Why You Should Still Buy an N64

Why You Should Still Buy an N64

The price of Nintendo 64 games is skyrocketing faster than GameStop. The stock did last month. Hopefully, you’re still not holding. But anyway, while neither will probably go to the moon, the Buy an N64 is currently at the forefront of the retro gaming community, which has many people thinking about whether or not the console is worth buying right now in 2021. Considering all the good times that I had with my trusty n 64, that I still own To this day, I’d say it’s totally worth it. And I actually have a whole list of reasons why I think that so let’s get into it. Of course, when it comes to buying retro consoles, the games are the most important because well, they’re simply not being made anymore. They’re the biggest selling point because you know all the games that are available for the end 64 beforehand, and you can use its game library to figure out whether you’re interested or not. There were 393 games released on end 64 and almost all of them were great and worth owning. In fact, I’d say that many in 64 games have their own place in video game history.

You have Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, which is some of the best games of all time. Never mind just on n 64. And you also have the ultimate party games in Mario Kart 64 Mario Party One, two and three, and GoldenEye double oh seven, I could honestly spend all day talking about n 64. Games. Yes, they’re that good. It may seem ancient, but three decades ago, games came in cartridges, not discs, or mini discs, but cartridges. Well, not if you had the original PlayStation. But if you own a Nintendo 64, you are dealing with cartridges. And let me tell you something, these n 64 cartridges are some of the sturdiest things you’ll ever own. You could chuck them in a wall and do more damage to the wall than them. If you ever wanted to experience the old school style of loading up games, then the N 64 is the perfect console for you. What I really like about the N 64 is the fact that you’re able to see the game cartridge while you play it, just like with the SN s. plus, if the game isn’t working, you might actually have to blow on the cartridge to make it work.

Oh, the nostalgia. And that’s just it. If you’re considering getting a Nintendo 64 and have already owned one in the past, then I’m sure this Daljit is one of the biggest factors driving you to buy one again, which is completely fair. After all, it’s a retro console. So it’s completely normal for it to bring back plenty of memories from the good old days when we didn’t have a care in the world. We get up at eight in the morning, have breakfast and then game until our parents would force us to stop. I remember it like it was yesterday. Now we have mortgages to pay and jobs to work. It’s typical boring adult stuff, the N 64 could give you a little escape from reality that you might desperately need. And I’m all for it. Even if you never owned an N 64. before playing on the console just takes you back to a different time. I just have to talk about the Nintendo 64 controller, because this thing was one of the weirdest controllers of all time. Honestly, I love it. But it was far from ideal for long sessions.

The controller had an iconic m shaped design, but the control stick was in the middle, which meant you usually grab the middle grip and the right grip to hold it, which was just odd. If Nintendo just swapped the D pad and the control stick and tighten things up a bit, I think it would have been the perfect controller. If you never held an N 64 controller, then it’s hard to understand what’s so weird about it. But all you have to do is look at it to see that it’s very unique. The console is honestly worth owning just so you could use the controller. The fact that the N 64 has four controller ports doesn’t sound like a big selling point. But trust me back in the 90s it was a really big deal. Why was it such a big deal? Well, because the N 64 had more ports than its main competitor, the ps1. The ps1 only had two controller ports and you had to buy an adapter to expand it to four. Also, wireless controllers weren’t a thing yet. So the more controller ports the game console had the better. And the N 64 was the king of controller reports. Earlier I talked about games for the console and specifically party games to play with a group of friends since the end. 64 has four controller ports, you can play with four friends and you don’t need someone to bring an adapter. As long as you have four controllers. You’re good. It’s the perfect party console. If you’re thinking of playing in 64 games on the Nintendo Switch through Nintendo Switch Online. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you just can’t. As of right now, the only n 64 game that’s playable on the switch is Super Mario 64 and that’s if you buy Super Mario 3d All Stars.

Again, that also comes with Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine, two incredible games in their own right. If I’m being honest, the Nintendo Switch online game service is pretty underwhelming. There are a few titles that are worth playing, but a lot of them are super obscure any snsf NES games you never knew existed. Seriously, what the heck is Doomsday warrior or prehistoric man, they don’t even spell prehistoric properly in the title. As of right now other than Super Mario 64, the only way to play in 64 games is through the original console or emulation And it’s definitely better to play the games on the original console than emulate them. Sure, you could download Project 64 get some ROMs and buy yourself a USB and 64 controllers to play the games on your computer, but there’s no guarantee it will be a smooth experience. Well, any as an SNS emulation is quite good Nintendo 64 emulation isn’t that great. There are a lot of visual glitches, sound glitches, speedups and slowdowns. So it’s not the best. On top of all that, it’s also illegal. For all these reasons, getting the physical console will always be better than emulation. You won’t run into any of these issues using the Nintendo 64 to play the games. Since they were designed to run on the console in the first place. You just can’t replicate playing games on the N 64. As of right now, the N 64 isn’t considered a collector’s item. I know I know, it’s a collector’s item in our hearts. But the console itself isn’t considered a collector’s item because it’s just not valuable enough right now, that being said, like anything else, the value of the N 64 is almost certainly going to go up over time, it’s unlikely that it will be lost a time even if it already seems like that because you need a special adapter to play on HDTVs. If you have a special edition and 64 like the blue and yellow Pikachu edition, that’s both hideous and beautiful at the same time, then you do have a collector’s item on your hands that n 64 could sell for a good amount of money today, and most likely will only gain value in a few years time. If one of your main concerns about getting an N 64 console is the price you’ll have to pay, there’s no need to worry because it’s actually quite cheap. You can get a normal grey and 64 for anywhere between 50 to $100 depending on the condition it’s in.

If you’re paying anything more than that for an N 64, then you’re getting ripped off. As for the Pikachu special edition and 64. It’s going for anywhere between 250 to $500, which is a good chunk of change and might be worth the investment if you plan on selling your n 64 down the line. The main issue with the N 64 is the price of its games conquers bad for the day actually sells for more than the console itself. So putting together a solid library of games could get a bit pricey, but the console itself isn’t very expensive. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a retro console that isn’t too expensive, and will give you hundreds of hours of fun. Whether you’ve already owned the console or not. The choice is simple. It’s the Nintendo 64. In my opinion, it’s the perfect retro console that is just chock full of nostalgia. You could play it on your own and travel to the land of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda, aka Rena, or you could get a group together and end friendships for good with a nice game of Mario Kart 64 the opportunities as they say are endless with the N 64. For the price is currently going for you definitely can’t go wrong with an N 64. Just try to find someone selling it in a bundle with around 10 to 20 classic games and it’ll be worth your while. If anyone wants my great Nintendo 64 I’m not selling I hope it stays in my family for generations until it’s worth millions. Oh, it’s probably never going to be worth that much. While still, I’m not budging unless you’re actually willing to give me a million bucks for it right now.