10 best mobile apps for Mobile Game Applications



Mobile games are some of the most downloaded apps from the apps store these days. Whether you are using an Android phone or iPhone does not matter. The gaming industry is seeing a major boom in the last decade. With the growing popularity of mobile game Applications, online many people are getting attracted by the vast array of games available for the mobile version.

The popularity of mobile games is growing because of the demand for smartphones around the world and the increasing population of a young generation of gamers who like to play games more than ever.

With smartphone features reaching new heights most games could earlier be played in the PC only are now also available on mobile.

Here we will look at some of the best mobile gaming apps for mobile. Let’s jump straight into it-

  1. Halfbrick game studios

It is a developer of smartphone games only for the Android version of smartphones. These guys build some of the fun games that you can enjoy your time playing. Some of the games include Fruit Ninja and Jetpack joyride which most of might have played.

The best thing about these games is that they are simple and do not require you to plan a hell lot of strategy and planning. However, this might not be exactly suitable for pro gamers.

  1. Monument valley

It is one of the best mobile game applications. They are also known for building games having simple graphics and controls. Some of the best games made by the mobile game applications franchise include Florence which is a game of life and Escher style puzzles. Mekorma is another highly popular game built by the developer. All these games have a simple gaming feature and have multiple levels.

  1. Nintendo games

It is known for its action-packed multiplayer games. They produce games from different genres. Some of the games developed by Nintendo include Fire emblem heroes, Animal Crossing and Super Mario for mobile.

Some of the games feature full game purchases and online buying. But don’t get worried by that because the price tag is not that big for example the Super Mario full game is just available at $9.99 on mobile.

  1. Noodlecake studios

These guys have so far made many mobile games that include different categories. But the problem is that they develop smartphone games for the Google Playstore only and thus they are only available for Android users.

Some of the funny puzzle games include Lumino city Framed 1 and 2 and Island Delta which is a shooter game. You will get some of the least played games such as Stickman golf series and BMX series and Alto’s Odyssey.

  1. Pokemon go and Harry Potter

If you like playing multiplayer games then you must have heard the game Pokemon go. This game requires your mobile GPS for navigation and camera access for capturing sequences in the game. In this game, you move around from one place to another capturing Pokemons and conduct battles with other Pokemons.

The mobile version of the game has outstanding graphics and worth playing the game. Some of the other games include Jurassic World Alive and The Walking Dead Recently.

  1. Rayark rhythm games

These guys are some of the best rhythm games when it comes to playing mobile game applications. Their collection of the best sellers includes Cytus, Deemo, Mandora, and Voez. Their latest release is the Cytus II.

Their games are known for their smooth and colorful graphics with unique game rhythm controls and some catchy songs. They have some in-game purchases.

  1. The Room series

Like who does not know about the Room game series. It is one of the most successful puzzle games for mobile. In 2018 these guys launched another bestseller The Room: Old Sins game which is one of the best multiplayer games.

You will be amazed to play their puzzle games. The games also have good quality graphics. The game contains in-game purchases but that’s not quite a hefty amount.

  1. Square Enix games

They are one of the oldest game developers when it comes to online games for mobile. They made some classic version games and also launched some new games. Their best collection includes Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Heavenstrike rivals, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera, and many others.

  1. Supercell games

It is also a highly popular game developer. Now if you are a fan of mobiles games then you must have played games like Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Brawl stars, and Boom Beach.

Their games are lighter and highly addictive. And if you have the patience to become the best player then this is the game for you. Some of the games require real-time strategy.

If you want to play online multiplayer games then Supercell games have some quality games for you.

  1. Zynga

They develop some of the best multiplayer games with simple graphics and controls. Some of the best sellers include Words with friends, Chess with Friends, Crosswords with friends, and many more. The mechanics of the game is simple and if you are a fan of playing such games then you can spend hours playing them.

This concludes the list. So have a happy time playing.