Tips on How to Grow Your Game Collection in 2021

Tips on How to Grow Your Game Collection in 2021

Growing a game collection can be very hard when things are crazy like they are in 2021. You don’t know when the next time you will find a game as you don’t know if you’ll find a match for a reasonable price, and honestly, we all want to grow our game collections without spending all our money on it, so in this blog, I’m going to tell you some tips on how to grow a game collection and 2021 the first tip.

I always mentioned is how you find the games and that for me is going to pawn shops going to thrift stores like goodwill and salvation army and antique stores and flea markets and kind of the things like that usually it is second-hand sellers, not stores or brick and mortars or online sellers because those people tend to know the value of what they’re selling.

So it’s harder to get good deals that way, not saying you can’t get good deals. Still, these thrift stores and antique shops and pawn shops and stuff like that tend to be cheaper because those people want to sell the items they have they’re not looking to get the top dollar they’re just looking to get cash quick, so usually, this means you can negotiate with them.

You can get bundled deals and stuff like that, and so that is why I always go to these places now. Thrift stores might not want to combine things as much as like at the flea market or a pawn shop, but you’ll still be able to find good deals now. I love to go to my thrift stores and look for PlayStation two games and games and Xbox original games.

Usually, I’ll see those in the stores, sometimes I’ll find some others, but usually, that’s what I look at when I go to thrift stores. Now antique stores are always different. The same with pawn shops and flea markets, but pawn shops are usually more towards the newer games. You’re looking at Xbox games Xbox one games. You’re looking at PlayStation four, PlayStation five games stuff like that Nintendo switch games 3ds games.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I feel like the pawnshop is a better place to look for it because they have more volume of that stuff. In contrast, the thrift stores are usually older stuff, so the first thing you have to do to grow your collection is found games. I feel like those places are the best places to get good deals.

The following way to increase your game collection is flipping games, so if you go to a pawn shop or a flea market or a thrift store. You find a match or $20, and you pay five to $10 for it. Usually, you can flip that game and make money to grow your game collection. I do this a lot to expand my collection because, honestly, I find a lot of fun I already have.

But I want to find games that I don’t already have, so what I will do is maybe if I want a 30 or $40 game if I see three or 410 dollar games. I only pay like two or three bucks for those and I ended up selling those that can then be transferred to that expensive game or maybe more complicated to find fun. I can grow my collection, not spend as much money but still get exactly what I want now.

This is something I do to find games that I think are harder to see in the wild those rare games that are rare the more expensive games may be games that people know are expensive, like a Mario game people understand that that’s worth more money than maybe just a random third party game however you could also get lucky and find Mario games for cheap obviously, but that is just an example.

So I always tried to find games that I already had, or maybe I’m not interested in. If they are at a reasonable price, perhaps I go to the pawnshop, and I see a Nintendo 3ds. I already have one; I have a few, to be honest. Still, maybe I see that for only 45 or 50 bucks, but I could sell it for 100 or 200 dollars; dude, I’m going to pick that up because I’ll clean it up and then get resell it to someone. Still, I will not ask for top price; I will give that person a good deal all make money.

They’ll make money. We’ll all be happy because we all got what we want in the end, and ultimately that is more games. So when I see a console that I already have, if it’s a good deal, I’m picking it up because I want to flip it and make money that way, I can get more of those games on the shelves that I want to play so if I see a Mario kart we for five bucks I already have the game.

I’m going to pick it up anyways because I could sell that game it’s probably a game that’s gonna sell pretty quickly and I’ll end up with money and I’ll just be happy and find what I’m looking for so flipping games can be an excellent way to grow your game collection if you’re not finding games that you don’t already have the next thing I am always looking for is bundle deals console bundle deals are always way cheaper than trying to find that console.

All the games that it comes with usually you’re looking at like 50 40% discount from what those games and all that value is now, for example, a few weeks ago I picked up a Nintendo 64 bundle for $300 and I’ve actually almost sold it all away now I kept two games for myself that I didn’t already have and I’m gonna make about $200 from that now yes that’s not always going to happen that one is an outlier and had a bunch of games and I got a really good deal but that’s just to show you that you can find bundle deals that are well worth your time and money so maybe.

If you’re like me and you find a Nintendo 64 bundle there were games two games that I didn’t have I want to add picked them up cleaned the games tested the games and then sold them on and I was still able to keep the games that I wanted so if you find bundle deals or maybe you’re looking for a specific console find a bundle deal find some games that way you’ll save some money that way and you’ll actually get to grow your game collection.

If you’ve got a new console that means you can get new games and play new things so always look for those bundles because bundles, believe it or not, can be really good deals sometimes it’s hard to find games that you want but you can find them in a bundle probably somewhere and it’s probably going to make you some money or at least you’ll get the game for free and you can sell off whatever you don’t want so that is one thing I’m always looking for is bundle deals because bundle deals can often lead to great deals overall so check those out if you’re looking for them this next one is going to be kind of an overall really kind of vague tip.

But if you use this right it will definitely benefit you first thing off i like to do is always be looking i don’t say go to the thrift store every day but usually go once a week and sometimes I’ll find stuff sometimes i won’t sometimes new stuff comes in that i want to pick up and other times i walk in and about 10 minutes later I’ll walk out with nothing it just depends but always be looking.

If you’re always looking there are chances are you’re going to have a better success rate at finding a game maybe you’re looking for or perhaps a game you can flip to grow your collection and kind of prepare this always be looking I always say let people know because if people know your game collecting or maybe whatever group you’re wanting to grow for me it’s obviously game collecting them probably for you as well but letting them know what you’re interested in maybe let them know you use you play Nintendo games or you play the PlayStation or Xbox or whatever.

It is you’re in to let them know let people know hey I’m into gaming I’ve actually been playing this Nintendo 64 game but I played this week game and sometimes bring that up they’ll think back and say oh you know what in the back of my closet there is a week stack of fun and a console would you be interested in it maybe they’ll give it to you perhaps they’ll sell it to you for cheap whatever it is that’s a possibility of a game or a system that you don’t already have basically given to you without even having to look so I always say always be looking and always let people know those two things could benefit you immensely like.

Honestly, i have gotten so much stuff from people saying hey I found this in my closet I don’t want it anymore I know you’re interested in this would you be interested in it so usually i’m like yeah what do you wish for it sometimes they’ll give you a really low price sometimes they’ll give it to you for free and other times you just got to be honest with them and say hey this is worth 200 bucks maybe i’m only interested in 150 or whatever.

let them know what you’re interested in how much it’s actually worth how much you’re willing to pay and just be upfront and honest and that ends up being worth it, in the end, they might pass on it and say hey I can’t take 150 all right calm any worries but if they do take 150 you’ll be happy they’ll be satisfied and everything is good to go if you are looking to grow your collection and 2021 I hope these tips helped you out.

If you’ve done something like these tips or you’ve done information that I didn’t mention comment down below and let me know kind of what you’re thinking and where your thought processes because honestly growing Game Collection can be done a million different ways. And these are ways that I have personally done that have helped me out. So with that being said, that’s all I got for you. See you later.