PowerA Apex Legends Enhanced Wireless Controller – Unboxing Nintendo Switch

PowerA Apex Legends Enhanced Wireless Controller - Unboxing _ Nintendo Switch

Hey folks, what is going on? Justin Masson here with Nintendo dads, ladies, and gentlemen? I’m excited you know I am unreasonably hyped for Apex legends to come to the Nintendo Switch in significantly, very soon well the fine folks over at power A who we worked with before on it beautiful accessories in the products that I found out I was super hyped. They happen to have made this little controller on powerA¬† Apex legends enhanced wireless controller. We’re so kind to send this to Nintendo Dad’s HQ for me to have a go at, so we’re going to open it up here and look at a couple of things that we’ll call it in the back there. You can see it. Come on, come on, come on.

What’s going to focus up focus? Okay, um, where’s the back of it? Apparently can’t see it. I don’t know. A couple of things I would say are officially licensed by Nintendo and Electronic Arts. It is blue Bluetooth wireless in motion 5.0 Bluetooth intuitive motion controls, enhanced gaming buttons on the fly, and a mapping world without a couple of moments. Ergonomic design. And these are double-A batteries. So this is not wireless. Sorry. It’s wireless. But it’s about batteries. So you know, whatever. Let’s crack into it. Oh, and also, they send snacks. Power snacks. So we’re going to test these out to let’s open this thing up. Okay, there we go. All right.

Hold on, hold on. Box empty don’t need all right. They also sent a sticker power I did. Alright, so let’s take a look at it there. There it is, there is the apex legends controller from power A. It’s got a nice like shear to a nice feel. Some clean button positions are precisely where you expect them to be. It feels a bit like I’ve got the right. So there’s the pro controller, this feels lighter, right, as you’d expect, there’s a lot more in this, there’s the battery, you know, there’s the actual battery charging this as well. This is not, but it does have back here the wireless, the mapping buttons. So we got Matt buttons back there to click there. And this would be your setup as well.

I kind of like its design or the look of it has got that rustic kind of red, red, and black face to it. Over on this side, there’s the standard kind of Apex image that we see a lot of. I mean, you know, when you compare it to something like a pro controller, right, the mapping, the mapping is almost identical. Right? And it should be right because this is licensed by both Nintendo and, in this case, EA. So it feels pretty nice. Yeah, I like like, looks good. I mean, it just looks good. They include two double-A batteries in it as well. You won’t find in this controller presumably a double check here, which I shouldn’t be shocked about. So it’s a couple of things right, so double-A batteries, which they include. That’s awesome. So about 30 hours, give or take on double-As. I believe I have to verify because geo likes Hold on. They have an instruction pamphlet. Why don’t I look right that what does it include?

It won’t, and it won’t have like the amiibo functionality most likely won’t have rumble if I’m thinking remembering correctly. How to assign buttons Bluetooth wasn’t a thing I was thinking, oh well, there has geo support, or you know motion support that way it’s one thing I’ll have checked. Still, again you know it’s it looks great. I’m excited like Apex one Apex legends launches on March 9. You know what I’m going to be playing with on March 9. This system with power apex legends controller is excited to be getting on to that, so yeah, big things the power re for setting this controller long. Yeah, this is. I like the look of it. It looks cool.

Hasn’t powerA apex legends is the first controller have that is like a very dedicated specific like, this cons or these powera apex legends controllers for particular game launch. So that’s kind of cool. I like it a lot. Yeah, I mean, it feels nice, like it just sits comfortably. I’m going to try and do some mapping those other back-end buttons there. Say to see how that tries is And then yeah, power a sent us to send me to release some candies I don’t know what these are bringing a shot took a look at it I don’t hear it sounds like peanut butter Oh you know what it is interesting. So I’m looking at the very back of it. This is like m&ms. These are m&ms says in the very back can’t I can’t move my lighting. Hold on.

It doesn’t say logical information, good names, milk and soy m&ms, and my m&ms. M is a registered trademark of the Mars regels confectionery distributed by Mars retail. So I wonder if and they’ve got my m&ms calm. These are like m&ms branded with the power of a logo. Let’s go, let’s give that a shot. Big thanks to power eight for the controller and Hello. I got a healthy handful of white and orange. There are no Smarties. No, I’m an average because we’ve got the M on the back of them, which you can see. After all, the lights are good. I mean, Yeah. Thanks, power a josm played by those Apex legends.

March 9, watch me. I’m going to stream for like three hours on March 9, play Apex legends, and you bet your bottom dollar. I mean using this controller provided by power a on March 9. Thanks, guys appreciate it. I’m going to eat my m&ms. No, no, you don’t want to pay me for game day. Take care. Bye-bye.