10 secrets about the mobile games application you can learn from TV


Game applications on mobile are in high demand. The mobile games industry has seen many drastic changes over the years. This growth has been fuelled by the growth of the smartphone industry itself. If you know about gaming development then it’s a good career to start with.

It’s now something new that mobile gaming technology has been created with a whole new twist in it. There are so many tricks and secrets about online games platform.

Let’s look into a few secrets of this gaming industry-

  1. While game development you must always focus on the competition

One of the secrets of how the game developers can develop such high-end creative games is that they don’t remember about the competition. This helps them to focus on the development of their multiplayer game.

To be an industry leader you always need to focus on what are the things you can do well. This highlights only the positives. While in the cut-throat business competition it can be difficult to not think about what your rivals are doing, sometimes just thinking about your own company is the best.

  1. Making games for everyone

One of the things that gaming companies reveal only on TV is that they are developing games for everyone. When you look at the wide range of games developed by a company you will see that they focus on demography specifically. This makes sure that a company’s mobile games are well-reviewed by the gaming community. One of the most important things about this is understanding different customer tastes and preferences about what users like the most.

  1. The Snake mobile game developed by Nokia is still used and played today

If you were old enough in 1994 you may still remember that the biggest secret of online games was revealed on TV. The first mobile game Tetris was launched. The name of the mobile on which it was launched was Hagenuk MT-2000.

Then again two years later another game called Snake came up and we would see the first TV commercials on the then-new Nokia 6110. Once the new game came out it was downloaded by millions around the world who wanted to have a first glimpse of the game. Decades later the Snake game is still available in the Nokia Lumia phones.

  1. A group of Australian boys holds the record for playing games spontaneously for 24 hours and 10 minutes

Are you a big fan of mobile games? For how long can you play your favorite game at a stretch? You might be surprised to know about the time that still holds the record today for playing games on mobile at a stretch.

For your information, the record stands for many years as no one has been able to break that record. Some of us might have also seen it in the show Guinness World Records show on TV.

But coming to the point, its 24 hours 10 minutes.

  1. Did you watch the Interactive Achievement Awards Show last year?

The Interactive Achievement Awards show started a new award called the game of the year which is being awarded since 2012. Thus every one of the mobile games online is the winner of the award.

  1. 59% of US and UK citizens have played a game in the last year

If you are wondering just how crazy people are for the multiplayer games on mobile then here’s a cool fact for you. 59% of the total population of the US and UK had played a game in the last year. This number is quite huge considering the population in both countries.

  1. The largest group of players playing for a long time

One of the unique secrets that got revealed on TV was that back in 2011, a large group of Malaysian citizens 2030 to be exact played mobile games online at a stretch for 10 hours. This is sort of a weird record but still holds.

  1. The worlds first multiplayer game

If you know about the first standard mobile phone that got high popularized was the Nokia 6110. You must have seen many TV ads for it. But did you know that the first multiplayer games were also launched on the same mobile and the game was the most popular Snake game? It allowed two people who could play the game from two different Nokia 6110 using the infrared port.

  1. Most downloads in a year

A record that was telecasted many times on television was that in 2012, Angry Birds got launched. And with a year the game became a global hit in the category of mobile games online. The got more than 250 million downloads within a year.

  1. Do you like number crunching?

If you like to know about the numbers then this secret is one that got revealed over TV many times. If we were to count the total number of mobile games played by each person on the earth individually and add them up we will see the sum of around 200 million. And if we are to count the total time played then it would amount to 16 years per day.

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