Apex Legends Weapon Guide

You simply arrived in an Apex Legends coordinate, and there's a plunder container directly before you

You simply arrived in an Apex Legends coordinate, and there’s a plunder container directly before you. Obviously, you go to open it. Presently it’s open, and you’re taking a gander at two unique weapons: a Peacekeeper and an Alternator. Which one do you take?

All things considered, the appropriate response here is straightforward… you take them two since you have no weapons!

In this way, there you are with two weapons, yet you get ravenous and choose to open another plunder box close-by. Inside that container is a Spitfire and a Wingman; presently you’re considering, “Would it be a good idea for me to lift one of these up?”

Tragically, your official choice doesn’t make a difference here; while you’re endeavoring to figure out which weapon is better, a foe finds you napping and shoots you in the back. What a bummer. You’re dead!

What’s more, that is the finish of that situation.

Ideally, you’ll never need to manage a circumstance like that in Apex Legends, and that is the reason I made this weapon direct. In the wake of perusing this, you won’t falter to settle on a choice about getting a weapon.

I’m here to enable you to comprehend which weapons are great and which weapons are not all that great.

Welcome to my Apex Legends Weapon Guide.



The RE-45 is just valuable in the start of the diversion, however it’s unquestionably one of the better under-fueled weapons you can discover early.

It’s a full-auto gun with a 15-shot mag (without an all-encompassing magazine), and it’s best utilized as a short proximity weapon. The hip-fire from this is nice, so in the event that you hear a foe close-by, get up in their face and shoot from the hip for a simple slaughter.

By and by, possibly pursue the guidance I just gave you if it’s the beginning of the amusement and you’ve quite recently fallen off the outsource.

The RE-45 is substandard compared to the next full-auto light ammunition weapons, for example, the R-99 and R-301, inside and out. Along these lines, don’t clutch it excessively long.


I’m tossing the P2020 in a similar class as the RE-45. It’s one of those weapons you possibly get if there are no better choices after you land toward the beginning of the amusement.

It’s a self-loader gun with a little magazine (10 projectiles), and it has low base harm, so make the most of each shot, or your adversary will undoubtedly execute you.

The one positive part about this firearm is that it’s in reality quite viable as a long-extend weapon. Slug drop isn’t quite a bit of an issue with it, so in case you’re ever in a troll sort of state of mind, put a 3x scope on this and begin killing individuals!

(In the event that you do really murder a foe that is far away with this… they’ll in all probability rage quit the diversion.)


The Wingman is incredibly ground-breaking — if your point is great, you can drop an adversary in only three shots.

It has high base harm (45 for every body shot), and headshots bargain 90 harm (ouch!). Additionally, on the off chance that you have its unique Skullpiercer Rifling connection, at that point your headshots will do much more harm.

The one defect with this weapon is its little magazine of 6 shots, yet that can without much of a stretch be fixed by finding an all-inclusive magazine for it; on the off chance that you locate a purple broadened mag, at that point you’ll be working with a sweet 12-projectile clasp.

This weapon is additionally incredible on the grounds that it’s ammunition effective. It’s not full-auto, so you won’t fly through projectiles. Simply ensure you have around 80 rounds of substantial ammunition in your stock, and you’ll be alright.

The Wingman, in a talented player’s hands, is the best weapon in the amusement, and it’s one of my top choices in my Apex Legends weapons manage.



The Peacekeeper is a solid shotgun (well, every one of the shotguns are quite great in this amusement).

It will just take two well-set shots up near drop any objective (regardless of whether that foe has completely charged purple protective layer).

Furthermore, in the event that you have the Precision Choke connection, it definitely diminishes the slug spread, so the Peacekeeper ends up compelling at medium and long range too.

Things being what they are, this weapon is plainly ground-breaking, however for what reason didn’t I give it a 5-star rating? All things considered, two reasons: One, it’s frequently conflicting — on your screen, it may seem as though you arranged the ideal shot, yet your adversary just takes 1 harm from it (feels terrible, man).

