Xbox Series X 60FPS Games Boost Xbox Series S Best Performance with Backwards Compatible Game

Xbox Series X 60FPS Games Boost Xbox Series S Best Performance with Backwards Compatible Game

You would know that I’m pretty heavily into backwards compatibility across all of the Xbox consoles, and especially on the series x and s. And this goes for original Xbox games, Xbox 360, and Xbox One backwards compatible titles, and I have several blogs already that lay out some incredible games to play from those consoles and which can be brought forward now if and when you choose to upgrade to the latest  xbox series x  60FPS  games and xbox series s. But now the wizards at Microsoft have worked their magic in once again improving the backwards compatibility capabilities of these new systems in the form of a frames per second boost to older games.

It is limited to only a handful of games at the moment, but this will constantly be added to and if anyone at Microsoft somehow sees this please keep adding new games from the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One for us to play on our new consoles. Now all of the footage that you’re going to see in this blog is captured by myself. So I have played all of these games firsthand. let’s see which games are being given the frames per second boost. Let’s go. So first at number five we have super Lucky’s tale the platformer aimed at a younger demographic, but in which many gamers can enjoy if they like platformers. For me personally, I tend to steer clear of the sorts of games or if I do play them, it’s only in very short bursts before I move on to something else.

The last platform I visited before this was blinks the time sweeper on the original Xbox buy a backwards compatibility. And yeah, I thought the same thing this already had a 4k 60 enhancement on the Xbox One X, a much better resolution and frame rate over the 1080 p 30. of the Xbox One S but the latest enhancement makes super Lucky’s tale, the only game on this list that receives the 120 frames per second treatment. So for those on the series x, you get 4k at 120. And for the series S owners it’s 1080 p 120. And of course, this requires you to have a setup that can achieve those much much higher frame rates. But if you can, then revisiting this game on the Xbox series x.

Especially if you’ve upgraded from the Xbox One S will show a monumental leap in resolution and performance over Microsoft’s base last gen console probably not the game to really show off the power of the series x and s or to impress people with but the more games that receive this frames per second boost, the better. Next at number four, we take the role of cow Fairburn in Sniper Elite for obviously a long running series, which says you travelled to Italy in 1943 in order to assassinate a bunch of targets.

This game is what I would call open world in the sense where the levels aren’t really connected, but they are quite large in size. We’ve many forms of cover to be used by bushes and shrubs, walls or making your way up higher in order to get more of a bird’s eye look of everything and get an understanding of where the enemies are and how they patrol the environment. This is one game that I loaded up for the first time only recently on the series x and it still looks good, but runs at 60 frames a second now, and shooters always feel so much more crisp at 60 whereby aiming is much smoother and more pinpoint. It’s noticeable that this is still running at a much lower resolution than what the Xbox series X can deliver.

And this could look quite stunning if it ran at 4k, or even if it didn’t, if there was a bump in terms of texture, quality shadows and lighting. But this is very much a last gen game, you can play by backwards compatibility. And when it comes to improvements, the increase in the frame rate provides a very smooth and enjoyable experience. And this is most important, more important than the other visual updates. I wish it had the problems of the last gen versions especially on the Xbox One S those being dropped frames mainly are now gone for the most part, and it’s all the better for it. And number three, we check out UFC four.

And I’m not much for fighting games these days. But whenever a backwards compatibility game gets upgraded in a certain way, then it’s always good to check it out and see what the newer hardware can deliver. Especially if what it offers makes the game more enjoyable and fighters just like shooters gain immensely from an increased frame rate. And I’ll quickly mention that the improvements that Microsoft has made in terms of latency input with controls, also makes a substantial difference here as well. But when we talk about last gen 900 p 30. On the Xbox One S while the Xbox One X received performance and quality modes, which ran at 1080 p 60. And 800 p 30 respectively. So once again, if you’ve upgraded to the series x, for example, from the Xbox One S, then the improvements that you are receiving are quite huge.

If anybody playing this on a series x, you can play it in that 1800 p mode, but now you will receive the 60 frames a second as well. So there’s no compromising on either graphics or performance. When it comes to that version for Xbox series S owners you do retain that 900 p resolution of the one s version which does look little blurry and lacking in detail compared to many other games these days. But you do get that 60 frames boost, which is huge and just doubles performance from what we saw on the equivalent console last gen. For number two, we see the watchdog sequel get the frames per second boost treatment. And this is another game which even though it now performs much better, is still limited in terms of resolution due to what the base Xbox One could do at the time.

It’s an example for why I would like to see more and more developers include graphics and performance modes in new games today, so that when we have the successor to the Xbox series x and s in the future, the games already have the necessary options to just take advantage of new, more powerful hardware with basically nothing much needing to be done at all from developers or Microsoft watchdogs to is also a bit of a victim of last generation where the game really pushed the base xbox one too far as it did have a lower 900 ping resolution, which really shows up in all of its low resolution glory today, and it’s never received any sort of Xbox One enhancement, which is a bit disappointing as now it would be more beneficial as well. But watchdogs, even though it retains the low res, it does get the bump up in performance to 60 frames for both the series x and series s which makes playing the game much much smoother over what we had when the game was first released. And getting to play these expansive open world games at 60 on these new consoles is so damn good.

Everyone I’ve played it’s basically locked in doesn’t skip a beat up at number one I put Far Cry for is this still holds up today is this game was pretty damn gorgeous back in the day. A bit of a shame that Far Cry five wasn’t given the treatment as well, since it is newer, but Far Cry four was quite impressive as it ran at 1080 p on the base Xbox One and held a solid frame rate most of the time, regardless whether cars were exploding or elephants were stomping around the place. And this was in stark contrast to many other Xbox One games at the time.

And we don’t need to look far as watchdogs to rent at a lower resolution and with much worse performance as well. And both the Ubisoft games but Far Cry four also got the anti aliasing treatment, which sees jagged outlines on items or anything really, especially at a medium to long distance be minimised as much as possible. So as mentioned, this runs at 1080 P, but the performance gets increased to 60 frames a second on both the series x and s consoles. And from what I’ve played, I couldn’t see any dip whatsoever when playing on the series x. But I haven’t been able to play on the series s yet.

I always really liked Far Cry four, especially at the time, because I loved it environment. And it was one of the earlier games to come out last gen but was also cross Gen with the Xbox 360. And you could tell the improvement when playing on the newer hardware back then it’s a very good game and worthy of giving it a shot if you haven’t played it at all. So there are the first five titles to release that get their backwards compatible performance increase via Microsoft’s frames per second boost.

And I’m just hoping that we see a steady stream of these updated games come out at least once a month and also hope Microsoft gets back to adding more and more older original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games so they’re backwards compatibility list plus have these improvements as well when they get added.