Best VR games for Android smartphones in 2020

Do you know that the VR games can provide you with a different type of gaming experience altogether? This is the most recently developed game that is taking the online global gaming community by storm.

And even now the VR games for android smartphones are coming out too.

If you like playing games and have not tried out on the VR games yet then don’t even think twice before playing VR games. With a supreme sense of action and nerve-wracking experience, you are sure to get a unique lifetime experience once you play these games.

Can you download VR games for Android smartphones and play them?

If you want to download and play these amazing games of course you have the choice to do that. And to be frank, the VR games that are launched for the Android users have all the qualities of a VR game when played using the interface and controllers.

The added benefit that you get by playing the VR games for Android is that you don’t have to buy all the costly devices and equipment anymore. You can easily buy-in on an inexpensive VR headset and connect it with your phone.

How to play VR games for Android?

For playing VR games on your Android smartphone all you need to do is have a VR headset. Then you need to connect it with the smartphone. Wear it and open your VR game. And we hope that you can handle the rest of the things from here onwards.

The VR games give you real-time excitement and enjoyment. You will become engrossed in playing the VR games.

If you are already a game fanatic then it is time we reveal some of the best VR games for your Android smartphone.

Which are the best VR games for Android smartphones?

Here we will list out both the recent releases as well as the old ones as they are highly popular and have so far garnered millions of downloads by the VR game addicts.

Let’s begin the countdown without further delay-

Hidden Temple VR Adventure

This is a very exciting and thrilling game. It is for those of you who want to play the adventure type VR games on their android headsets. In this game, you will be tasked with exploring the old ruins of a temple. It has been voted as one of the best games for Android and has seen millions of downloads.

The game has excellent quality graphics and has a highly immersive storyline attached to the game.

We are pretty sure that if you start playing this game you will be instantly addicted to the amazingly stunning features.

Hidden Temple VR will present you with opportunities to collect hidden treasures and there is lots more. Explore the deep caves and secret within the temple and mind you the temple too has its secrets. It is better to play this game on your own to find out those hidden mysteries and secrets. And of course by the way iPhone users don’t be so jealous because this game is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Vanguard V

The Vanguard V presents you with amazingly cool VR graphics which will simply blow your mind away. This game is by the way a rail shooter game and you will be playing the game from a third person’s perspective.

The game will provide you with decent to hard challenging levels. So it can quite easily be said that this one of the VR games for Android in which you can showcase your talent if you think.

It also has super cool audio effects which make the game feel really good. It can better be said that the aerodynamics and the physics of fast-moving bullets have been implemented well in the game.

It is available for download in Google’s Playstore and needs the Google Cardboard which is a VR interface to be downloaded on your phone.

There has been plenty of challenging reviews with most pro gamers even saying that the difficulty levels of the game are quite phenomenal.

Zombie Shooter VR

Our list of top three games for 2020 ends with this amazing zombie shooting game. If you like hunting zombies then this game is sure to challenge your skills to the fullest. The graphics of the game and the other visual effects are bombastic.

You will be so much engrossed playing this game that you will transcend into the world of zombies. The setting for the game takes place in an abandoned subway. There are numerous zombies and guns and ammunition which you can use to hunt the bad guys down.

Like the previous games too, this is voted as one of the best VR games for Android. The game has also earned millions of downloads. Thankfully this game is also available for iPhone users.