Fortnite New Update – 15 Secrets You Missed!

Fortnite New Update - 15 Secrets You Missed!

It didn’t come soon, but it’s here alongside the first squad launchers, exotics, and entirely new poi new game mode Mandos bounty, where you can win an exclusive umbrella. Wow, that’s the crazy red ocean and finally some news of a season five live event that’s not even scratching the surface, so like this fortnite new update blog or fish stick will break down your door, and let’s dive into new guns, items, and map changes. This update has been pretty big for fans of both Star Wars and fortnite wacky LCS. Unfortunately, no, we didn’t get a Boba Fett skin, but we have gotten a tonne of new Mandalorian content and even a brand new poi in the game.

A Big Star Wars-themed Cantina can be busy here. It’s a neat little building that features quite a few references to Star Wars and even a cool hologram. This hologram was a subtle reference to the Fornite Star Wars event when Jeff Keeley used this weird sci-fi guy to talk to JJ Abrams. However, it doesn’t speak someone’s to get Jeff qilian here to voice this guy again. And speaking of Easter eggs, there’s another hidden secret inside this poi that not many people have picked up on. In one of the back rooms, you can find an instrument leaning against the wall. This will give you a prompt that says play, and if you press it, It plays the famous moss Eisley Cantina song from Star Wars.

However, it’s not all good news; if you were for some reason a huge fan of the ghost safe house, then I’m sorry to tell you that epic has removed it from the map.

That’s pretty much it for my changes, though, but the patch still does not disappoint as we have not one but two brand new weapons available. The first is the chuck cannon, and this thing has been leaked for literally months. We made a blog on this thing three months ago. It came out; you can buy this new exotic gun by heading to remedy near craggy cliffs, and it works just like the bandage bazooka, except it’s pretty much 10 times more overpowered, and that’s not even the only weapon to be added to this update because the fish stock has something up his gills for you all head to craggy cliffs and this time into his restaurant, you can buy an exotic burst quad launcher from him this object will shoot two rockets at the same time in bursts and just 42 damage per hit.

So you can take someone with full health and shield out in just a some rockets. It’s not bad. And rafter, none of this is even the greatest thing to come in the update. You might be wondering just why there’s a new Star Wars poi in the middle of the desert and here’s why it’s a big feature of this week’s patch is something called commandos bounty. It’s a new LTM that has taken over the game and has a tonne of unbolted weapons, cool features, and even a new exclusive cosmetic commandos bounty works by giving every player three lives once they’re out of lives, they’re nominated from the game for good, you’ll be given a bounty that you must take out, and of course, you get points for each kill.

Not only do you have to survive the entire match without losing all three of your lives, but you also must be the first person to reach 50,000 points to win the game.

You can do your bounty with a new item called the bounty Puck, and it shows you what skin they’re wearing, as well as how many credits they’re worth, if you kill them, if you’re holding the puck in your hand, the map will show their locations in real-time. What’s even more interesting is that the Mandalorian himself joins the fight midway through the match and hunt down any people who are in the lead and try to kill them. But if you beat him to it and take down mendo instead, you’ll get a tonne of credits.

If you end up hitting that 50,000 credit deadline, then you’ll be rewarded with a Victory Royale and an exclusive cosmetic bandeau bound; he has a special umbrella just for the LTM called the breaker umbrella, and of course, it’s part of the Mandalorian set. As of right now, the only way you’ll be able to earn this thing is by winning a match at Mandos Downey. It’s pretty exclusive. So when you finish this blog, you should get grinding with your friends. On-screen right now is all the new achievements you get by playing the new LCM, so the hardcore Star Wars fans, you might notice that all these achievements are named after episodes of the Mandalorian. Still, now it’s time for some juicy upcoming content with new leaks explain.

