I Built a Secret House on Noob1234’s Girlfriend’s Minecraft Server!

I Built a Secret House on Noob1234's Girlfriend's Minecraft Server!

We are about to sneak on to girl 1234 server to build a secret house. We got to get up. What is that a turkey? Hello turkey lady. Hi, there I haven’t seen you in this world before. Are you new? You must be girl 1234 friend only friends can access her world are you looking built a secret house I know a place where you can get one cherry if that is your real name. First of all, you’re red. Since you’re friends with her, you can ask for one. Oh, so guys, if you can see, there is an alertness bar at the top of the screen right now. And if it gets you 100, girl 1234 will come for us.

Okay, we got to be very quiet if I were her, I would keep them upstairs somewhere, probably through here, right? First of all, why do you not sleep under your blankets, girl 1234? That’s a little silly. Pink house. The blueprint contains instructions to build a pink house. Yes, that’s what we need. We also just got past 100. We’ve got to run. She is waking up, guys. She is right behind us. I’m dropping. I’m jumping. We have no time to lose. We’re cherry.

This has got to be the plot that cherry was telling us about because it looks pretty empty and pretty. Oh good. She gave you one hidden me the blueprint and all make your dream house a reality. Here we go. It better be pink. What? No, here’s the thing.

In this blog. I’m trying to make a secret house. I don’t know she got that memo. But I like it. So welcome to my amazingly beautiful, secretive, not secret house. We have a problem. Ladies and gents. I have four apples to my name. And that’s all I can eat ever. So she has like an entire town on her servers. So this looks kind of like a merchant shop. Oh, hello, Sally. Do you sell things now, the vacuum, please? I have no money, but I’ll be nice to you. Not a lot of people buy my stuff here. If you can get rid of bad energies at my hut. I’ll give it to you for free.

What’s bad energy?

People are not allowed to have bad attitudes around here. Oh, Sherry has gone crazy. That’s what it looks like to me. You can see there causing a lot of trouble. I haven’t been able to enter my hut here. You’ll need this to catch them if you haven’t seen Harry Potter. I am very disappointed in you. But also like there’s like a moment when they’re in a greenhouse. And these blue plants are like screaming at them. And that’s kind of what these look like to me. Come here, have 15. I already caught five. See, it’s pretty easy. Only six more.

Where are they?

I only older inside the hut. Sneaky time to Ooga Booga all that energy caught. You’re welcome, Sally. Oh, now Sileo me the vacuum here a real lifesaver. Thanks. Please take an item that you want. So we’re going to take this here. Awesome. Now right now, this is just a normal old vacuum.

We need to make it one specifically for foods, some wheat and Apple, because we’re civilized people, see so now it is a vacuum for food. Place this down on this grass block. She’s not suspecting anything. Who vacuum. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Guys, hide. Gosh, she will find us soon. This is a little more aggressive than I thought it would be. Stop. We’re going to make so much cake with this. It’s not even funny. How will I eat? It’s fine; Kerry’s got your back. We need to take all this weight quickly.

And run back home. Here we go. Honestly, I’m fully stocked. I don’t think I’m ever going to have to buy groceries ever again. Is this tasty at all? Like can I eat this in Minecraft? Comment down below because I think you can only make it in a recipe. Oh, cherry is in my house. This is very creepy. Hello. Something weird is happening. I can feel it. I can smell something is off. What is that name tag? Somebody is flying a drone right outside my bedroom. This is back. This is so bad, girl. 1234 is going to find me in two seconds.

Cheery helped me. How did someone get a drone here? Okay, I don’t think girl 1234 put it here. Oh, she gives it to her special friends. Just ask her. I’m sure she’d be willing to give you one. I don’t think you understand I am here secretly. Okay, secretly. I can’t ask her anything. There’s only one thing I can do. I need to shoot it down. Okay, so we need to collect all of these things.

Bow and Arrow crafting table. And then a transmitter so this is going to transmit the data. Still, we have to craft it with the arrow, so all we have to do is shoot it at the drone and pair it with our phone you’ll see, so let’s make a hacker arrow, so it’s used by hackers which today Hello that’s me indeed connects to Bluetooth. Hence, we have to right-click on the cell phone, activate the Bluetooth, and pair with the arrow. All we have to do, guys, is secretly sneak out here in perfectly shoot this arrow. I only have one. Make a wish, please wish me luck here.

Yes, I have control of the drone. Now he my plan is coming to fruition. So I am now in control of this drone. So let’s click the phone. We have control of the drone, Now don’t worry, See, she can’t see me. I’m like in spectator mode, but I control where the drone goes, which it honestly means to go away. And away we have got to go to my bedroom. Just a little more this way. Okay, so we have successfully landed the drone in the bedroom, so it is out of Kim’s possession.

I’m just going to put it in my inventory safe keep I have picked up the drone. See what girl 1234 is up to? I mean, I’ve got to be in on some secrets here. Time to go. Oh, geez, geez, geez, that was so close. And she has a security system activated. So that’s a little unfortunate for us. But fortunately, we do have a drone. So let’s drop it right outside because remember, security system. So we’re just going to drop it here. And pair one more time. We’re just going to go high in the sky. Wait, there is a shrine of a newb in her house surrounded by lava.

I went into spectator mode, and we’re going to spectate. What happens in here. The terms are a little loud. You have to be sneaky. So she’s at the new shrine throwing diamonds into lava. So are we making up the city? Amir? I love my who’s bound q right. Whose new house is that on the server? Oh no. It’s time to get out of here. So we barely made it out of that one without being caught, but a girl 1234 is at my house.

