Best augmented reality games for Android for kids

Augmented reality games for Android are a new gaming concept in the world of gaming. When you talk of augmented games for android you will have various options to choose from. People start to think too vaguely. But augmented gaming is a simple concept in case you have not played this newly launched types of games.

In augmented reality games, you will be experiencing the normal style gameplay in a whole new level. This means that your visual senses or smell or touches will be influenced or affected by virtual 3D things within the game. This is the simplest definition that you will get from an expert about augmented reality games.

You can choose to play augmented reality games on your mobile, PC, gaming laptop, or even tabs. The gameplay experience is entirely new and more immersive than what you get from a normal PC game. As you can understand that you will become connected with virtual reality and seeing virtual things around you as you look to complete your challenges or the mission.

Augmented reality games for all ages are available including kids. You will get a whole new sense of play and feel once you start playing the game. Each game is designed for a particular age group having similar types of missions.

Are augmented reality games for Android available for kids?

From elders to kids, everyone can now experience the augmented reality games for Android. There are various types of games available under the kid’s section. And the best part is that they are significantly different providing a whole new level of dimension with which you will child will be connected to the game.

This provides a whole new level of experience and your kid is in turn able to learn some attributes which are expected to come in handy for the rest of their lives.

So what exactly does your child learn from augmented reality games for Android?

There a lot of attributes that your child will learn by playing augmented reality games for Android. These are mostly hidden and sometimes may not look outright. And especially to the dumb and old fashioned parents – understand the time to change has come.

If you want your child to learn some characteristics of a successful person an augmented reality game is the right place to do so.

Your child will learn some good characteristics such as being able to accept failure and keep trying on, increase focus and concentration, face challenges, and difficult situations while facing tough opponents, being creative while playing adventurous type games, and much more.

Here are some of the augmented reality games for Android that your child can play on their smartphone-

Festive People AR

This is a creative game where your child will have to decorate spaces for various occasions. This gives them a sense of creativity to your kids and makes them also learn certain smaller and minor attributes to make sure to place the items in a classified and well-organized manner.

This game is very simple to play and all you have to do is focus your camera and help the integrated game AR to capture the objects and set up a 3D space in your room. You can do the decoration part on your floor, with wall hangings, or by making it stick the walls.

Narrator AR

These are one of the best-augmented reality games for Android. It is a perfect app built-in like a game that helps your child to learn about writing. The two wonderful characters in the game will help your child to learn the various aspects of how to write characters. It will help your child to improve hand-eye coordination.

The built-in AR features of the game allow the digital versions of the letter to emerge out as a 3D character. This is sure to make your child jump out of joy.

AR Soccer

This is a game in which your child will learn about playing virtual soccer. It will also help them to kick or dribble by just pointing the camera in the direction you want to move or juggle the ball. This is a virtual football game and the inbuilt AR features are quite easy to control.  The game provides two types of modes- the arcade mode and the free game mode. It will help your child to learn about playing football from a very young age. Do you need more detail about the android game? Go over here now.

Pokemon Go

This is one of the first AR games available on the mobile platform. This game is an adventurous type game in which your task will be to collect the pokemon. But you also need to train them properly and make sure that they are in proper health before the face-offs and battles.

So what are you waiting for? The best games of augmented reality games for Android are now easily available. Download and start playing today!!!!