15 up-and-coming trends about games application

15 up-and-coming trends about game application

Mobile technology is taking the world by storm. With the evolution of mobile games application technology over the years, it is also creating fortunes for mobile apps by creating whole new consumer demand for them.

While talking about apps mobile games application is also one of the biggest industries that have been fuelled by the evolution of smart handheld gadgets.

People are starting to spend more time on their smartphones. The mobile is becoming that one sole gadget on its own that can almost complete all the demands of us.

Globally the gaming industry is gigantic and it’s still evolving. Experts suggest that the online multiplayer games industry is set to become one of the top industries in the coming decade. The main reason why games on mobile are high on demand is that they are portable and provide the best form of entertainment on the go. To the game fanatics around the world, mobile gaming is getting more and more popular with each passing day.

The introduction of smartphone technology has also garnered a huge competition among the many mobile game developers around the world.

The mobile gaming industries are adapting themselves to the upcoming trends in the mobile game application. Here we will look at some of the trends that are coming up in the mobile game industry-

Mobile game expansion packs

With so many games developers are focused on making expansion packs for mobile games online. It is simply an addition to an existing game by adding another version or a few more difficulty levels for the pro gamers.

Rise of mini mobile game 

You will see that some games contain more with them. These so-called mini-games are simple and don’t require too much game installation. You can play them in a different scenario or level. This adds more addiction to the game for the players.

The decline of game consoles

The gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation are bettering and evolving but with the decline of PC gaming, their sales are on a decline around the world. The gaming community is using the mobile as the ultimate technology for playing mobile games.

Introduction of social media

Haven’t you learned about a game or in fact, played a game on social media? Obviously yes. With the increased use of social media, the game developers are trying to integrate social media with games such as providing information and updates, logging into games and even multiplayer games application can now be played using the social media platform on mobile.

Rising of CPIs

Game development companies are generating more revenue but with increased competition in this sector that is bound to increase more and more. This means that companies will have to pay more charges per installation of the game to lure more players and find ways to retain them.

Rising trend of pre-ordering games

With the ease of spreading information through the internet now it’s even easier for the game developers to inform the large gaming community about upcoming games and features. Thus pro gamers are looking to pre-order the full version of mobile games application.

A subscription model is on the rise already

If you watch NetFlix and Amazon Prime Video you will see that they have adapted their consumers to a subscription model. Although the gaming industry has not yet resorted to this type of model it’s surely coming. This will be a win-win situation for both the gamers and the companies.

Revolution of the gaming engines

With the rise of modern-day games providing more in-depth graphics and user controllability, it is no doubt that game developers are looking to better the game engines to a whole new level. The next generation of gaming engines will impact gaming technology and user experience while playing mobile games online.

Virtual reality is gaining momentum

Developing virtual reality multiplayer games for mobile is easier and although this trend is slow so far it’s sure to gain pace come the next decade. Imagine yourself playing a game on your smartphone with a VR headset. Interesting right?

The evolution of cloud-based games

With more features such as HD graphics, it is no doubt that the mobile game’s size is getting bigger and bigger. To avoid running out of space developers are making use of the cloud servers and cloud technology to run games.

Open source development will grow

With the rise of open-source development, small game development companies will not have to worry about purchasing expensive software development kits. They can use the ready-made platform for developing multiplayer games.

Wearable technologies will bring about further changes

Wearable technologies such as smartwatches are on the rise. The mobile developing companies are trying to incorporate them with mobile games to provide the latest notifications and news for the mobile gaming world to the game fanatics.

A new way of providing updates

The idea of a debugging game is a vague and age-old idea. Mobile games online are being viewed as a service for better player engagement and experience. The feeder apps will ensure that updating games are easier and don’t involve human interaction.