Top 12 Upcoming Mobile Games of 2021 for Android and iOS

Top 12 Upcoming Mobile Games of 2021 for Android and iOS

2021 is shaping up to be an amazing year for us mobile gamers. And catalysts like Diablo immortal and type of ExxonMobil are just some of the most highly anticipated and most hyped games coming out this year. And except for catalyst black, they’re also already excellent PC and console games that are now finally coming to mobile. But what do we know about these upcoming mobile games games and their release dates? Well, that’s what we’ll learn today as I go through the 12 most highly anticipated mobile games of 2021. These are all games I’m really looking forward to playing this year.

So I’m kinda invested in their success, and I hope that they will actually truly live up to the hype. But if I missed any essential games in this blog, And it’s number one, of course, I had to include Diablo immortal because despite all the bad press, this game, God when it was first announced, it seems to be shaping up to be an excellent RPG that will release this year. In fact, a technical alpha is now live in Australia on Android and it seems everyone is either just waiting for it to fail or to become their next go-to mobile game.

Now there’s no news on the actual release date of the global launch yet but plays out has confirmed that while there will be in-app purchases and there will be a battle pass system, it can grant all gear for regular gameplay, which I think answers one of everyone’s most important questions about this game. I’m very excited for Diablo immortal because I hope it will deliver the smoothest action RPG experience in mobile till the age that is indeed what they’ve promised us with online and Co-Op gameplay in addition to, of course, single-player content. And no doubt, millions of people pre-registered for this game already. I know I’m not alone in hoping for something truly unique here. It’s either that or it’s going to fail miserably, so Time will tell another game that’s been picking up hype throughout 2020 is Pokemon unite, which is an upcoming mobile game with, of course, a problem on characters.

And it’s being developed by The Pokemon Company in collaboration with Tencent games with a launch set for both mobile and the Nintendo Switch. Now the good news is that this game is already out in beta in China, so there’s a good chance it will release at some point this year, even though we don’t have a release date just yet. You might be able to find it online somewhere if you want to have a closer look at this game, knowing the power of the Pokemon IP and just how good Tencent is creating high-quality mobile games.

For example, Call of Duty mobile and the world’s most popular mobile on-off kings, I think it’s safe to say that Pokemon unite will be one of the biggest releases on mobile this year. And then for the first MMO RPG on this list, I wanted to mention Odin Valhalla rising because it looks visually super impressive, and the developers promise an utterly open map with no loading screens, which I’m honestly not even sure how they’re going to be able to pull off. So it’s an exciting game to keep an eye on in terms of the overall style and setting for this game. It’s inspired heavily by Nordic mythology with what looks like four different worlds and four unique classes planned for the game’s launch. What’s also interesting is that it is launching on both PC and mobile, a bit as we saw with Ganesha’s impact last year.

We know about the launch of this game because cacao games have promised a Korea only launch for the second half of this year. And if that does well, we may already see an international beta at the tail end of this year. I think which is what I’m hoping for. But as is often the case, the developers have not wanted to give a specific release date yet released on PC in 2012. Path of Exile is an action RPG alternative to a game like Diablo, and it is also making its way to mobile this year. It’s a fantastic game on PC, and it will end up rivaling the Diablo model when it finally releases on mobile. The developers of Path of Exile even promise almost the same experience in mobile as on PC. And they initially aim for a closed beta by the end of 2020. So what this means is that since they now missed that deadline, it is likely that we’ll see it soon here in 2021.

With maybe even an open beta towards the end of this year. And other we’re talking about PC and console games anyway, Devil May Cry is also getting a mobile game this year called Devil May Cry, the pinnacle of combat, more than 1,50,000 people have already pre-registered for this action-adventure hacking slash game, and it’s now in beta testing in China. As for what we can expect from the gameplay of this game, it seems to be a wholly blown 3d RPG. And the footage I’ve seen so far reminds me a bit of honkai impact third, which of course, released a few years ago, but what I’m most excited about with this game, though, is that Devil May Cry is known for their over the top combat system. And so I hope they’ll be able to take that and bring it into the mobile version as well that would be amazing. And I’m so much looking forward to hopefully getting that experience. Next up is a Harry Potter game that I feel once is excited about. It’s a story-based RPG with card-based combat where we seem to tap to move our character around the map, and then we use cards to trigger our abilities. It looks genuinely fun, and I can quickly see how adding a co-op mode would make it a super fun movie. To play experience is also clearly a very high-quality product with an excellent low poly but polished art style.

And I’m pleased that it is not a team-based gotcha RPG because we’ve already had so many of those at this point. So it’s difficult for me to get excited about a new one. From what I’ve been able to tell from gameplay videos. There’s even a one vs one PvP mode where we have to dodge enemy attacks while we use our ability cards to throw magic spells at our opponents. Sounds pretty awesome. And the beta version is already out in China with no global release date announced yet, but it is likely to enter global beta testing later this year. So fingers crossed from my end. Now one of the most highly anticipated games of 2021 is catalyst black. It’s a new game from Super evil megacorp, the developers of Vainglory, which was one of the earliest high-quality mobiles on mobile, the developers called catalyst black, a battleground shooter, which seems to be that way of saying that you control your hero like you would in a mobile game with, you know, a left side joystick and then abilities on the right side, but you fight in what seems like traditional shooter game modes like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and just more modes like that.

