Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Review

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The fifth and latest game from the Animal Crossing franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a fun, low-intensity game, developed by Nintendo, for its gaming platform Nintendo Switch. The game was launched globally on 20th March 2020. Animal Crossing: New Horizons became one of the best selling game in the franchise’s series of games and also became the second-best game on Nintendo Switch in terms of sale, as it targeted a wide array of audience, of different age groups. It sold over 22 million copies worldwide, as the Covid-19 pandemic did boost the game’s growth as more and more people all over the world stayed at homes during the early period of this year. The game is loved and much enjoyed by players across the world for its simple screenplay and enjoyable content.

About the Game

As mentioned earlier, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth game from the franchise, and is hugely celebrated by gamers around the world. Some of the important features on why the game and the franchise is what it is today is because it has terrific graphics, sound, display, and ease of gameplay. So elaborate it further and discuss why the mentioned aspects of the game have taken Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the series to a new height.


In comparison to its predecessors, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a lot of differences and upgrades. Among them, the new High-definition aspect of the game is probably the most innovative and something to be cheered about. Being the first game in the franchise, it’s a great achievement from the developers, which has made Nintendo attract potential new audiences under its banner. The texture, the backgrounds clearly indicate that the efforts of the developers have paid off well. Probably the best example to attribute the fact that the graphics have improved commendably can be observed on how gorgeous it looks like. It maintains the classic style from the franchise, and yet has a nice, fresh coating of High-resolution painting.


Just like the game’s easy to go life-based stimulation, the display of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is also simple and pretty. The game has significant improvement from the previous generation games of the banner with more and more focus applied over increasing the details in the screenplay, and clearly, the efforts of the developers have paid off.

The world of the game is filled with minor to minute details, the leaves of the plants and trees move along with the wind and after a storm, rainwater from the leaves. Everything in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is very bright and charging, that includes every fish and bug (have anyone noticed the tarantulas by the way!!), but it still posses the anime-like charm that we’ve always loved, presented from the franchise.

The game’s improved display can be easily known by seeing the museum. The design and display of the game are so much better to compare to the other games in the genre, that players have fun just walking around the empty island!!!! Now, there are so many details in texture and color. The new Animal Crossing: New Horizonsholds on to the classic Animal Crossing style, yet pulls off to give a nice coat of HD paint.


A nice complimentary additional feature of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is that now the beautiful island has now a beautiful, relaxing score. The series’ background score, mainly attributed by  K.K., is definitely at his best, and now you can buy the tracks from the store. The soundtrack is perfect to go ahead with your tasks. Of course, it’s not going to fetch you any awards for the best musical score, but what it does best is the job of keeping the calmness of your village.

Ease of gameplay

Playing the game complements the easy and relaxed screenplay of it. The controls are very easy to work with and not many skills are required for execution. While the game offers a lot of other things for exploration, the core gameplay structure is very lucid, which is a big reason, why it is appreciated by people across genres and age groups. At the start, players are given a basic dwelling and loan fromTom Nook. Players can earn currency (referred in the game as bells) to pay back your loans, which in return causes up-gradation of the dwelling. Players will then be provided with a new loan to work off until he or she has got the village’s biggest house. Also, players can play both individually and with multiple players with ease.

The Storyline

Do you realize what is that one thing in a video game, which makes it completely unique from the other games? Well, it is the storyline of the game. Content, story, and character detailing are the core basis of any major video gaming series. In the Animal Crossing: New Horizonssimilar objectives have been met with full focus. Players inside the gameplay the role of a character, easily customizable. The character moves to an island, completely deserted, after buying one package from Tom Nook, a  character from tanuki, who has made his appearance in every game of the series. Players can wander around the island, without maintaining a linear pattern, catching fishes and insects, gathering and crafting goods, and transforming the island into a community of animals of anthropomorphic nature. 

The Animal Crossing: New Horizonsthen moves on further in an open-ended fashion as the gamers continue to explore the island, and develop it. Gamers can then collect different types of goods and commodities to use for decoration purposes and other miscellaneous purposes inside the game. In the spin-off titled Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, released in the year 2017 for smartphone platforms, the game presents a crafting system which allows the players to transform materials into items like tools and furniture, which further can be then used to decorate the game’s both interior and exterior spaces. 

Players are now enabled to invite animals so that they can live on the island, and have now the option of choosing or influencing the animal to construct their home. The weather of the game gets adjusted to the seasons of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, which depends on the real-world location of the player, a first within the AnimalCrossing franchise of Nintendo. Also, the addition of windy weather, which can be understood by the expression of the movement of the leaves on the trees, is a new thing.

Once the gamer has made a significant amount of progress in New Horizons, Isabelle, another character, makes her appearance in the game. Also, unlike the previous versions, Mr. Resetti now does not give long lectures to the player about saving (because of the autosave function and removal of the function for resetting) instead of that, it can be heavily implied that he is now the operator for the Rescue Service. Also, after the player reaches a three-star level island, K.K. The slider also makes an appearance on the game.

Compared to the previous versions of the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons now the player to easily change the appearance of their character in accordance with their will, and does not specify hairstyles or facial appearances based on specific genders. Players are further enabled to choose their character’s skin complexion, a feature that has been put forward in the 2015 spin-off named Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

With a tune of K.K., the player gently wakes up. And with this phenomena, your new life gets started, with loads of tasks and fun ahead: when you wake up to a new dawn in the game, the time will be actually set to the time you play the game in real-time, with Tom Nook waiting outside the tent, only for you. He will provide you with your Nookphone !!!!. It will also provide the players with their first invoice of course!!. And this first invoice is of a sizeable amount of 49,800 bells, just like that!!!. And with this, the story goes on, when you finally reimburse Tom Nook and live a happy, free virtual life.

