Mario Kart Live Home Circuit – Unboxing, Setup and Review

mariokart live home circuit

One thing that really excited me during the Mario 35th event was Mario Kart live home circuit; I finally got it. And today we’re going to unbox it and look at what you’re getting with this package. I’ll quickly go through the setup and provide you with my first impressions on this product. I’m going to be playing the heck out of this thing this weekend. And my plans are to release a second more detailed review in the coming days. The home circuit currently comes in two sets. There’s the Mario set and the Luigi set. If this product takes off, I’m sure Nintendo’s going to release other characters that are in the future, this thing costs $99 in the US $130 in Canada, 99 quid in the UK and 99 euros in the rest of Europe, the box is actually bigger than I thought it would be. It’s double the size of a nintendo switch box. And each box does have a unique serial number similar to the Nintendo Switch consoles. So the box serial numbers should match the cart that’s inside, you’re basically going to build real life racetracks and then race a real life Mario Kart toy using your Nintendo Switch. And on the side here is all you need to do that. Like other Nintendo products, there’s no seal flap to open. And right on the top is a quickstart guide.

There’s no physical game in this package. You download the game from the E-shop, the game is actually totally free. But of course, it’s useless without the cart. And right in the middle here is a cart. This of course, is the red Mario Kart. And in the Luigi, set up, of course, get the green Luigi card, and your Indian characters will match the part you have. But in both cases, you can change the look of your car, the costume your characters wearing, so there’s a fair bit of customization. I’m really glad that this thing has a built-in rechargeable battery I mean for 100 bucks it better and here’s a USBC cable for charging it. There’s no AC adapter but you can also use your standard switch charger with this and there is an indicator on the Nintendo Switch showing you the battery life. Then on the top there are a few other items and in this box are for gates 1234 and two arrow signboards.

These are essential pieces of cardboard, so you should be able to print and make your own and we got an empty box. Next is to download the game which takes about five minutes and the setups pretty straightforward. You just follow the in game instructions to turn on and pair the cart with your switch. And then you get into creating a course and the game will pretty much guide you throughout everything and have you up and running with the basics. Now with one bundle and one switch console. It’s essentially a single player game, each time you do something, there’s a tonne of unlockables, so there’s enough content here to keep one person busy. You create courses on the fly in minutes you race in Grand Prix events against augmented reality ai 500 cc and 100 cc you can do right at the beginning, but the faster 150 and 200 cc need to be unlocked.

There’s also a time trial mode. And I guess this is your best option for local multiplayer game with only one bundle and one console, you’re basically going to be taking trains doing time trial runs, and each time you complete a run, the game does let you enter a name. So that’s easy enough to keep track of each player’s time and figure out who’s got a lead. Now, of course, with a game like this, it’s way more fun when you’re racing against your buddies. But to do that, it can get pretty expensive. If you’re a parent with four gamers in the household, you’re going to need four sets of games for consoles and that’s going to run you anywhere between 12 116 $100 that’s a fair bit of money other than the cost.

My first impressions on this stay pretty positive the cart’s build quality seem really good the entire course building on the fly in minutes and then racing them just work seamlessly. You can pretty much turn any space into a racetrack and I think this thing right here is going to be one of the hottest selling toys this holiday season. So if you want one for yourself or as a gift, pick it up as soon as you can.