Nintendo Switch Buying Guide 2021 Best FREE Games + Best Starter Pack Games for Beginners!

Nintendo Switch Buying Guide 2021 Best FREE Games + Best Starter Pack Games for Beginners!

Welcome back to Isha gaming. It’s been some time since the last time I did a Nintendo Switch Buying Guide. So I am making a new one. And I’m going to go over hardware and the most essential accessories and some of the games that I feel like you should consider picking up on day one. These are going to be all the things that I feel like you need to know in order to get started.

There are two versions of the switch, you have the switch light and the original big switch, the switch light can play only in handheld and the original can be docked and be played on your TV. And right off the bat, I want to say that I recommend the original one because of that actual switching but the switch light is less expensive and it could work for you if you know that you’re only going to play in handheld anyway. But I like to have that option. And that is probably the biggest selling point of this watch the actual switching between TV and bed gaming. So absolutely I recommend the originals which you can also buy several docking stations separately. If you want to have a dockable option in several rooms or at a family person’s place placed. There are also several controllers for the switch third party ones and actual releases from Nintendo. This is the pro controller. And yes, it is somewhat expensive, at least in Norway, but I feel like this is a must have and I highly recommend getting a pro controller. Some other accessories that I highly recommend are called grips.

They are attachable grips like you attach to your switch. And I have a Parana grip on my switch light. And this is also my currently favourite grip on the original switch. And it is skolan Cole grip. Another thing that you can customize on your switch is by buying separately coloured joi cons. But you can also find sticker decals. This is what my switch looks like I love it. They are the Animal Crossing joy cones and in galaxy sorta print sticker decal. Now of course, I also recommend having some sort of case or bag for your switch. And I find this one to be really convenient. It is just something that I found on eBay. And it can hold all my physical switch games. That way I don’t have to get the cover and take the game out or the cover and all of that I can see with one glance at this oh my games, oh my physical games anyway, I have a lot of games digitally to actually have more games in digital and physical and other super essential especially. And I feel like many people will tell you about this. That is you need an SD card, in my opinion at least 32 gigabyte and up. I have 200 and something in mind. And I have filled that up. So yeah. Now, what is a buying guide without mentioning some games that I feel like you should pick up.

Now we can start off with some free games that you don’t have to pay for they are free to play, but they also have microtransactions in them. And some games that I recommend that are free are paladins, which is a game much like Overwatch, so it is a competitive PvP game. Some other free games that I could recommend our war face, which is a first person shooter, and I’ve mentioned it so many times on my blog, you have Warframe, which is a third person shooter very futuristic in its style, and it runs incredibly smooth on the switch. Then, of course, you have dauntless, which is like a free Monster Hunter, you know, fortnight program quest. And on top of all of this, you have all sorts of demos, some of the future demos that I can think of include Dragon Quest 11 demo that is really long and Dragon Quest Builders to demo. I recommend Dragon Quest Builders too. I mean, there are a bunch of demos. So just look around within the shop and see what you can find. Now games to purchase. Personally, I would start off with the breath of the wild because that was my first game that you can buy games for the switch both on the shop and in physical cartridges.

There’s a really big indie market on the switch. So there’s a bunch of cheap games do I actually have like a full top 10 video, I have several top 10 videos, but my main top 10 videos of the best games that I consider to be the best games on the switch. You can see that on the card in the corner. But in my opinion, some of the most solid choices would be the first party choices. First party Nintendo games, Super Mario Odyssey, a massive 3d platformer that suits everyone in the family including all ages. I think it’s really approachable that way like I mentioned Breath of the Wild because it is a really big open world. But I can see how some people do not like this because it can actually be quite hardcore with your weapons breaking and all of that and the world. It’s really overwhelmingly big, but I enjoy this I have a blast for 230 hours in this game, it is actually still my most played game on the switch.