To start with a bang leak, this update has given us huge confirmations about the future of season five and what’s happening and just weeks from now. For starters, we’re officially getting a lot this season. We assumed it was anyway, judging from the zero points getting unstable and john Jones tapes, but new leaks that pretty much confirmed a live event are happening at the end of season five. The first is that the favorite music playlist has been updated, and this only happens when the epic is preparing a season for a new live event. It’s a hands item just for live events that make you unequip everything, including your pickaxe and epic added it today along with updating the event playlist.

It’s happening, guys. I can’t wait to see what happens. And speaking of the john Jones tapes, it looks like the next Hunter is around the corner, and we’ve got some leaks. For starters, they’re all new footprints for an encrypted skin codenamed French rye, and they sound like this. If those sound familiar to you, it’s because a lot of people are comparing it to the footsteps that Foxy from five nights at Freddy’s makes when he runs down the corridor, along with French fry, possibly being a codename for Freddy Fazbear makes five nights at Freddy’s crossover pretty believable. However, it’s just speculation at this point or concrete leaks. The next portal has been added in this update, and the Hunter belongs to his codenamed mainframe.

It’s hard to get anything from that. But there you have two other encrypted skins codenamed guests fiction and animal clock. Still, there’s no telling if these are more crossovers or just item shop skins that epic don’t want us to see. If you want a little bit more info about the next hunter, we know that there’ll be a male skin unless there’s more than one, and they’ll have some reactivity. There’s not much else we know yet, though, and on the topic of skins, if you don’t care about crossovers and want to know more about the item shop cosmetics, here’s a picture of all the items coming soon. There are also two upcoming lead content creator bundles for low yeah and our good friend this squatting dog.

He’s helped us out with a few storyline videos, so definitely pick up this bundle when it comes out. If you’re a football fan, the football skins are coming back on February 4, but it’s nothing compared to our next league, so get ready to hear about the Valentine’s Day event. There’s going to be a limited-time event this year for Valentine’s Day. It’ll come with skins challenges, and all-new cosmetics in the item shop fortnight is always gone big for Valentine’s Day. This year is no exception in the item shop; we’ll be getting the old classic Valentine skins, but also the new ones here are cuddled King, a very huggable and pink outfit that I want to rock. Then the female counterpart of the set is lovely, and I’m going to buy or using got 5g Valentine’s Day will also bring new emotes check these out.

That’s pretty adorable but epic. We’re going to take it one step further with new challenges for Valentine’s Day. We know exactly what they’ll be, but more importantly, we know what rewards will be given out in the list of all the cosmetics I showed earlier. You can see quite a few of those the real love and heartbreak or sprays the heart’s desire rap and the hooked on you music pack for the challenges. They include finding a date for fish sticks, serving them a fancy dinner, finding roses, chocolate boxes, and more.

Most importantly, they mentioned a love potion that you can collect that exact love potion would be a red version of the big shield, and it looks so good. We can have red shields permanently last year. The Valentine’s event started on February 8 and lasted the entire month. But I don’t watch that happening this year. Because of the season five storyline and how many hunters we still have yet to see.

But with all that out of the way. Let’s finish off our update with everything else you need to know. We can quickly cover everything else in the update for the small little changes, starting with zip lines. If you use the zip line a lot, you’ll want to hear this because they’ve received some changes in the latest package. There’s now dynamic speed on the zip lines, meaning you’ll go faster and faster when going down and vice versa. It’s a pretty subtle change that people may or may not notice. So hop on a zip line and try it out for yourself. Speaking of subtle changes, there are new killfeed shrinks and even some funny ones for the new LTM.

Although it’s not as interesting as the brew, yes, the brute was updated with this patch. It has gotten update quite a few times in chapter two. We still don’t know why it could mean nothing, or it could mean everything seriously though that’s all we have for today’s fortnite new update like the blog or fish Nick will track you down. Be sure to use co t five G and item shop when picking up any of these upcoming skins, and at game apex legends another blog you can check out right now. Go ahead and click it on screen. This has been same; keep it here.