Best VR games for iOS and Android

Virtual reality games will become the top sellers in the upcoming years. There is no doubt to the fact that the type of gameplay experience that VR games provide is quite simply unmatchable. If you are a gameaholic then you should try out the new virtual reality games.

And there is no point why you shouldn’t especially because these games are now available on iOS and Android.

What are the VR games?

Before we begin our countdown let’s have a look at what virtual reality games are and how do they provide such a unique gameplay experience.

A VR game gives you the feel and sensation as if you are playing the game on your own. You get the feel of a 3-D feel while playing it on your 2D mobile screens. As a result, what happens is that the players are engrossed in the game.

A VR game will give you much more thrill and excitement than a normal PC or mobile game. Just imagine playing a game where you get 3D effects. The visual effects in a VR game are quite simply stunning. They give you a sense of hyperrealism which is hard to find in other types of games.

Can you run any VR games on your mobile platform?

Well, this might depend on the specifications of the game. All you have to do is find out which is the best VR game of your choice and find out the system requirements before downloading the game from the app store.

It is best to check out which mobile OS platform will the game runs on along with some other requirements of the game.

Here are the top games for your iOS and android platform


This VR game will let you roam around dinosaurs. If you like seeing and playing prehistoric games, this is the perfect choice for you among so many VR games. You can roam around dinosaurs and see them from a different and close up view upfront.

There are small missions that have to be completed inside the game. And if you think the game is easy then you might be wrong as some dinosaurs are quite aggressive like T. Rex and might devour you in a slight mistake.

Kids especially should love this game. The game is available on the iOS platform. The best part is that the game does not even need a VR headset to play. Just download and get a chance to roam around with the dinosaurs.

VR Tank Training

This addictive war game is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. In this game, you have to take down as many enemy targets as possible while you are controlling your tank.

This is one of the simple VR games yet one that is popular among the kids.

You will be controlling your tank while enemy tanks and checkpoints will try to destroy your tank. Your objective is the reach the last checkpoint as you keep maneuvering your way around the multiple enemy tanks.


This racing game is built around a unique concept. In this racing game, you will be racing with other players inside the human body. The game shows in detail the various elements inside the human body such as the various cells like RBCs, WBCs, platelets, veins, and arteries.

This game is also good from an educational point of view. If you have racing in your veins and also want to see a detailed anatomical representation inside the human body this is a perfect VR game of your choice.

The 3D aspect of the game is engrossing with high detailing which is an instant eyecatcher for the kids. The game is available in both iOS and Android platforms.


This is also a first-person shooter game available on the Android platform. Here you will be seeing the space, asteroid, comets from a whole new perspective due to the addictive 3D elements inside the game.

This is one of the VR games where you will be tasked with shooting and destroying asteroids that are headed your way. This game gives you a limited time to shoot down each target or you face inevitable death.

WAA also has various types of missiles that can be used to trek down various small and big targets. But the background looks of the space and the planets are what will steal your attraction right away.

Refugio 3D Space Station

You are in this futuristic world where your task will be to look after, repair, and maintain the vast interiors of a space station that is circling the hypothetical planet named Refugio.

This game gives you amazing looks and feels of a 3D world which you can see and experience up close.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these VR games on the app store and download one of your choices. Game Apex Legend is the best firm to get information about games.