Fun Aspects of the game

Fun in the game

Animal Crossing: New Horizons have gained a lot of popularity among people from across the age. There are a lot of unique and special features of the game for which it is so successful, behind it is an entertaining and relaxing game enjoyed by every player.

No Special Skills Needed

One of the best thing about Animal Crossing: New Horizons that it does not require special skills to play in the game. Anyone can be a pro inside it as the game has been designed as an easy, fun, and entertaining game, to be loved and played by players of distinct age groups, and distinct skill set. However, it certainly polishes the decision-making ability of the players by which they can upgrade their island to the next level and become the owner of a dreamy virtual land. People who play it, love this about the game, making it more interesting and popular. It is also because of this simple gaming layout which has made its sale so humongous. 

Easy Customization and Gameplay

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers its players sizeable options for customization In accordance with their will, not only in the settings of the game but also inside the game. Players can produce different items for decoration and other necessary purposes by converting the raw materials, obviously in their virtual forms. Players now can customize the skin complexion, hairstyles of a variety of forms, in a more free manner as the game doesn’t specify such things now based on the gender of the character of the game. Players are also given the option of adjusting their sound volume, background score, and setting up screen resolution according to what they want, enabling players to adjust the Animal Crossing: New Horizonsgame play even during low internet connectivity. Get more detail here:

Cartoonish Approach

The game provides a cartoonish, childish screenplay so that gamers from all around the world, all across the age group can play Animal Crossing: New Horizons and enjoy it. The neat union of virtual reality and anime-world is something that is commendable on the parts of the developers, who have excelled upon in developing the right technology, which has made the game much more appreciable for the gamers to have some free, easily available fun.

Different Modes

Each and every game of the series, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons presents it’s played with many virtual modes. Players can enjoy playing the game both individually and with friends and family. The face of the Nintendo franchise is already very popular among the gaming circle. Players now can choose different island maps inside the virtual world of the game and explore the island as well, which is also a fun aspect of this game.

High Graphics

The game provides its users with high which has enhanced it as a popular fun game, loved by people all around the world. With every successive new launch, the graphical quality of the game has significantly risen. In the present day, Animal Crossing: New Horizonsdefinitely has one of the finest cartoonish-graphics, with superior quality in the world. The introduction of High-definition quality in the screenplay of the game has tremendously boosted the resolution. The background picture, texture, and vibrant picturesque island of the new Animal Crossing game, clearly portrays that the efforts of the developers have paid off well.


  • Playing With Friends: Any player who builds up their own island will want to show off their hard work. So it’s always fun when your friends visit your island to enjoy your island’s flower gardens, as well as seeing how you have decorated the island, makes you look good in front of them. This option of playing with your friends is now available in the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons which is a very important pro of the game.
  • Seasonal Events: Players on Animal Crossing: New Horizons can play various events based on the seasons inside the game. Also as the game is synced with the real-time location of the player, seasons are adjusted in the game according to it. Certain commodities are available only at a particular time of the year, and this makes the game more appealing and interesting to the players.
  • Resource Management: Resource management in the game is very easy If one applies basic knowledge. The game allows its experienced players to share information on how they developed their villages which makes it easier for the new players to make their own dream island.
  • Technical Aspects: The technical aspects of the game are something that makes the game so popular and successful today. Impeccable picturesque graphics and high-resolution screenplay, with terrific sound quality, has taken the game to a new height.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons may have a lot of pros to cheer about, but it does share a sizeable portion of cons as well. Following are some of the aspects of the game which the developers can work on:-

    • Not much for the Night Howlers !! – Shops inside the game closes at 10 p.m. of the local time which makes it impossible for the players to purchase anything from the store at night. Also, the villagers sleep in this period which makes life harder for the insomniacs, in and out of the game. This is something the developers can fix as this is not a necessary aspect of the game, and definitely not an appreciated aspect of the game.
    • Restrictive Features- Restrictive features of Animal Crossing: New Horizonswhich frustrates the player a lot. Like in the game, one cannot voice chat with other players, which is a bit dull for a modern-day multiplayer game. Players are only enabled to chat in the message section, which puts a hold over the fun.
  • Slow Nature of the game- While though love this nature of the game, some do not like it at all. For players who enjoy to progress quickly and rise up levels fast, it definitely hinders their motives. The real-time clock of the game pretty much dampens the speed of activity in the game, which sometimes frustrates the players. This is one such game which the developers should work on.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that might make you very addicted to it. The slow, time-consuming nature of the game makes the player to hook to the game for longer times. The game makes its players completely dilute them into the fun, progressing fantasy of the game, which makes the gamers to come and play the game more often. Also, being a time-consuming game, addiction to this game can kill a lot of precious time from the gamer’s end, hampering his or her social life.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons all together with a fun and entertaining game to play along with your friends and family. In the post-pandemic world where people are not allowed to move anywhere freely, the game allows you to lose into an unrestricted, open island where you can enjoy performing various sorts of activities. The graphics, the resolution is very appealing to the eye and will surely immerse you into its environment. In conclusion, the game is a wonderful game to kill off some of your time to get relaxed into a smooth, free virtual world and construct a dreamland of yours over the beautiful island.