15 surprising stats about mobile games application


Earlier people took mobile games as a form of entertainment but now people are taking it up more and more seriously. With each passing day, new technology is coming up which is making mobile games online even more attractive and giving the users a highly immersive gameplay experience.

With one of the most highly developing industries globally it is quite natural that one would also like to know about some of the interesting facts about the gaming industry

  1. The mobile gaming industry contributes nearly 50% of the overall games market

The industry of mobile games is increasing its share. It now occupies nearly half of the entire game industry. That number is quite huge in itself. Thus it is quite remarkable statistics because there are other platforms as well like PC, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

  1. The Asia Pacific region makes of up to half of the entire global games market

If you consider the mobile games industry the Asia Pacific region alone contributes to half of it alone. This region has some of the major mobile games online development companies and also a  huge fan following. This can also be attributed to the fact that this region has some of the world’s most populating countries with a young demographic population.

  1. 25% of global game expenditure is done in China alone

China does one-fourth of the entire expenditure of the global mobile games industry. Its no doubt that why it has the world’s second-largest economy only behind the US.

  1. The third most popular types of apps on mobiles are gaming apps

If you are wondering just how big the mobile gaming application industry is then this is a cool fact that indicates the size of it. The game apps are the third most downloaded apps from the app store on both the iOS and Android platforms combined.

  1. Gaming apps account for more than 90% of the time spent on smartphones

We are the ones that are making the multiplayer games industry this big. Research suggests that people nearly spend around 90% of the time spent on smartphones playing games on handheld gadgets. This is a large amount of time if you see the time spent on the phone by an average person.

  1. The Fortnite mobile version had 100 million downloads on Apple phones in 138 days

When Fortnite launched the game on mobile it soon captured the attention of the global game community. The almost sparked like fire and garnered 100 million downloads in just a little less than 5 months. That’s almost 20 million downloads a month!!! Wow….

  1. Candy crush is the most popular mobile game overall

Ever thought which is the most popular game yet so far? For all of those who like to play mobile games online, this is one interesting question. The answer- Candy Crush Saga.

  1. If you consider the total revenue from apps then 73% alone comes from gaming apps

We are all dependent mostly on apps today but you will be surprised to know that the app industry’s total revenue share is led by the gaming app industry. It alone contributes almost 72% of the net revenue.

  1. The gaming industry is soon joining the trillion dollars club

There are many trillion dollars industries in the world like the food industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the defense industry, etc. But it looks like a new member is soon to join this club. And guess what it’s the gaming industry. Experts suggest that might happen with the next 4-5 years considering the rate at which it is growing.

  1. The males and females have different choices when it comes to playing mobile games

Don’t expect your girlfriend to play the same game as you do. Research suggests that females are more interested to play board games which are simple yet addictive.

  1. The most common time all around the world to play games is 6-10 pm

When do you play mobile games? It could well be within 6-10 pm. Yes, this is what research says. Its no doubt though because the evening time is spare time for most of the people.

  1. Have you played the Pokemon Go on your iPhone?

If not then you are very rare because most persons have. It’s the most downloaded and revenue-generating game on the iOS platform.

  1. Tetris was the first-ever mobile game launched in 1994

The mobile games online industry has gone so far that the roots have been almost obsolete. If you were a teenager or kid in the early 90s you must have played the Tetris game which was the first mobile game to be introduced.

  1. Women represent about 50% of online gamers

Women and games are not that synonymous considering the high voltage action-packed games and all that. But research suggests that women and men share the gaming community almost equally.

  1. The US is the largest consumer of mobile games in the world

The US is the biggest consumer market for the mobile games industry. It’s mostly due to the new millennials who like to spend most of the time hooked playing games on smartphones.