New Upcoming Oculus Quest Games Coming in 2021

New Upcoming Oculus Quest Games Coming in 2021

This week we saw a bunch of new games and their trailers announced for the Oculus quest. So I thought it’d be an excellent opportunity to put in our website together a blog showcasing these games, as well as some other games that I’m excited about that are the upcoming Oculus Quest Games 2021. So let’s take a look. The first game on my list is the demo. I’ve mentioned this game before, but what you see here is a brand new trailer that shows us more of the gameplay.

This is a cooperative RPG dungeon folder that’s done in the form of a tabletop game. And just like a real tabletop RPG, you move your characters around the board, roll dice and use cards to play the game. But the reason why I’m so pumped for this one is that there is nothing like this on the Oculus quest as of yet. I can only think of the game taverns house as something quite similar.

Holo taverns house is for Dungeons and Dragons, and it uses your imagination much more. In contrast, this one has animated player pieces that fight each other when you roll the dice and make different special moves. And what I like even more about this one is that there will be a standard version, a non-VR version, there’s also going to be cross-play with the quest of VR version. So that means there’s going to be plenty of people to play with. So this one is coming in 2021, although we don’t know precisely when. Next on the list is solely in the smoke.

This is a survival game where you’re tasked with crafting, hunting, cooking, and fighting off threats. It reminds me of the game Green Hill, which is also a game that will be ported to the Oculus quest in 2021. Except in this game, you’re fighting off Mr ko and otherworldly beasts, so it has this mystical element to it. I love this game because it has this open-world feel to it; your main priority is to survive.

But how you do that depends on you. Do you spend your time crafting strong weapons? Or do you try to hunt down whatever’s hunting you before they can get you first, or you try to explore new spots, maybe a new camping site before it gets dark? All these decisions are down to you, and what you choose could mean the difference between life or death. This one comes out in spring 2021.

Now MMO RPGs have been a category of game that I think has been neglected on the Oculus quest. So I’m delighted to see that then if the last city is an MMO RPG coming to the Oculus quest this year. Zenith promises quite a few features. For example, you have different classes, and each of those is customisable. There’s the main story, but you do get to choose your path. There is a procedural quest system that tailors quests to your level and abilities. Now it seems like you can upgrade your abilities to focus more on magic or sword-fighting, or healing depending on what path you want to take.

The combat seems quite physical and action-orientated but also appears to contain familiar RPG elements. And it promises an expansive world where you can travel across multiple biomes by gliding or climbing to your destination. As you progress, you’ll build your reputation, and you can choose to align yourself with certain factions. You can also pick up items to craft with and build your crafting skills and play mini-games where you do things like preparing meals, washing Herbes, and performing certain activities to create these new items that give you boosts in specific abilities.

And beyond that, you can craft things like armour and weapons. There are also these loot chests you can find when you kill rare enemies. Or you can discover them in hidden crevices and dungeons scattered around the world. I could go on, but I think you get the point. This game looks like it’s going to be quite epic in both scale and the number of features that it has. And we don’t have an exact release date. We do know it’s going to be released sometime this year in 2021. But if you’re itching to get your hands on this one, there is a closed alpha, which will begin in April.

So if you want to be part of that closed alpha, make sure you check out the discord website for more information. Weaver is a multidimensional escape room game following game flow coming to the Oculus quest on March the 11th. I’ve played this one already, the developers were kind enough to give me an early access copy, and I’ll leave a link to that gameplay in the description below if you want to check it out.

In this game, you play a powerful primary traveller; you get captured by this necromancer. Now what the necromancer wants with you it’s unclear at first, and that’s part of the mystery that you have to unravel. And you have to escape your prison by solving a series of magical, mystical puzzles. And to solve these puzzles, you have to travel between dimensions you meet creatures from other worlds and acquire powerful spells.

What’s nice about this game is that your character doesn’t move. They transport from one dimension to the other and stay in one location, which means a very comfortable VR experience. It doesn’t require a lot of space to play. Another feature is the way that different dimensions affect each other. Doing something in one dimension might affect things in another dimension, which makes for some exciting ways to solve the puzzles. This next game is called Cosmo dread. It’s from the same developer who bought us dread hose. And just like a dread hose. This is a VR survival horror game with rogue-like elements.

It takes place in a dying spaceship and reminds me of many other survival horror games setting space like Alien Isolation or dead space. Your goal is to search for resources and find a way home back to Earth. I love this game because each one is a new procedurally generated layout with random positions for rooms, corridors, items, hazards, and so on, which should give it stacks of replay-ability.

