6 examples of best multiplayer augmented reality games

There are many types of multiplayer augmented reality games. If you wish to play you have to ponder on a lot of things. The first is, of course, your choice. People have their won choices that may vary. The second thing is the type of device on which they want to play the game. There are many devices which you can choose to play the game such as mobiles, laptops, iPods, tablets, etc.

But before ding that would you not want to know about the best games of augmented reality for this year. Would you not want to know about the latest releases and which games have been liked by the game fanatics around the world. In this article, we will present to you the best multiplayer augmented reality games.

Best multiplayer augmented reality games for the year 2020

Pokemon Go

This game has been developed by Niantic and is one of the best games in the augmented reality games space so far. It has been downloaded millions of times over the internet and people still don’t get bored with the game. You can give credit to the developers since this was one of the first augmented reality games to be released.

And the reason why people still love playing this game is the fact that there are still developments being made to the game in terms of new features, characters, levels, etc.

The game features all the real pokemon and people can take over them and capture them. And while playing on the online multiplayer mode you will have to fight off and accept challenges against other players.


This is yet another well-known game developed by Niantic yet again. It is no doubt that Ingress has a storyline which is futuristic and kind of goes well in the group of multiplayer augmented reality games.

It uses GPS portals to mark up certain regions or landmarks called portals. Eventually, the players will face off against one another in these portal zones one attacking them while the other defending.

The storyline is quite impressive and starts with that in the future our world is being threatened to be captured by an alien force. And two factions have risen in the world those who want to accept alien technology while the other is looking to defend it.

Zombies Run!!

It is also one of the earliest multiplayer augmented reality games released in 2012 by British game development company Six To Start. It is quite obvious to think that no list of games is complete without a zombie game. Get more detail here about augmented reality games

Here you will become a member of those surviving a dangerous zombie attack who looks to take over the world. You are tasked with defending against this new rise of power. You also have to try out and look to survive in every way possible and collect necessary items for survival.

The game features very addictive gameplay with good AR features and outstanding overall game quality.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This is also a game which has been developed mainly for the global fans of the lead character Harry Potter. You will be tasked with taking the role of Potter and fighting off vicious beasts around the globe or from your local community.

The best part about the game is that it features some of the real characters and some cool augmented reality in the gameplay. It has to be said that the popularity of the movies and books goes a lot to the success of this game. Nevertheless, it has a huge fan following and thus features on the list of the best multiplayer augmented reality games.

Spirit Camera

This is one game that is not recommended for the faint-hearted. This game has a fantastic bit of spooky storyline attached to it which makes it one to try out for the courageous ones. If you feel as if you are the best in playing haunted games this is one game you can try out.

The best thing that the developers have immaculately developed is the spookier aspects of the game which is sure to surprise you. By this, it is meant that you might as well be frightened to play this game at night.

Aria’s legacy

This can resemble that of an escape room game. If you have not played an escape room game you might take some time to get along with this one. Here you will be presented with various levels from the beginning where there is a mysterious disappearance of a girl child named Aria.

The gameplay is simply superb due to the fantastic AR touches that are built-in the game which make it one of the best multiplayer augmented reality games. You don’t have to think twice about playing this game if you are fond of solving mysteries and puzzles.