Call of Duty: Warzone – How to win more matches in Plunder mode

Call of Duty: Warzone - How to win more matches in Plunder mode

Call of Duty: Warzone (CoD: Warzone) is an FPS game with game modes like Plunder, Battle Royale, and Resurgence. These game modes in CoD: Warzone can boost the skills of your team. Squads can play together in Plunder mode to win more matches online. 

Plunder mode in CoD: Warzone provides 30 minutes per match. People can kill their enemies and find valuable items to sell in Plunder mode. Teams can collect up to 2 million in cash to defeat their opponents in the action game. The new Season 1 Battle Pass for CoD: Warzone has released a new map, Urzikstan, to let their players explore landscapes for kills and loots. It also includes new weapons and Operators for Plunder mode to shred enemies on large maps. Take a look at these tips for Plunder mode to learn how to win more matches in CoD: Warzone.

Land on Rooftops

Games begin in Plunder mode by being deployed from a moving aircraft to seek your enemies. CoD: Warzone players can release a parachute to soften their landing. People can use the parachute to land on rooftops to avoid getting hit by their opponents. Large maps such as Al Mazrah and Urzikstan have plenty of buildings to find a safe landing spot. 

Parachutes can slow down the movement of players before they land, making it easier for enemies to shoot you. Hovering in mid-air over bridges and skylines can provide an open shot for your opponents to get hits from sniper rifles. Gamers can use the Free Look option with the parachute deployed to land on their feet on buildings that protect players after respawning into the game. There’s a small chance that enemies can miss the loot after eliminating you on rooftops. 

Secure The Squad 

Squads of up to 4 players can enter Plunder mode in CoD: Warzone for a fun time. You can customize loadouts to equip weapons with attachments that can reduce recoil, increase the range of the gun, and provide additional ammunition. 

Staying close to the squad makes it more difficult for enemies to collect cash. Groups of 2 or 3 people can raid buildings together to instantly decimate enemies in Plunder mode. Fallen allies who are around you can be revived within a few seconds. Reviving teammates can be an important step towards acquiring $2 million before the clock runs out. Players can also thank their allies for reviving them in battles. 

Look for Supply Boxes 

Supply Boxes are spread out throughout the map. Players can grab Supply Boxes to get hold of cash to amplify their earnings. Each box can store weapons, ammunition, and cash worth $12,000. Opening a bunch of Supply Boxes can lead to victory faster in Plunder mode. 

Most of the Supply Boxes can be located inside buildings, on desks, and near the entrance of houses. The color of Supply Boxes can indicate the amount of money you can collect. Blue and Orange Supply Boxes can provide loads of money while Pink Supply Boxes can help you survive battles longer in CoD: Warzone.  

Get Double Cash Rewards

A good way to earn tons of cash in CoD: Warzone is shooting enemies during Blood Money events. You can collect double the cash as a reward during Blood Money events by killing your opponents in the match. Plunder mode allows people to respawn multiple times within 30 minutes, giving you more cash with each kill. 

Contractors can be activated in Plunder mode to receive twice the money on completing contracts. Bounty contracts are carried out in CoD: Warzone to get cash by killing specific enemies on a map. Players with a Bounty can be seen approaching from a distance to provide a better shot. Big Game Bounties can be achieved to amass thousands of dollars towards their objective of hitting $2 million with their squad.  

Deposit Cash Between Battles

Depositing cash in Plunder mode is vital to winning more matches in CoD: Warzone. Helicopters can be called by people several times between battles. Enemies who manage to kill you before depositing cash can collect your earnings effortlessly. Thankfully, depositing all of your money can deny enemies their cash rewards for their kills. 

Notifications of cash deposits can impact the game as players progress toward their goals. You’ll get notified when your enemy reaches 50% of the target, giving squad members a reason to retaliate. Top earners in CoD: Warzone are marked, making it easier to spot them on the mini-map. You can mutilate the top earners on the enemy team to regain the lead in Plunder mode. The most satisfying notification in Plunder mode is reaching 90% of the target with your squad.

Restock Ammo at Buy Stations

Buy Stations are abundantly found in CoD: Warzone. Squads can purchase weapons with loadouts at Buy Stations to get accurate shots with the guns. Emptying a round of bullets on your primary weapon can prevent people from earning cash in the shooter game. 

The MCW and MTZ 556 are assault rifles that can destroy enemies in Plunder mode. Making loadout changes to the muzzle and optic of the assault rifles can help players mitigate their opponents. People who prefer weapons with a higher rate of fire can buy sub-machine guns to drain their enemies at close range.