How to Download FREE Black Ops Cold War Free Access Week 2021 PS5, PS4, XBOX, PC

How to Download FREE Black Ops Cold War Free Access Week 2021 PS5, PS4, XBOX, PC

What’s going on guys welcome back to nerd blog Today we’re back at it again with another I guess tutorial on how to download cold war free access week 2021, how to get cold wear for free this week from February 25 to March 4 we’re gonna have we’re gonna be having free access so if y’all want to try it out if you guys didn’t get to try out the last free trial when people were having problems plaguing it is your chance to get in y’all have more than a week I think it’s like nine days.

So first of all a good day I don’t know if I already mentioned that but if you guys are new make sure to like notifications on helping me out. Help me out good to 2000 liker’s bro by the end of this year. We’re so close bro y’all can help me out just hit that button doesn’t mean a lot to me know this. And also don’t forget to smash LIKE BUTTON bro cuz you gotta we gotta get this out here you know, to other people that need help getting the game basically on PlayStation 4. I’m sure he’s on PlayStation 4. I don’t get a PC.

I’m going to Xbox for Xbox basically the same thing. I don’t know about PC though PC is a little different, I’ll leave a blog down in the like so y’all could get it for the PC players but basically, y’all gotta do just search up code word on ps4. They go to the standard edition. Y’all just scroll down how many times like four times four times and this should appear just gonna wait for it to load up. But yeah, you guys just gonna scroll up four times or you can go to the UPS Store and on the demos, it should pop up on the demos too. All right, this thing is gonna load up someone just click on it bro so yes slowly oh by the way though oh shoot already had it downloaded it’s just the servers will connect Oh no, it just me well you guys let me know if you guys have it on downloading let me know if you have the same issue right this thing really gonna take this long to load up all right, hold on we’ll be back with this thing.

This is a load or this thing finally loaded up but basically, you should download it once it’s downloaded you go here I don’t know what’s going on. I already have all the packs downloaded. It may download the game for some reason. But it just won’t connect to the servers and I already asked himself discord by the way going up the discord link in the description or in the like. We should be active though but yeah I’ve been doing this for the past two hours have they announced it was already ready but my thing just keeps saying this connected to servers and people are already playing.

I don’t know if there are different causes though but it is a blog in front of the camera one more thing one parallel double XP will be starting tomorrow Friday I’ll be dropping the image into the blog after this clip for people who want to know what time for you guys to be starting to grind if you guys want to tune in to live stream I’ll be shooting tomorrow or the day my game decides to load up because my game right now as you can see but if the game in the game decisive little police hitting another stream it is a tonne of fun Jaco join up there’s run-up some games play some zombies, try that new mode. And yeah, make sure to drop a like to this to the blog. I expect to see you guys in the stream. And yeah, see you guys next blog relaxing bro. Peace.