These NES Game Prices Are SHOCKING!

NES Game Prices Are SHOCKING

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is one of my favorite game consoles to collect. Honestly, that’s probably because I can find so many cheap games. I have about 200 to 300 games. And usually, what I try to do nowadays is if I find a match that I don’t have, and it’s under five bucks, I’ll pick it up and at least play it. But there are some very, very expensive games on the system. And that’s what we’re talking about today. So in this blog,

I’ve got a bunch of games we were talking about that are expensive. So let’s go ahead and check them out. I figured we should probably start with something that was not as expensive but still is actually kind of worth a lot of money. And the first one we’re starting with is contra. Now yes, this is a game that is well known on the internet. There is a tonne of copies of this available. So I wanted to start with that because I feel like this was easily obtainable. And the first one loose on price charting for contra is $30. And if you have a complete, it is $193. The contract is one of those games that I feel is a staple in your collection if you haven’t any Yes. So when I saw this for 30 bucks.

I knew it had to be talked about because it’s just one of those games so incredible and astonishing. And it’s definitely well worth picking up. And at next we are talking about rainbow Island. Now, this is a fun game to play. And honestly, if you haven’t played it, you definitely should because it is very much fun and well worth it. But if you have this loose currently on price charting, the $37 or $75 complete. So that’s a pretty good deal. And I feel like it’s a fun game to pick up as well. This next one is a perfect game. And I’ve got a story to go along with it. Now first off, it is Super Mario Bros three. And honestly, if you don’t have this in your collection, why do you even have an ns collection.

But I ended up finding this for $3.93 at a thrift store because they thought it was a VHS. It was a game. And it was complete, thankfully, and this game loss on price charting is $43. But if you have this game finished, it is $62, which is impressive. I spent $3.93. And it’s worth 63 bucks. That is mind-blowing and crazy to me. Now continuing, we’ve got yet another heavy hitter; we’ve got Mega Man, just the original.

And honestly, if you haven’t played a Mega Man game, you definitely should so much fun spawn so many amazing games. And straight, if you have this loose, you’re looking at $65 on price charting. Or if you have this game complete, $377, which is ridiculous. And honestly, this is such a fantastic game and fun game, and you should have it in your collection. But the price is kind of off there; it’s much more expensive than I thought it would be.

I was thinking maybe like 40 to 50 bucks because this is such a great game, and there are so many out there, but this is getting expensive. The following two games are costly, and I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to include them or not. But I figured I might as well there in my collection. First off is low, low three. I don’t remember playing this. Maybe I played this when I got it, but I haven’t played this game in a long time. So I don’t have much to say about it.

But if you have this game, it is worth $71, which blows my mind. And if you have this game complete, it’s only $94, so it’s like 20 bucks more to avid full but some of these games on this list. They’re like double almost triple the value if you have it complete this one not so much. The next game we are talking about is an exciting game, to say the least; the cover art is fantastic.

And that is uninvited. I saw this on the list and I had to talk about it this game, and oh my goodness, it’s just crazy that this game is going for $75 right now on the price journey, which is blowing my mind. And it’s again one of those games that it’s not worth much more if you have a complete $107, so I feel like getting this box is probably worth it because there’s not much more.

Still, it’s crazy to see these two games be so cheap with the complete version not much more or the games are so expensive, but The box version is pretty cheap in comparison. And this next one I talked about before on the website, but I wanted to talk about this slightly more. And that is Bucky O’Hare, and I picked this up. A while back, when I was actually out of town, I went and visited my parents. And I saw this at a game store for $90.

And I immediately picked it up because it was like 110 around that time. But now, it is worth $140 or a complete $440. And this blew my mind. This game is fantastic; the price is going up and up, it seems like, and I’m pretty shocked that I got it for such a great deal. But it’s still expensive. I feel like that’s probably a pretty good list. But you guys didn’t think that’s where I was going to end off yet, did you? I’ve got one more game I think I needed to talk about here. And it’s a game I wouldn’t say I like to talk about too much just because it is worth so much.

And people are always like, Oh, you got this, you’re bragging. I don’t want to brag, and I don’t wish this didn’t come across that way. But I will state that this game is worth a lot of money. So I have to show it off in this blog because it is what it is. And that’s a little Samson. You see it, it’s in a protective case, or like a protective bag, I guess. And this game is worth a lot of money. And if you haven’t loose, it is worth 14 $100, which is crazy.

I feel like this is a game that everybody wants one, to have in all that, I ended up stumbling upon it and got lucky. But it’s worth a lot of money. I didn’t pay 14 $100, obviously, but it is well worth a lot of money. And if it’s complete, it’s three grand, which I almost have. I have the box, but I need the manual. So the manual is looking like $475, and the box is about 600 bucks. So say 600 bucks plus 1400 bucks.

This game is worth two grand in the condition I have it in. And it’s perfect. So I don’t want to brag. Please don’t think this is a brag, but this is in my collection. So there you have it. There are some expensive games on my game shelf from the NDS that I’ve collected over the years. I did not pay anywhere near retail for most of these games, so those prices that I gave to you are currently worth it, but I didn’t pay that much. So if you want a part two, I’m working on a stack over here.