What’s more, the other reason is its awkward flame rate. It requires a considerable amount of investment to recuperate between shots with the Peacekeeper, so in the event that you do miss, your rival can without much of a stretch rebuff you.

EVA-8 Auto

This is a full-auto shotgun that doesn’t bargain as much harm as the Peacekeeper, yet its quick rate of discharge makes it incredibly unsafe.

On the off chance that you can get a purple shotgun jolt for it, at that point you’ll dissolve targets very quick.

Likewise, this weapon has great hip-discharge, so don’t stress over utilizing its iron sight.

Submachine Guns


The R-99 has the quickest rate of flame in the amusement, and it’s effectively the best SMG in Apex Legends.

You can eradicate adversaries with only one clasp with this fast shoot weapon, however ensure you become accustomed to its discharge rate since it’s not difficult to fly through your magazine and hit nothing.

The one glaring issue with this weapon is its little clasp (just 18 shots). Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can locate a purple broadened mag for it (conveys the clasp up to 30 slugs), at that point the R-99 turns into an entire distinctive brute.

The R-99 makes short proximity battle a great deal of fun.


This is another weapon that you just need to utilize early.

The Alternator is full-auto, and it has a humble 16-slug magazine; it’s essentially a somewhat more grounded form of the RE-45.

So simply rehash the thing I said about the RE-45, and you’re ready with this weapon as well.


It’s peculiar, the Prowler is viewed as a SMG, yet it feels like a strike rifle since it’s a blasted shoot weapon.

I presumably ought to have given this weapon a 2-star rating, however I gave it 3 since it’s really great with the Selectfire Receiver connection. With that connection, it turns into a full-auto SMG with fair range.

In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have the Selectfire Receiver connection, dispose of this firearm.

Ambush Rifles


The Hemlok is a strong medium-to long-run strike rifle. It has respectable base harm, in addition to it gives the client a chance to switch among single and burst fire.

On the off chance that you have a speedy trigger finger (like a great deal of profoundly gifted PC players), at that point use the single-discharge mode on this weapon; the shots turn out actually quick, so it nearly feels like the Hemlok is a full-auto weapon.

In case you’re on support, you ought to presumably utilize its 3-round burst mode — it’s a lot harder to exploit the Hemlok’s single-fire potential with a reassure controller.

However, don’t think little of the Hemlok’s 3-round blasts since it can take out any completely heavily clad foe in a short measure of time (in case you’re precise).


The Havoc was the primary new firearm added to Apex Legends after its discharge.

This weapon is basically alright as I would like to think, and it sparkles in mid-extend commitment.

It has great base harm, yet it sets aside some effort to turn up before it discharge projectiles. Also, that is a tremendous imperfection that will get you killed more often than not.

Luckily, you can toss the Turbocharger connection on this (evacuates the turn up time) and make the Havoc a vastly improved weapon.

It’s likewise good with the Selectfire Receiver connection, which will give you a chance to utilize the Havoc in single-fire mode. You can fire charged shots in single-shoot mode, yet it’s not very incredible since the harm tumbles off if your adversary is far away.

The other issue with this weapon: it utilizes vitality ammunition. Vitality ammunition is frequently elusive in this amusement, so you will likely wind up coming up short on ammunition regularly with this weapon.

On the off chance that you have the Turbocharger, attempt the Havoc out; else, I wouldn’t clutch it.


I feel like Respawn proposed this firearm to be greatly improved than it is, however it’s truly awful.

The Flatline is essentially an a lot more fragile form of the Spitfire LMG; it’s a full-auto ambush rifle that doesn’t do much harm, and it has an unremarkable rate of discharge.

I anticipate that it should be buffed sooner or later; it’s strange that you can’t join a barrel stabilizer to this.

No doubt about it dump this weapon ASAP. This is the weakest attack rifle in the amusement.