It promises a highly interactive environment where you can open doors, drawers and lockers to find different resources to craft into weapons and equipment to deal with the enemies and hazards that you’re going to find along the way as you try to make your way back home. When you come across enemies, you can fight them or set a trap for them to walk into. But because ammo is scarce, then, more often than not, you’ll probably find yourself hiding and using objects to throw and distract the creatures away from you, rather than trying to engage in them directly. This game is planned for release on the Oculus quest on the 25th of March. Now in the same horror genre of Cosmo, dread is Wraith the oblivion afterlife. So in this game, you play someone called Ed Miller.

He’s a photographer who dies during a mysterious seance and becomes a Wraith. So in this game, you don’t play as the human; you’re playing as the ghost, which is a twist on this genre. And it’s just an exciting concept. So as a race, you’re suspended between life and death, and you’re trapped in the Barclay mansion. This is a mansion that you have to explore, and using your supernatural Wraith abilities; you have to uncover the horrifying truth of your demise. There, you’d think that being erased, there wouldn’t be many things that could scare you or will go after you.

Unfortunately, there are bigger and better things the new in this mansion, and they will come after you. This game releases on the 22nd of April. The footage you see here is taken from 10 minutes of gameplay that was done by a bunch of fantastic VR. Now, these next two games that I’m going to show our action first-person shooter games. We’ve seen a lot of these types of games on the Oculus quest. Still, the reason why I’m so excited about these two, in particular, is that they both seem to have a complete single-player campaign focus.

This first game you’re seeing is called zero calibres. Now the footage you’re seeing is actually from the PC VR version. There is a zero calibre PC version, which you see here, which gets rated very positively on Steam. Now zero calibre reloaded for the Oculus quest isn’t going to be a straight port on the PC VR version but will retain many of the same features. It also has a four-player Co-Op mode, and there might be a player versus player mode in the future.

Although the developers say that’s not set in stone, which is fine with me because it means that they’re just focusing all their attention on the story campaign mode, which in my opinion, is a fantastic thing because by focusing all of their energies on the campaign mode, hopefully, that will mean when it does come out, it will be a lengthy and awesome campaign.

Now the other first-person shooter game that I’m excited about is Sniper Elite. Like zero calibre reloaded, this plans to feature an extreme campaign mode, with 18 replay-able missions. It will feature authentic world war two weapons, and this cool X-ray killcam will let you see the brutal effects of your sniper shots. Although the name of this game is Sniper Elite, and you handle sniper rifles, you also get to handle other weapons like pistols, shotguns, machine guns, explosives, and more.

As for release dates, zero calibres reloaded. We’re expected to see that in the second quarter of 2021 and Sniper Elite VR. We don’t know the exact release date yet, but it is planned for release this year. The next game I featured in one of my recent blogs is Star Wars pinball VR comes out April 29 on the Oculus quest, and I’m excited about this one for two main reasons. Firstly, it comes with eight tables. Two tables are based on the Mandalorian, and it will only set you back 2499 US dollars, which I think is pretty good value considering the number of tables you get with this game.

The other reason I’m excited about this game is that it seems to be a bit more than just a pinball game. You get these story-based missions, these mini-games, you get to earn rewards, unlock content as you play and build your little personalised memorabilia, So it sounds like there’s a lot more to it than just pinball. And I reckon it’d be a great arcade game to duck into play for a few minutes here or there or to challenge your friends to get the highest score.

This next game is coming to Atlanta. That is David Slade case mysteries. I’ve covered it before. And I’m going to cover it again because it’s an awesome detective mystery game. And since I last covered it, a new update has come up, which has improved visuals and improved gameplay features that give this game a whole new look and feel. Now we don’t know exactly when this one is coming to the App lab. I think that Oculus have a backlog of app lab game applications that they’re working their way through, but it is out now on, so I quit for 999 US dollars, so you can still get your hands on it if you don’t want to wait for it to come out on App lab. What I love about this game, it’s dark is gritty, and it can be gruesome. But there are some funny moments too, which provides comedy relief.

This game looks great. And it sounds great. And we’re also treated to cinematic clips that tell us some of the stories as we progress that; for me, the most significant selling point of this game is that it makes you feel like an actual detective. You do feel like you’re putting together the pieces of a mystery as you solve puzzles and find clues with your detective kit, which includes things like swabs, bags and brushes that you use to collect evidence. The game currently contains one episode, but there are at least two more episodes planned, with Episode Two having more psychological thriller and horror elements to it.