Oh my god. Hey, don’t creep in my house even though it’s on your server. You have so many flowers and crops. Don’t worry, and I didn’t use the vacuum on your house and take them. These are all mine. I’m calling a bulldozer to destroy the house. That’s so rude. Why didn’t you answer the door? Aren’t you guys friends? She said she’s going to destroy your house quick gather the items around your house to craft this cherry just gave me a recipe for a Cloaker so apparently it will cloak over the home where the bulldozer company cannot see the house, so we need five iron ingots a Redstone torch and that little guy I forget what those are called.

Have a lot of time; we have all the iron that we need now. We only need a Redstone torch, and the other guy, the daily daughter here, is craft now graph now we’re crafting bench where’s the crafting bench? Oh, let’s look at the recipe one more time. Got it. Got it. Easy peasy lemon breezy cloaking gadget use for cloaking your home. We got that just in time. So I think the truck is here. Let’s run out very quickly. We will have to hide we don’t want this bulldozer company to see that it is our house. Oh, he’s here, he’s here.

We got to break like wow post deleted Hello girl. 1234 Yeah, the house is gone. I’m not sure whoever built it must have taken it down. Oh, he still wants payment. Oh no. Sherry barely got us out of that one. And he’s far enough away. No, did you know there’s a wishing well that’s hiding under the Cave of doom? I heard it scary. Oh, wait, you’re going to a secret which is wishing well without me. She doesn’t know that I’m here, but I am taking this coin that she dropped, and we are making a wish we guys put in the comments.

What would you wish for with this coin? I wrote the Cave of doom, and it looks very dear to me. I wouldn’t say I like this at all. But I want to wish. Okay, we’re going to wish to be a fish in this coin to be great. Yep, yep, look and spooky already. Not a fan of what I look at here. Oh, fun. Get across the bridge. This bridge looks like it was made in 1902. Okay, leaps of faith, right? We’re leaping faith to get our wish. Oh my goodness, guys, we came from over there, and now we’re back here, slowly, slowly, and we did it. We crossed the bridge now. Oh, fun. Go across the mine situation.

How does this work again?

I haven’t done this in a long time. Am I supposed to click that? Nope, nope, we’re not supposed to click that. Oh, okay. Yeah, not supposed to. Okay, so with these right you Only you avoid the T and T. That’s not too bad. Except this is like never-ending Come on. We got to like sprint a little bit through this. We got to hurry to make our wish before the other girls do. I think we made it right. Did we do it? Okay, I feel like there may be a button that we need to press the button to find the wishing well. I can feel it. Yep. Find the oak button. So does that mean it’s on a tree? Probably. It’s got to be by a tree, I think ah, easy. Gate unlocked.

Wait, where’s the game? I didn’t even see. Oh, whoa, this is crazy. I have never seen something like this ever before in Minecraft. This is crazy. So wishing well Oh, okay, I know this is mean, guys. And I’m not mean, but like, I have to do it for the blog. Okay, I need the girl’s house to disappear. She tried to make mine disappear. So we got to get her back. Throw in the coin like the Trevi Fountain over your shoulder acquired items.

Oh, immediately, I have a TMT launcher and a corrosive plant that apparently will sink nearby blocks. This is for sure going to work. Okay, you guys, so back out our house to use this beautiful TNT launcher and corrosive plan but a Bad News Bears. She now has cards in front of her house, which I think is a little overkill. I haven’t done anything so far until now. So really, very sneaky. And shoot a little TNT that’s primed. I feel like that’ll get a good rise out of them just right over there. And wait, guys, hold on.

Did you see that? It like bounced off her house. Throw that. Watch this. It’s going to come back towards me. That’s stressful. We got to blow something else up. Get them distracted, make them run away. So lucky for us, there’s a numerous amount of houses to explode near us. So I’m going to shoot some that way, some over that way, and hopefully distracted. Did you hear that? It sounded like an explosion. Let’s go check up on it. Make sure girl 1234 safe. Yeah, exactly. Make sure she is safely out of harm’s way. These are camps. This is our chance of not being so sneaky.

I don’t know where she is, but we got to hurry. Okay, so let’s try to place this plant. Guys, the plant won’t place. She’s got this house like extra security, which I don’t appreciate. She’s got to have a flower pot in here somewhere, probably with some dirt flower that we’re going to break and then put this corrosive plant in there. I know, as I said, I don’t want to do this. It’s just she tried to delete my house too. It’s like a friendly competition. Guys, I found one. It is right here. It is right here. And once I placed this, we got to run fast. Because Oh gosh. Wait way faster than I realized this voice is going down. Oh my gosh. Do you hear that?

Oh, wait, is it turning into obsidian? I can’t even tell the whole house is corroding. Oh my gosh. This girl 1234 doesn’t get home too soon. Or she in the house. Please don’t be in the house. Wake up from your nap, guys. Oh no, guys, I think she’s in there taking a nap. What do we do? I can’t go in there all get corrupted.

Guys. Oh my gosh. Her whole house is sinking. Where is it going? I’m growing up for you. Okay. Will you forgive me? I don’t know where you are. Oh, she’s over there. What’s happening to my house guards? Good news. She wasn’t in her house. Bad news. I’m about to get caught. You guys have a blessed day and I will see you on my next blog at gameapexlegends.com.