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Could We See PlayStation and Xbox Games on Google Stadia

We have a great show lined up for you this week, PlayStation aims to change the world of Esports. Xbox exclusives might be further away than we originally thought. And with the closure of stadia games and entertainment, we asked the question Could we see PlayStation and Xbox games on stadia, all of this and so much more? On this week’s episode of the nerf report, are you listening? Welcome back to the nerf report. My name is bb and what a crazy week it has been for gamers Resident Evil dropped a tonne of news surrounding Resident Evil village Horizon Zero Dawn’s a Lloyd join fortnight, and Nintendo announced a brand new version of the switch light which is blue, or is it purple? I swear this is like that striped dress all over again.

But quite possibly one of the biggest stories to come out of this week is from the world of PlayStation, a story that involves a brand new patent that Sony hopes will change the way that we view game tournaments and Esports. However, in order to cover this story correctly, we need to dust off our passports and dive into a very old segment that we like to call the world of Esports You know, I’ve got to say with the growing popularity and Esports parents and non-gamers alike are starting to become more curious about video games.

I mean, I got to level with you if I was a parent and I found out that other kids were earning six-figure playing fortnight and mine wasn’t. I’d have a tonne of questions. So let me get this straight. You’re failing in school because you’re playing too many video games.

Yeah. Look at him going on his right now. Now, some I’m just looking out for ya. You know, grades aren’t everything you can make a living playing video games. And, you know, this kid named ninja All right. So we are having this conversation. Look, I’m just saying your mother and I read the most fantastic Facebook posts and I’ll share them with you. But this ninja fella makes about six figures playing video games.

How crazy is that? Well this week, brand new patents filed by PlayStation were discovered in which the company is hoping to change the way that we watch sports. According to the patents and questions Sony is wanting to make the viewing experience around Esports tournaments as best as possible, especially for new viewers. You see Sony notice that for the first time viewers eSports tournaments are really hard to understand. So Sony has patented the ability for viewers to be able to switch between different viewpoints or different players. And quite frankly, I mean, this patent also opens itself for being an excellent learning tool for new gamers. Imagine yourself trying to get better at Call of Duty or League of Legends.

This feature would allow the audience to watch specific roles players or classes and be able to pick apart how they play and improve your overall gameplay. And it’s going to be extremely interesting to see if Sony pursues this patent especially with Esports joining the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, which would be the perfect event to show off this brand new technology and from the world of PlayStation let’s go to the world of Xbox late last year announced a massive line-up of games coming to the platform.

However, according to brand new reports, those games might be further off than we originally thought. According to Christopher drink of game industry dot-biz, we are going to have to wait quite a while for the upcoming Xbox exclusives ever wild perfect dark and fable on the most recent episode of eggs off the record, Christopher stated I’ve had a few conversations with friends at Xbox Game Studios. And those games they announced ever wild Perfect Dark fable are so far away as in they might even be in a new Xbox.

By the time these games come out. They are so far away. Christopher went on to explain that the rumours surrounding Xbox trying to sign Hideo Kojima to contracts makes sense because well for the time being Xbox doesn’t have a big line-up of exclusives ready to go. And I guess I find this all interesting because one, Xbox has spent a crap tonne of money on exclusive content. I mean they have the entire lineup of Bethesda. So obviously there has to be some type of exclusives from that side of the company and then the next two major exclusives that I can Think of her like Halo infinite coming this fall and help the blade to hopefully launch in the spring of 2022.

And I guess the second thing that comes to mind is I have a hard time believing that Xbox would have a mid-generation update with everything going on especially with x cloud x cloud allows players to play any of the next-gen games on their phones, tablets, PCs, or even televisions. And when you look at the current generation and Xbox having a hard time shipping consoles due to a chip shortage, I guess I’m just dumbfounded at the idea of Xbox thinking about the next console. Yeah, I just don’t see it. And finally, for this week’s show, let’s talk about Google sting.

