The Call of Duty Mobile game comes with a range of different weapons. With different types of precision and magazines, each gun has its advantages and disadvantages in certain scenarios. Even the critics of the game have given mostly positive reviews about the range of weapons that you can get in the game.

The call of Duty Mobile game features many advanced submachine guns, automatic rifles, handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, and other killing accessories such as grenades, knives, shovel, military ax, etc.

We will be looking at categories of weapons that you can use while in the game and what is the best choice as per the mission.

Primary Weapons

There is a whole range of primary weapons to choose from in the Call of Duty Mobile game. You will get a range of weapons that have a different range, precision abilities and are best in certain conditions. Some primary weapons have been built for close-range combat while others are a mix of medium to short-range weapons.

You will start the mission with your primary weapon in hand. So be sure to carefully select your weapon according to the mission.

Which rifles are the best for primary weapons?

Your primary weapon should ideally be good for a medium-range to close combat. If you ask about the best primary weapon then it has to be the assault rifles on Call of Duty Mobile. The assault rifles on COD will give you a mix of range, damage, and output with precision shots and better maneuverability.

Some of the best assault rifles on COD are- HBRa3, AK 47, LK 24, BK 57, etc.

Sniper rifles

Sometimes you have to get the better of your opposition from a distance. This is where the most accurate distant shooting weapons better known as the sniper rifles come in. The sniper rifles in COD mobile will give you an advantage before your enemy by shooting them from a distance. Now you can clear the vantage points first such as the watchtowers, rooftops, etc, and then move in for a close-range battle.

There are a host of advanced sniper rifles that you can access in COD Mobile. Make sure to practice well before playing the mission. The sniper rifles in COD Mobile have been designed to take into effect the weather conditions such as humidity, wind speed, target distance, etc.

Some of the best sniper rifles on COD Mobile are- Arctic .50, DLQ 33, XPR- 50, M21 EBR, etc.

Light machine guns

The COD also offers players to take on light machine guns while engaging in missions. The light machine guns are the best for medium-range battle. These guns are best if you have to clear the enemy from the medium-range within 100 meters. This won’t be as effective for the long-range.

Also, the light machine guns have a bigger magazine. The recoil speed is also greater so you have to be dead accurate with your targets.

Some of the machine guns you can play with on COD Mobile are- UL 736, S36, etc.

Submachine guns

If you have to involve with the army with close combat then these are the best rifles you can choose as your primary weapon. They have better accuracy and damage only in the close range. It may be that while dealing with the enemy you have to ambush them or take them by surprise. So you will find lots of rifles with silencers in this category. This helps you to be stealthy while approaching the enemy. You can get more detail more here about the call of Duty Mobile game

The best submachine guns on COD Mobile are- Cordite, RUS- 79U, MSMC, HG 40,


These are the old style classic vintage guns that make their way back to the Call of Duty Mobile version game. The classic shotguns will allow you to blast through the enemy lines with maximum damage. But the problem is that due to manual cartridge refilling and larger magazine loading time the shotguns are very limited in use. You can use them if you have to pick your targets one by one. But when you are on a head-on battle with the enemy then you might get caught delayed with a shotgun.

Here are some of the shotguns that you can try out at COD Mobile- BY 15, KRM- 262, HS- 2126, Striker, etc.

Secondary weapons

The secondary weapon is your alternative weapon which you can use to fight. These are generally the hand pistols. You can use them for clearing small enemies within close quarters. Make sure to use your secondary weapon wisely or else you might exhaust all your magazines in your primary weapon.

Apart from the hand pistols you also get rocket launchers, melee weapons such as knife, ax and shovel, hand grenades.