How To Get The Lazarbeam Skin For Free In Fortnite!

How To Get The Laserbeam Skin For Free In Fortnite!

All right, so earlier today, lazarbeam revealed his icon series skin and boil boy. Is it unique? So I’m sure everyone has seen this by now, but he does seem to have at least a few selectable styles. I think he said there are four. But in this particular image, we can see the construction  in front and then a more relaxed version in the background. But I’ve also seen a performance where he has a hard hat helmet on. So there’s at least three that I know of, but I swear like I said that he said, there’s four total, then you get the dingy backplane.

A sledgehammer is very reminiscent of the one john wick uses, and then a meat pie emotes, which he calls the lunch break. So that’s the entire bundle right there. So this is coming to the item shop on Thursday, March 4, obviously, at item shop reset time. However, there is a way to get this for free in his cup, but it’s not just his cup, it’s a laser, and fresh is a super knockback cup. And there is a tonne of prizes for this.

So let’s go over all the details. The skin comes out to the item shot on March 4, and this cup starts March 3. So if you win, you just have less than 24 hours to show this off before everyone else gets it. So as you can see, the cup is already in the compete tab. Let’s click into this, and we’ll see the exact time, so as per usual for me, at least it’s five to eight.

You’ll have to log in and check your timezone, but that’s a pretty typical five to eight very busy timeframe. I’m not a fan of that, but what can you do? So let me read you the official blog post just for this knockback cup. Hence, it says on March 3, 2021, laserbeam and freshers super knockback will take place a tournament inspired by laser beams favorite weapon, the flintlock pistol mine as well in this duo’s tournament, so it is duo’s top-performing teams in each region will unlock the  bundle before it’s in the item shop.

So that’s the entire bundle. Then it goes on to say and laser and precious super knockback many of the weapons at your disposal are more powerful versions of knockback weapons, you’ll find lasers blit knock a custom version of the flintlock pistol from supply drops, and if you’ve taken damage, you can get emo to heal. Ball damage is vaulted. I don’t understand what it means when it says more powerful versions of knockback weapons. The only knockback weapon we have is the dub shotgun and the flintlock. But it sounds like other weapons will give that knockback effect or something like that, I guess. And then you can get a one-of-a-kind lasers blitt knock pistol. Are you kidding me? Only from supply drops, and there’s no fall damage, and you can emote to heal.

This is a bizarre cup that I love. Flintlock is my favorite weapon as well. As I mentioned, I can’t wait for this. Let’s take a look at the specifics here. So the scoring system is very dependent on placement. So a victory is worth 60 points total. Second place is 54 third place 51. And then it goes all the way to 50th place, which is one point.

Now each elimination is worth two ends so that you could rack up some limbs. But that placement is crazy. 10th place, by the way, is 41 points, so at least try to aim for the top 10 now, more importantly, the prizes. So listen carefully here because there are two sets of rewards, so the full 200 duos will get the laser beam, entire bundle the skin the backplane the pickaxe and the emo just for the top 200 in Europe now 200 and first place through 1800s place 1800 placed will get the skin and the backplane. So if you place top 200, you get it all. If you’re to a one to 1800, you get the skin and backplane. So you have to get the full 1800 in Europe at least. Now in NA east, it’s a little more difficult.

Only the top 125 teams will get the entire bundle, and then only the top 1125 teams will get the skin and the backlink. Hence you have to place full 1100 and 25th to get a reward. But again, only the top 125 get the entire bundle. So that seems a bit stingy there, but it gets worse. hence West and Brazil, they have to be top 50 for the entire bundle and top 450 for the skin and the backplane. So that stinks. I mean, this sounds like one of the hardest tournaments to earn a reward that we’ve had for these icon series cups. Sadly, Asia Oceana and the Middle East have an even worse. Only the top 25 teams get the entire bundle, and only the top 225 will get the skin and backlit, so I said very difficult to earn a reward.

I would say at least try it out because it sounds like it’s going to be fun to try to get the legendary lazarbeam pistol. I don’t know what Rarity it’ll be, but that sounds way cool. With these special cups, we can usually enter more than one region; however, it doesn’t appear to be the case with this one. It says players may only have one entry into the event for a given session. So I guess I pick one region and stick with it. So that’s about all there is to it. This is going to be a very interesting cup. I have no idea how it’s going to play out. Remember that if you mo it heals you, just like in Lockland Cup, I believe the pickaxe frenzy. But there were no weapons in that one.

Now there’s going to be weapons, and there’s no fall damage either. So essentially, you could sky base, and if someone knocks you down, Oh, well, you’re not going to take any damage. So I think sky basing may be ideal for this. Regardless, I love the Flint knock, and this is a flint knock-centered cup, so I can’t wait for this. Remember to check the complete tab to see exactly what time it starts for your central time in the US. It’s 5 pm until 8 pm so there you go. That’s all there is to it. Get more detail at game apex legends.