Ultimate ways to stop your village from being attacked in the Coin master game

Coin master game

The coin master game is a single-player, free to play, an easy mobile game that can be played on your mobile. It is one of the most downloaded games in the UK and Germany.

In the coin master game, you earn points through spins. After you earn the coins you can spend them to develop and build your village.

But there is a twist in this easy and simple game. In the online mode, your village can get attacked by other online players. There are always players online who are looking to loot your coins and destroy your village. Even you can attack other villages and loot coins.

In this guide, we will show you how to block attacks and raids from other players and thus save your village and coins.

How to protect your village?

In the coin master game, there are several methods of saving your village from a raid. You can have a pet rhino or build a strong wall around your village to protect your chest and village.

But this is not all and there are more ways you can do that. And your pet rhino too is not active all the time.

Tip # 1 to protect your village- start building your village only when you have earned enough coins

See you need to have a good collection of coins first through several spins. It is quite understandable that you always have the inside urge to start building your village. But having enough coins will make sure that you can complete the village with enough fortifications at once.

Otherwise, if you allow your village to remain incomplete without enough guards and walls then it is at a much higher risk of getting attacked by your enemies. Your pet alone might not be able to save your village from the raid.

Tip # 2 to protect your village – build your village at odd times when other players are offline

This a quite strange but effective way. There are many instances seen when a player was attacked midway while building a village. This is quite effective because if you play at odd times then there is a high chance that all your friends are offline. So you will be able to complete building the fortifications during this time.

Ways to block a rid in the coin master game

Use pet to defend your village

There are pets that you have to buy in the coin master game to defend your village. Pets like rhinos are quite effective to defend your village from getting raided. But always remember that having defendable pets rhino is not the only tactic and this might also fail at times especially if the raid was done by a good raider while equipped armory and weapons.

Using shields to protect your village

The use of shields is another effective way to protect your village. Whenever you spin int eh coin master game for earning coins you will be getting shields. You can use the shields for protecting your village or else if you already have enough shields in your collection then you can convert the shields into spins to earn more coins.

If you don’t have many shields and need some to protect your village then you can make use of the daily free spins to earn these.

Tip- ask your friends not to attack your village

There are many raids most of which are done by your friends. See if you play the game on the online multiplayer mode then your friends know about how much coins you have in store or how much you have built your village. It is because they have all the information due to which they will attack your village.

This technique is quite weird but unique. If you ask your friends to stop raiding then maybe you will less number raids to your village.

Block anyone to ensure fewer raids

Apart from the techniques mentioned above, there are other techniques that you can use to protect your village from a particular player specific raid. Although this is a very straight forward method and not quite against the rules of fair play you can use it.

See, there are many times where you will find that a particular player or two are raiding your village now and then. These players can be blocked off by using the block raids option inside the game. If you do this, then these two players will not be able to raid into your village.

The attack is the best mode of defense

This is quite a common proverb but one that you can use in the coin master game too. If others attack your village you too should put up a strong raid on their village and look to destroy it entirely. This is a good tit for tat response and one that shows you are not backing up without a fight.