The Last of Us Part 2

The last of us part 2

To see this game and really give it a chance. I’ll be talking about the game itself, and not really as much about any controversies, just the game. Also, keeping in mind, I will not talk specific spoilers and I’m not showing much in gameplay. Only mostly earlyish sequences. But keep in mind, it’s going to be hard to talk around spoilers, you know, at least to get my point across. So I’m going to be dancing around some things. So be warned. I’m not showing spoilers, but I’m showing a bit more than the average review from the big websites because they were kind of limited with what they could show I can now show whatever. So watch at your own risk.

Now my biggest problem after the last of us a game I really loved is that I didn’t really need a sequel. So the hardest mountain this game had to climb for me personally was justifying its existence. Well, believe it or not, and I may be going against the mob here a bit. I think it’s a pretty good game. There’s some story stuff up for debate and some gameplay issues that bothered me quite a bit actually, a little bit more than the story. I’ll get to those in a bit. Rest assured This is another you know rollicking and entertaining Last of Us style adventure. And it’s a good interesting time. And no, nobody’s paying me to say that. I’m here to give you some guidance but ultimately decide for yourself on this one. Anyway, jumping right in. It’s a few years after the first game, Joel, Joel’s brother, Tommy, Ellie, etc.

They’re all settled in Jackson, Wyoming. They’re really well put together survival colony, you get adjusted to life here, you get to really see this very well thought out and designed place, and how it all thrives. And it’s really interesting. That is, of course until stuff happens and Lee goes out on a new adventure as one of the main playable characters. This is a big ass massive, lengthy adventure spanning multiple time periods and multiple playable characters. It’s not like a journey across America like the original game, and that’s something I loved. And I did really miss here. But the big focus is mainly on Seattle, it’s the main location pretty much and Seattle in The Last of Us universe is an absolute hellhole collapsing in on itself.

Think of basically some of the most horrendous locations from the first game, the hairiest stuff where things were really chaotic. And that’s really what The Last of Us Part two is almost all of the time. That’s not to say it’s all action. You know, this is still a single player story focused game through and through, you know, the thing that so many players say we still don’t get enough of, I’m happy to say that there’s tonnes of story and dialogue and long contemplate have moments where the game takes its time developing the characters and the plot and stuff. Lots of cutscenes lots of characters, especially quite a few from the original game, who get some really cool moments to shine in ways you wouldn’t expect.

The gameplay is stunningly, extremely close to the first game. I don’t know. Yeah, it’s almost survival harsh, especially on the more serious difficulties, as you just kind of scrounge and rummages for supplies, endlessly, crafting throwable and melee weapons. Then you battle human and clicker enemies. Combat is of course, desperate. It’s what makes these games pretty great. You’re always down to one last bullet. People fight dirty; it’s a miserable battle for survival. And it can really have some tense moments, you know, encounter areas are much bigger, giving you more opportunity for stealth. Unfortunately, there are only a few new tools on the stealth side. Otherwise, you’re still always just kind of tossing bottles and bricks, just always doing that to a clicker or human. almost to a comical level.

I was really hoping for a bit more new stuff on the sell side other than just adding dogs that can track your scent, which I will say does shake it up kind of good, but they’re only used sparingly, but I was hoping for more. I wanted more tools on the stealth side because Ellie can now go prone and crawl around and hide in tall grass and it works well. But it’s one of the few things that feel new. Besides, Ellie always has a knife, so you don’t have to craft shaves, which is really convenient. Also, there’s a jump button.

I know people were talking about that but it’s absolutely useless for a specific section. But Ellie’s faster so she can kind of quickly lose enemies by slipping through tight areas, so you’re less bulky, you can move around quicker. But you’re mostly boiling it down to just doing the same thing, sneaking up grabbing dudes and monsters from behind, and then slowly choking them out or stabbing them in the neck over and over and over again rinse and repeat. And many of the enemies, their AI can still come off a bit dumb, you know, they’re still effective. And now they know each other’s names and they’ll call out more stuff. As seems like there’s more intelligence.