And yes, we will be getting full controller support on Android and iOS, which is just fantastic news. And the game is already in early access right now, with a full launch expected for the end of this year. And if you’re on Android, you can now go and find the APK file somewhere online. Please be careful of viruses if you decide to go that route. Nino Kuni crosswords is an upcoming MMO RPG shaping up to potentially become one of the best in the more police of this year. We do not have a set-in-stone release date yet for the international version, but it is expected to enter into beta testing at some point this year. So what’s so exciting about this game? Well, it is an entirely open world. And the video footage I’ve seen of it honestly reminds me a bit of tension impact. We’ll have five distinct character classes to pick from a destroyer, a rogue swordsman, and an engineer, and the associated Studio Ghibli-inspired graphics look fantastic.

So if the rest of the game is of the same quality, this will be a fantastic game. Unfortunately, it is being published by netmarble. So I’m very concerned about the monetization system of this game. But we’ll have to wait and see about that when we get around to the global release of this game. Now here’s something interesting, the original Summoners War game was arguably the most significant release in 2015. The developers are now back with a new game, which instead of being another turn-based strategy game, is a real-time MMO RPG based on the characters and just the overall franchise of the original game. So the story of this game apparently takes place 70 years before that was found in Summoners War, and it seems to follow the same cartoony art style but then with a semi-open world to run around in and both small scale PvE and raid boss fights. Now what’s most unique about this game is its combat system, where we seem to be able to select three characters that can then summons monsters that will help us in battle. Hopefully, that will help set this game apart from all the other MMO RPGs on this list.

Summoners War was supposed to release in 2020. But once again, because of delays it is now scheduled for sometime between April and June this year. I do think this game is mostly geared towards its existing fan base, but who knows, it could end up being a very positive experience as number 10. I decided to include again, for all the old school tactical MMO RPG fans out there, myself included, by the way. And within that genre, the most anticipated game of 2021 is without a doubt the dark, upcoming RPG turn Brogan ranks and I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly. But it’s set to release across mobile web even. And of course PC. If you ask the developers about this game, they’ll tell you that it is inspired by isometric RPGs like boulders gate or even years of Might and Magic. And so if they can live on those promises, this might just turn out to be one of the most interesting releases within this sub genre of MMO RPG.

So this year, there’s no specific release date yet though, once again, developers seem to be very vague about giving promises about release dates, which you know, knowing how often games get delayed is probably a good idea. But the developers seem to be working towards a 2021 release for most platforms at least also releasing this year is the collectible card game Magic the Gathering arena. It first released on PC in 2019. And it very recently went into early access on Android with a full mobile release and cross platform play planned for later this year. I know there are many great CCGs already on mobile such as legends of runeterra went or even Hearthstone. But what’s interesting about Magic the Gathering arena is that the PC version is already one of the most watched games on Twitch.

So there’s hype and lots of people waiting for the mobile release of this game. And now, with almost half a million pre-registrations. This next game, called time to hunt, is one of the most highly anticipated Monster Hunter-inspired mobile games. So time to pursue is an open-world action RPG with massive over-the-top monsters and even dragons that we can fight alone, all with a team of up to four players when we’re not slaying monsters through another big part of the game. See To be building our own little home with over 200 available buildings, plants, water, and many others is almost a simulation-like gameplay element which kind of surprised me. The outstanding graphics give the game an almost tension impact-inspired look, and the skill animations feel almost exactly like those found in Monster Hunter.

For those of us who like that mix, I think time to hunt will be an amazing game. Once again, the revolvers have been kind of vague about the global release date, but it seems to be realistic to expect a late 2021 Global beta testing phase. There were many great mobile games that I didn’t include in this blog for one reason or the other. So here are a few rapid-fire honorable mentions that just for some reason didn’t make it quite into this blog on this list. I’ve got Apex legends, which was supposed to release this year, but whose international release seems to have been pushed to 2022 epic battle fantasy five, which is incredibly famous on Steam and the developer is working on a mobile version. Still, it just won’t release this year’s new reincarnation, which is another popular franchise on PC. Invariably, the upcoming mobile version of the game seems somewhat lackluster Ragnarok origin, another popular franchise but has gameplay that fails to stand out from the competition truly.

And then h one c one ven re L which I didn’t include because I honestly think it’s just too late to the whole Ben raelle race. That was it for now, my friends. So I hope you enjoyed this blog. hit that bell and do all that jazz on your way out before you leave if you want yourself some more mobile gaming goodness, because this is the type of stuff I do here on the website. Now this was a new format but I do cover all the latest and greatest mobile games and I’m going to be experimenting with lots of new blog ideas throughout 2021. So I appreciate any type of feedback in the comment section down below. And with that said, until next time, just keep gaming stay awesome. And I’ll see you guys around. Oh, I almost lost the mic rolling down to the table.