Top 10 New Games for Android & iOS March 2021

Top 10 New Games for Android & iOS March 2021

Hey guys, this is Sam, and just in time for another month, the gaming down to top is back with another list of the Top 10 new games for android & iOS of the month. We’ve sifted through all the games on the Play Store to find these gems just for you. But ahead of we get started, can I get a thumbs up for all this hard work?Alright, another my groveling. Let’s start the show. Number 10 feral. Feral is a free-to-play open-world mobile game where you create your own creature and head out for an endless adventure.You explore this vast open-world Universe by collecting and crafting unique items and make it your own by decorating your own sanctuary space with furniture, wallpaper flooring, and room expansions. Also, you can socialize, chat and carry moments with friends across Strange and Beautiful lands.

Overall, it’s a great MMO RPG. But right now, you can only play it in beta mode. Number nine, North 750 to a new hope this one is for fans of the horror escape genre. In this continuation of the incredible story whose first chapter received great popularity, you meet a hero from the first part named Abraham, who was previously dealt with this psychopath and will again try to help you out of an prison. It’s a vast institution built in 1836 and divided into five sections. You’ll be unarmed in a natural and practical sense. A lighter can protect you very well, specifically when the psychopath is nearby. The controls and graphics are quite lovely, and everything played well. I didn’t find it overly scary, but the atmosphere is dark and weird, so it’s still a fun play overall.

Number eight sky warrior air clash. This is a flight confrontation game with three v3 matching team gameplay. Players need to control the flight speed and direction of the aircraft to shoot down as many enemy planes as possible and score some points. The game has the full simulation of the aircraft with hovering turning and the whistling feeling of the environment when flying, and the feedback is also very timely. The game also does not require players to have too high accuracy for shooting missiles have a specific tracking ability, so the aim is not too demanding.

However, there is only one way to play, and the lack of variety in gameplay can become a little bit boring. Number seven zombies frontier for this is the latest sequel of the zombies frontier series. In this classic first-person zombie shooting game, you will encounter zombies hiding in the dark corners of the game, pouncing zombie dogs technical zombies who can stand up even after you’ve taken their hat off? It’s a lot. Players can collect materials blueprints from forging weapons, fighting off mutated bosses and experienced the feel of an apocalypse. Overall, the zombie frontier is a delightful FDS and offers an enormous variety of levels, along with a many number of weapons that you can buy and unlocked. And to top it all off, the graphics are best.

Number six Hot Lap lead. A racing game in which you drive on specially prepared tracks at high speeds. The car is completely under your control. There’s a lot of sudden jumps, objects you turn obstacles, which will require you to react quickly. There were several racing modes to play in which you can ride alone to set new records or compete with other players. High scores are reported on a global list so you can compare your performance with other users. The controls are standard, which can also be customised for your preferences.

Number five dive in the past. This one is a gorgeous underwater adventure game where you’ll get to explore the mysteries of the Mediterranean Sea. As the title would imply, you dive on a journey within the underwater world to discover ancient shipwrecks and submerge cities. The game starts with a magical diary that points you in the direction towards the racks and ruins of ancient populations, and you’ll discover them with the help of some high tech tools. All in all, dive in the past is a game that mixes exploration puzzles and class. So take a deep breath. And let’s explore.

Number four dashi arrow Archer sword 3d. This is a hack and slashes action game in a fantasy land where you head into the battle arm with a sword and magic to vanquish your foes. As you explore the numerous mazes and blast your way through the dozens of enemies, you’ll find different skills that can combine to achieve different results. And along the way, you will encounter and find some powerful bosses, including a giant snowman.

These battles provide the toughest challenge and make for a nice change of pace compared to battling through the hordes. Overall, the game has bright, cheerful style graphics and one of the best indie game silver award from the pocket gamer. Number three, the dead inside. This is a new single-player 3d action game where you have to fight with zombies on an unknown Island.

The game features a decent storyline where you will play as the girl named Kate, whose main objective is to find her father on this island. You have to explore the island to find weapons, ammo, and first aid kits to survive and fight with the dead to help yourself and complete the missions. But if you die in the game, not a problem. It’s even part of the story. All you have to do is repeat it. Overall, this is a great game, and I love the graphics and explore its ability.

Number to eight. This is a unique puzzle game that’s at its best when you pause it and marvel at the gorgeous hand-drawn world around you. The game features a beautiful storyline where you play as a nameless hero in a breathtaking world of pen and paper; you explore the stunning hand-drawn visuals around you as a Ronin style protagonist. The game is full of challenging puzzles, and some of them are definitely a head-scratcher. While others are logistically sound. I didn’t really feel like I got stuck in no way out in any points, and finding solutions to the problems is really satisfying.

Also, there are nine chapters in total, with each level differing in its theme, where you have to complete various tasks in the game. Number one, Kill it with fire. So if you don’t like spiders, then I think it’s safe to say that the creator of this game pretty much feels the same. It’s a game entirely about killing spiders through any means necessary. Any means necessary. That contains guns, grenades, ninja stars, a weed whacker, and yes, even fire. You have to chase them around shooting, swat, or burn everything in your path or just blow up the whole gas station to kill the spiders.

Killing with fire has been very well received since it launched on PC last August, and now it’s available on mobile for free with some paid unlocks top 10 new games for android & iOS to stave off boredom for another month. Have you used any of these titles yet?