Sometimes they can hunt you down. But occasionally, as I said, you still have moments of manipulating them and awkwardly making them seem dumb and getting the upper hand really the this is an incredibly long game. And my biggest issue is that the gameplay loses impact over the course of it. There are tonnes of variety and it’s well-paced. Still, every enemy scenario by the last like a third of the game, or so I was really getting tired of choking people out over and over again, it’s the same few animations and you lose the impact of the incredibly realistic and disturbing deaths. And it kind of just becomes a thing to do. Maybe that’s the point, you know, story and theme-wise. Okay, I get it, but from a play perspective, by the end, it outstayed its welcome a little bit I was more into the story than the moment to moment gameplay. I was like, Alright, I want to get that next story. But thankfully, it does at least try to shake it up.

You know, there are only a few new foe types on the clicker side. But it makes things pretty interesting. I will say the game really capitalises on the horror and dread. You know, the first game had that great like, like a pit of your stomach type feeling that you get, I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to replicate and nail that feel again, but I’m happy that they really did. There are some incredible horror moments here. And I don’t think people talk about the last of a series as a horror genre enough. Also on the new side, there are some pretty great and fun new weapons that I won’t spoil. And the game kind of does the Uncharted lost legacy thing where it’ll occasionally throw you an open environment to cruise around and explore and do little side objective areas. They all feel substantial though. All those little side things and let me tell you, they are vital, you get important equipment by doing the side stuff, the game rewards exploration really well.

The weapon upgrades are a bit more exciting visually this time around. They put a tonne of work into that. But the skill tree thing is really satisfying. Like the first game, you pick up supplements to dump points into skill perk type, things like more health and better crafting, stuff like that. But this time, it’s blown out into multiple branches of different types of expertise. And it lets you kind of concentrate and build where you want quite a bit. It’s not like a full-on RPG, but it made dumping points into your characters much more interesting and actively engaging for the long haul and I was super impressed and happy with it. You guys know me like I’m a progression nerd. And for a story, a free online game like this, the consistency and the weapon upgrades and the character upgrades hit that perfect sweet spot for me. Story wise, the story makes some big, bold, divisive moves.

Many of your favorite video games and movie series have tried this before results may often vary. But I appreciate attempts and The Last of Us two for me; there’s a couple of big story things. About 70% of it really works for me, the remaining 30% doesn’t quite it’s going to be up to the individual person and fan, there were a couple of things I wasn’t into, But I did not take it as the end of the world as The Last of Us fan. You spend a lot of time with many characters in this game, literally walking miles in their shoes for hours and hours. And it earns a lot of the stuff it tries to do. It seems more effective if you really put the time in and experience at all. Of course, this is all going to be down to personal tastes and preferences, different strokes for different folks, I’m trying to be reasonable here. Also, it’s hands down. One of the best looking games I’ve ever seen, which is crazy to have that come out of my mouth.

I play principally on PC, but I was still so blown away here. The graphics are powerful. But coupled with some incredible art and environment design, PC Gaming is really a sight to behold. I discover myself so much in this game. It actually took much longer to complete because I would walk through sections instead of sprinting so that I could look around. That’s what I kind of love about the first game and I love it here too. Also, the characters look incredible. You get the emotions in their faces, like all the things the actors are trying to play off consistently every time because all of the performances are rock solid. And plus, if we’re talking audiovisual side, I also found myself digging the music a lot, even a bit more than the first game especially for the scarier moments, which as I said, the game does have a nice amount of also, there are tonnes of choices.

The Last of Us gameplay can really shine if you turn off the HUD and crank up the difficulty if you’re feeling nasty, and it’s a good challenging video game fun time. And since I’m talking about options, there’s also a lot of different adjustments and stuff for accessibility. So if you have certain functional issues with your hands, or maybe you’re color blind, you can still experience the game and that’s pretty cool really as a whole with the smaller gameplay complaints and a couple of Story misses, I still talk about this game up as an overall when it doesn’t match the sweet kind of simplicity of the original game. But it tries to do more and go bigger, and I commend him for it.