As recently Daphne parrot, the Chief Marketing Officer of the cloud gaming company, black nuts, wrote an article on Venture Beat defending the stadium decision of closing stadia games and entertainment, which is extremely interesting because the argument that Daphne uses is that by stadia no longer focusing on exclusives and being a competitor against PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC, stadia can now focus its time and resources on bringing third party games to the platform. And that is a very controversial statement because the age-old argument that I hear constantly in the comment section is no platform has ever existed or become successful without having a line-up of exclusive titles.

But as Daphne goes on to explain, gaming is currently a quote apple, and the market shared by Sony, Microsoft Nintendo MPC is already fragmented enough. So for stadia to try and compete against that it’s kind of foolish. However, thanks to cloud gaming, removing the necessity of hardware services like stadia could start to make a brand new market in which ease of use and accessibility are valued more than exclusives.

And Daphne does go on to point out that if you look at the most successful games in the past couple of years, they are designed to allow owners of different gaming platforms to play together seamlessly. In short, they are designed to be played by as many people as possible and depend on the scale of player numbers to generate revenues. I mean, you’ve got games like fortnight Call of Duty Warzone, even Ganesha impact all of these games not only feature cross-play, but they’re also free to play solving both the answer of accessibility and affordability. And then when you combine all of that with cloud gaming, it’s kind of like just a match made in heaven.

So with stadia, no longer focusing millions of dollars on exclusives, they can now offer themselves as an accessible platform with an extremely low bar of entry that developers can add their games to that will potentially open them up to a much larger audience. Which raises the question, could we see x, Xbox, and PlayStation games running on Google stadia. And when you look at the direction that Google stadia is headed. Specifically based on the last couple of months. I mean, stadia are really focused on ensuring that the games arrive day and date with other consoles and making themselves as appealing as possible to new players.

Quite frankly, stadia saw the success they received with cyberpunk 2077, in which at the time, they were a valid alternative to other platforms, so with games like little nightmares to outriders, or even Resident Evil village launching day and date, stadia has made a great effort to not only give gamers a reason to buy the games on this platform, but the company is also making a massive effort to expand the player base to learn in new developers. For example, in the case of resin evil village, Capcom recently dropped the resolution and frame rates for each platform. And Google stadia offers a similar experience to playing the game on the PlayStation five or the Xbox series x.

And seeing that those consoles are still extremely hard to find players still using a PlayStation four or an Xbox 1x could easily experience that same next-gen gaming experience by playing on Google stadia wants to sweeten the deal. If you buy Resident Evil village on stadia, they will send you a stadia premiere edition, which allows you to stream games in 4k to your television, just like your PlayStation five and your Xbox. And this is the part that becomes extremely interesting because we are still in the era where players who want to play video games on TVs have to buy secondary hardware. But very soon, stadia will become pre-installed on all smart TVs, meaning that if a game like a fortnight or a Warzone were to arrive on stadia anyone with a smart TV could play this game instantly.

That is the massive value add to developers, people could play your game without needing to buy a $500 kung fu by stadia being pre-installed on your television that lowers the bar of entry to well dia got a TV great, you can play our games. And if stadia continues down this route and continues to paint the picture that they are a valid alternative, an alternative that allows you to play on whatever device you want. I think the service can thrive. If stadia is no longer seen as a direct competitor to PlayStation or Xbox as Daphne mentioned. Could we one day see PlayStation now or Xbox game pass come to stadia, just like Ubisoft plus. I mean, both platforms have already begun to launch exclusive games on competing platforms.

PlayStation launched MLB the show on Xbox this week. So could we see x Xbox or PlayStation games appear on stadia? I am fascinated to hear your thoughts on this one. So please let me know what you think in the comment section down below. Well, that’s going to wrap up this week’s episode of the nirp Report. Thank you again, so much for reading, and a special thank you to all of the nerf report best friends who make content just like this possible. Until next time, my name is Brian Chappelle and this Wow, this is a little show that we call the nerf report. Hey, thanks again for checking out our website.

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