How To Make A Hidden House In MCPE!

How To Make A Hidden House In MCPE!

I’m going to show you guys how to go and get secret underground house in Minecraft and this is insane Oh guys just before against this hidden house in MCPE blog be sure to like comment and like for more epic blogs My goal is to reach 100k likers this year it’s not gonna be possible if you guys don’t like so make sure to do that and in addition boys, I’m actually giving away $500 bites my viewer’s guys three 5k likers Regaine so make sure you go and actually do that But without further ado, all we guys have to do to actually go and get this download is basically click the one in the description down below so yeah make sure you guys just go ahead and click that MediaFire link boys to right you already know Blitz likes to go and press play and drop it.

Once you guys actually do go and open it up it’s actually an MC world pack but yeah this should just pop up in your rules folders boys so make sure you just go and click it once it’s done and then that is eight guys like it’s super simple but this over here he’s like actually insane like I’ve never see anything like this before so as you guys can see it’s a secret underground house we actually have all the credits over here once again massive shout out to them like this is actually super insane.

But without further ado let’s actually go and get right into so as you guys can see we got ourselves this key in our hands and you guys actually get it in this chest Eisley already opened it but not yet anyway we got the key boys and there’s actually some instructions as well to like over.

Here so yes I would like to go and do that Be sure to go and take a look at this you guys can actually go ahead and give other people keys as well to go and actually get this underground basic Cetera but I’m not going to go and execute all that you guys can pause the blog if you’d like to but anyway you guys are probably like will refrain where is the secret base and it’s actually right here so I don’t know if you guys can go and see but there is a like tiny tiny difference between the color of grass this one over here is a little bit like greyish and yeah you guys can kind of see it but it’s like super hard to like notice.

If you were just walking by like I wouldn’t think anything suspicious is here but basically take a look at this be clicking with the key boys and it actually opens up and this is just so cool guys and then we just click it again and it’ll basically close oh no I’m dying but yeah make sure you guys like out of the way but that is just like overall super insane to miss you guys definitely go ahead and take a look at this we’re gonna go and actually close that and yeah basically is just like trapped up with bedrock as well too.

So nobody can even break into your underground base but yeah, you guys can actually go and download this and just like start your survival world with this base over here which is really cool But without further ado, guys let’s actually go and continue, and as you can see we want to elevate over here is like the multiple floors as you guys can see we can like okay it was making a sound I guess it’s not any more guys but yeah the thing is crazy and as you guys can see with a fully furnished house over here boys like this are actually we got like the table and everything guys like this is a proper Minecraft bunker I don’t know if you guys ever seen that Mr. Beast video where they go down it’s like this underground bunker.

This is like basically a Minecraft Pocket Edition like this is the most ultimate underground base like literally every guy anyway the sexy floor number one but basically, look at this we can actually go open the old way I use the key whoops I didn’t mean to do that guy okay, so just with our hand we want to go and collect this and the elevator should come up it’s actually going up floors as you guys can see but let’s actually go and bro you can hear it and everything that is so sick so let me know what you guys do think we are sound effects and everything was okay so we’re gonna go down to floor number two next so that was it.

For number one as you guys can see right over your floor number two and take a look at this we have a home’s our bedroom in here guys we got ourselves z armor dude okay that is super proud we got the armor we get Nether rights and everything here but if a game a setup bro that like super sick and then over here there is another room for the bathroom and shower no way so yeah make sure you definitely go and take a look at this but this is like literally the ultimate underground bunker.

I hope you guys do like him even have a whole farm as well here too so you guys can literally live underground for like the rest of your Minecraft days he wants you like seriously you do not have to even leave this we then have a fish tank is well no way and there’s even like a buried treasure bro I wonder what’s actually in there guys I bet she was like some gold or something but anyway that is exit over there I hope you guys do like it for real that is so crazy.

We’re gonna go actually out here though because it’s going to open up the elevator we’re going to go ahead and hopefully get to come back out guys I think I like clicked it and made it go to the third floor by accident all right but as you guys can see it’s coming back up guys let’s actually go and open up the door let’s go and then we’re going to go down hopefully brings us down and yeah let’s actually go ahead and do these guys we should be going to the third floor no it’s going the wrong direction alright guys so it could be wrong but I think how you control the elevators I think if you click up it’ll bring you up but if you click down it’ll bring you guys downwards.

So I’m going to go and actually try to see if that works let’s actually go click downwards boys it’s going just like spam click I don’t know I right-click by the way but yeah let’s actually make this happening yes the down arrow is there so that’s how you guys can actually go and control the elevator to daddy’s so sick and as you guys can see right now and over here but yeah, do we got the whole entire chase storage area over here the guys want to go next to the stores and stuff in here.

Make sure to check that out, guys, but this is the ultimate bomb shelter like this is so crazy. And then oh, Here we are cells once again a bit of enhancing so yeah make sure guys go and take a look at this we have like literally everything and bills we get the repairing this and chancer guys like this is overall excellent we even have a potion brewing stand guys may go and take a look at this. Suppose you ladies and gentlemen don’t like any of this as well. In that case, I’m just going to let you know like you guys can actually go ahead and build your stuff here, too, if you want, so make sure to go ahead and check that out, guys.

Still, without further ado, we’re going to go ahead and hopefully get the elevator to come over here, guys. We’re going to go back up to the top floor. I hope this all works once again, right-click boys. I mean, it seems to be working, but it’s even shaking, and everything we got elevator sounds like that is so good. We got to go up one more floor, boys.

I want to go ahead and wrap it up on the outside, but seriously you guys can modify this as much as you want. You guys can make this like literally any blog. Make it more prominent to guys make this old diamond. Seriously it is all up to you guys but make sure you go and take a look at this and let me know if you guys do like this bunker. But I just thought this was an excellent blog, and I had to do a review on this like I’ve just never seen anything like this before, but anyway.