I think Skyrim is my favourite game in the entire world. And it is just magical. It is a high fantasy RPG game where you have a lot of freedom to do almost whatever you want a lot of cities, big open world, highly recommend Skyrim and I think I always will recommend Skyrim now scene await is also really good if you are into really good traditional RPGs you have definitive edition, which is cinema Chronicles one and you have seen avoid Corona goes to. I actually recommend number one, I played it more. And I played it on the way so many years ago, but both are good. Also, the tour nice good. Just good. This is also actually one of my hidden gems on this one. Because I feel like I’m the only one talking about it. Fire Emblem warriors I had such a blast with this game highly recommended. It is a Musso title, which means war on a big map and you hack and slash through a lot of enemies at once.

Now I also very much recommend astral chain by Platinum Games such a unique and special game and it is highly optimized for the switch because it is a Nintendo Switch. Exclusive game. Now if nice JRPGs are your thing, there are plenty of them on the switch like fate XL Emerald star mega dimension of two neovi to the entire I tell you I series is soon on the switch. They’re only missing a few titles, but I highly recommend Italia and try new restaurants refrain. It also has a demo. If you are more of a traditional gamer, on the other hand, I think this would be your very best choice Super Mario 3d old stars in a Super Mario 64 which you may actually remember depending on how old you are right now. Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy all full 3d Mario games highly recommend this package. Get this one.

Although the lot I can say Animal Crossing is quite solid a lot of people are enjoying Animal Crossing is just super crazy. You have Pokemon sword and shield which I also recommend Fire Emblem three houses and the recently released Hyrule Warriors href kilometre virus. Thank you Tyrone warriors. In my opinion, you have Luigi smashing free, which I also recommend, but it is a puzzle adventure game so you know what you’re getting into. Now for more hardcore RPG fans, I would say Skyrim as I said, but also Dragon’s Dogma, I feel like that it’s an underrated game. And I have a review up for most of these games actually on my blog. And if you enjoy my content so far, please consider subscribing. Now for first person shooters, I would say Borderlands and the Sniper Elite Series are so surprised by how good the Sniper Elite Series actually. Now for another JRPG that I forgot to mention earlier, we have Ni No Kuni which I recommend you watch my review of now further genre of life simulators. You have my time at Porsche and you have the story of seasons. And actually also graveyard keeper. I loved it.

Now if you want some an RPG like the traditional RPG sort of genre, I highly recommend torchlight three, I’m sort of currently also playing again. And of course, Diablo three highly recommend Diablo three, put it on your wish list if you haven’t played it, but also there are Titan quest and Victor brown and torchlight two actually, now if you are a competitive person, I recommend Overwatch and also paladins now some other just being RPGs. In general, I want to say the outer worlds I like that game. And you have the newer game Immortals Phoenix Rising also they review a lot. And you have Witcher three actually also on this thing, not the best version of the game, though. Admit. Now if you feel like you are a super casual gamer, I actually have a top 10 video with the best casual gamers games, all of those games are really safe to start with when you’re starting out.

I feel like I am now giving you what I consider to be the best starch with getting a switch the best games to start with and the most essential accessories like the SD card and a bag and a grip and maybe a case for all of your games. Also, I love it. But just a warning actually do not use third party docking stations, they can actually destroy your switch and also be prepared for something called joy con drift. That basically means that you have to clean your joy calm or replace it with a new one and that can be really annoying, and a lot of people actually experienced that. But not all the time. So you know, don’t worry. Another thing I can say is that I feel like battery life is good on this ledge. And I played a lot. And if you buy a switch used, chances are that there could be already an established Animal Crossing oil and savefile on the switch, stuff like that.

Now, if you are buying a switch for a kid, there are parental controls on it. Now I hope I helped you a tiny bit on your decision to either get a switch or which games you want to get for it first, so I hope you enjoy or switch it is such a fun console. It is my favourite console. Try not to drop it. And yeah, what can I say? Get Stardew Valley while you’re at it. Also, there’s Mario Kart I forgot to mention Mario Kart and smash rollers. But I don’t play Smash Brothers. But Mario Kart is good. Now thank you so much for watching my little video and I hope you decide to subscribe to Isha gaming. I post a lot of fun videos about the switch and gaming. Please hit like on my video and follow my Instagram and Twitter. I post on both of those every day. Now.