15 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Multiplayer Games Application


The rise of the mobile gaming industry can be attributed to the fact that the smartphone industry has seen growth in leaps and bounds, to say the least. Everyday people newer and attractive mobile technology is coming out and this has attracted the teenagers and kids from the PC gaming to multiplayer games on mobile phones.

Now if you are an avid gamer then you would also like to connect to news and developments in the gaming industry. If you are a Twitter user then you can make use of these 15 best Twitter accounts to know more about your favorite games.

Some of the accounts are only for the gamers while some for the developers as well. So let’s jump into the list-

  1. @PocketGamer

This Twitter account gives you a hell lot of things to know about mobile games. If you want to see about game reviews, patches for games, or tips and tricks to win the levels this is the ideal account for you. You will also be regularly updated about the recent news about your favorite games.

  1. @appspy

Appspy is a separate Twitter account for PocketGamer. If you are interested in video content about the same things as mentioned like news, multiplayer games, and consoles then this account is a must-follow for you. With this, you can get quick access to all the things via videos.

  1. @toucharcade

Once you see this Twitter account you immediately understand that this is one of the most followed mobile games Twitter account. You will get all the feeds related to the upcoming release, reviews, and updates on games. Also, if you are a fan of funny games then this account contains lots of text and video content for you.

  1. @PocketTactics

This Twitter account contains some serious posts and is perfect for professional gamers who want to know about strategy building and planning. So although their posts aren’t that exciting you will get tons of valuable information you will not get anywhere.

  1. @gamasutra

It is a Twitter account that is dedicated to the persons interested to know about the art and graphics of mobile games. Thus reading the articles on this feed will help you to gain a lot of knowledge about graphics designing about games.

  1. @AppStoreGames

If you are interested to see the posts by game editors of mobile games online then this is one account that you should follow. You will get feeds about the best games for mobile, sales of gaming apps, and upcoming releases.

  1. @iosboardgames

Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Then this Twitter accounts the one for you. You will get all live stream feeds about the latest games, reviews, best games for mobiles about board games. Yes, you should be a fan of any type of board game. You will also get information from other websites.

  1. @SeanYoungSG

If you are wondering who this guy is- then he is a game developer. If you are ever interested in knowing about mobile games development then you can follow this account. Most of his posts are centered around upcoming games, game designing, and game-playing experience, features, and graphics design about different games.

  1. @GameRefinery

Now, this account is also more on the business side of mobile games online. If you have a mobile game development company or you like to know about the sales of games then you can follow this account. You will get information about the gaming industry in general and its growth potential.

  1. @GameMob

If you want more reviews and news about upcoming releases and updates follow this Twitter account. There is one interesting feature though about this account- you will get screenshots and teaser videos about upcoming games.

  1. @igvgaming

This Twitter account is once again only for those who want to see more video content than reading lengthy articles. You will get videos about the latest and upcoming multiplayer games for mobile. This is the best Twitter account for trailer videos of the latest releases.

  1. @YoYoGames

Like coding multiplayer games played on mobile? Then this Twitter account will let you know how to do that starting from scratch. If you want to become a game developer then you can get tons of information through the live stream videos.

  1. @humblemobile

If you are looking for the best mobile games and that too for cheap prices then its the best Twitter account that you can get. It will also keep you updated about the new game launches and reviews about them. So what else do you need? You get to know the best games available at cheap prices from this account.

  1. @imgawards

If you know about the gaming industry then you should know that International Mobile gaming Awards are presented to the best mobile games for different categories. So it’s needless to say that you get all the recent updates about the best award-winning games that are highly popular.

  1. @NYFA

Are you in need to become a game developer in the future? This is no joke with the recent boom in the industry and the handsome salaries that it provides. You can join this Twitter group for knowing more about game designing.