Your Next Game Console Is A Tesla

Your Next Game Console Is A Tesla

Tesla looks to be building out their next game console is a tesla cars. Mercedes cancels one of their electric cars coming to the US and LastPass pisses everybody off by changing their free version. Let’s get into the tech news, my friends, It’s going to be a rather short second episode today. But let’s go ahead and jump on into the top story of Tesla with their brand new job posting for video games engineer infotainment software at Giga factory, Texas. This is so that you can build out video game experiences on cars.

They are speaking in this astonishingly rare opportunity to help build a video games platform, we are seeing for a very motivated software engineer to help enable the best video game content to be available in car comm put that industry experience to great use and help us build this platform. Our object is to set the bar for what video games in a car can be much of this is uncharted territory having never been done ahead. We want to work with people who are delighted by this goal and have the talent to deliver on it. And obviously, this is in direct correlation to the New Model S and Model X refreshes that have a 10 teraflop, processing GPU computer on it so that you can play video games in the back seat. But also potentially if you read at the front seat as well, because it’s going to have these large 17 inch displays with a left-right tilt to go either towards the driver or towards the passenger saying it’s an ideal touchscreen for entertainment and gaming anywhere. So it looks like Tesla is going very heavy into this gaming experience that they want to provide in their cars.

Obviously having that left right tilt on that front display is something different than in their model three and model y which is in a fixed position. And currently, you can’t do anything while the car is in motion. Besides accessing the web browser that’s as much as you can do you can’t watch Netflix or play any of the arcade games that come included with the Tesla. But my speculation based on just how I’m interpreting what Tesla’s going for is that this is a huge push for them to get the self driving aspect of their cars taken care of, especially with that yoke steering wheel, they’re not expecting that the driver has to pay attention as much on the road. So the experience that can be had on the massive touchscreen can actually be available while you’re playing games, such as the Witcher three, or cyberpunk, which they’ve already committed are coming out to their cars. And from what we understand the GPU that’s going to be situated in this Tesla is a NaVi 23. And a 10. teraflops essentially make it a PlayStation five, at least in levels of performance. And it would likely be based on Linux.

So you have to port it over into these different screens so that you can play it on the go and have to interface with the car and change what you’re doing to pace depending on what the car itself is doing. And that’s the programming that they may need. It’s really intriguing. It’s kind of interesting that Tesla is going this route of building out a brand new platform as opposed to integrating, let’s say, a Windows PC into this experience, or potentially even collaborating with Sony or Microsoft to get a console in here and have the displays actually reflect the consoles. But instead, they’re building out their own platform, which means now we’re gonna have PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Tesla. And they all cost about the same in the current market. So you might as well pick up the one that can get you from point A to point B, my friends and honey I want you to check out their new ionic five, which they’re going to be coming out with next week or making a debut for but they’re teasing out the interior of this car and showing you that it slides and it’s also going to have Ico process letter that has died and treated with plant oil extractions from flaxseed in case you’re interested the ionic five coming soon but what’s not coming soon as the Mercedes Benz e QC electric SUV, this has kind of already been unveiled in different regions but now has been after being delayed being cancelled in the US started deliveries in Europe in 2019. It was going to be $69,000 in the US before incentives but has now been cancelled. It’s actually a pretty decent looking SUV, I would have liked to try that out.

But now I can’t because it’s not coming to the US and I can’t use LastPass anymore on mobile or my computer I have to choose one or the other or I have to pay them money. And that is going to start happening within about a month March 16 LastPass users will now have to choose to view and manage their passwords on only one category of the device not multiple. And then in case you want to upgrade so that you can again manage what you already are managing now in the future, you’ll have to start paying $3 a month and I’m just going to leave this article right here six free alternatives to the LastPass Password Manager in case you’re at all interested in that we’ll leave links in the blog description for you to potentially migrate off of LastPass in case you were using their free tier and you want to find other free alternatives so that’s it for this second episode of Hot news.