reality games. There are a few things that you need to check before downloading the game of your choice.

First, is the smartphone should have a compatible interface with your VR headset. The second thing is that the game should run on the device.

Other parameters of the smartphone should also be above the basic requirements needed to rin the VR game.

Which are the top virtual reality games in Android in 2020?

Water Slide 3D

Do you like water slides in amusement parks? This is a perfect VR game if you have that kind of a choice. The feel and the excitement are similar as if you were almost enjoying a water slide ride in an amusement park.

This is one of the simple yet demanding VR games in Android. You will get the real thrill and excitement of a water ride like never before on a smartphone screen. You get the chance to unlock more and more fun rides with more twists, sharper bends, and steep slopes. Enjoy this simple android VR game while getting bored.

Jurassic VR: Dions for Cardboard

This is also a very thrilling and exciting game. You will be taken aback by the clock turning itself back to the pre-historic times when dinosaurs used to rule the world.

In this game, you will be able to see the spectacular effects of virtual reality with a VR headset. You don’t need a special quality headset, any normal VR headset will do.

If you like to see these big moving creatures who used to rule the world much before we dominated the world come and play this amazing game.

This game will allow you to roam freely and complete the various missions. You get an exciting range of dinosaurs including the most savage like T.Rex. This game is especially good for the kids.


This is one of the spooky games and is for those game lovers who like to enjoy playing zombie or ghost type games. This has been voted as one of the highly effective VR games in Android several times.

Sisters follow an amazing storyline with completely stunning visual effects. You will get an entire 360 degrees view in this game. The high-quality graphics are also supported by high-quality audio and you will have a thrilling time listening to the frightening sounds around you. Android phones are the best platform to play this game.

Deep Space Battle VR

This is one of the best battle VR games in Android. If you like to play games with warships involving strategy and with your friends don’t look around for more options because you have already arrived at the right one.

This amazing game will take you deep into space as you are tasked with shooting and taking down enemy battleships. There are lots of other dangers too such as comets and asteroids. Beware that you have to twist and turn around them to avoid collisions.

Save your team and also yourself as you look to battle it out in the online multiplayer mode. You need to play this stunning VR game without proper strategy.

This is one game where you will need it more than any other VR games that you have played so far.

So what are you waiting for? Have you tried your hands on the VR games in Android? If not it is time to check out.