Coral Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing 2021 + gaming wishlist!

Coral Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing 2021 + gaming wishlist!

Hello, everyone. Today’s blog is a fascinating one. And we’re so excited to box my new Coral Nintendo Switch Lite. This will be today’s blog; I hope you enjoy reading it, I’ve always wanted to do a kind of tacky unboxing blog on my game website, and I’m very excited to be unboxing this.

This is the switch that I’ve picked up. This is the switch Lite in the coral colour. I love the colour of this one. Released this colour a lot later than the other ones. I was torn between getting the coral and the turquoise colour. But I love this one just a tiny bit more. I have had a switch in the past. I’ve had a standard big button. So I have a bought it and then traded it in or sold it twice. But I think this is just going to be more suited to my needs. And I don’t need to play on the TV. So this coral nintendo switch light, actually it is a bit of a bundle. So this one comes with Animal Crossing, download on. And I also get three months of Nintendo membership fee for playing online. So that is also good. I paid 200 pounds for this on a deal with Smith’s toy store.

So I will leave that link down below if it’s still on. I know some places have got this bundle, but it’s about 40 pounds more. So I was fortunate to get this price. Because usually, the switch by itself is 200 pounds. So I’m delighted with this bundle that I’ve managed to pick up, and I haven’t played Animal Crossing before. And I was upset about it last year and locked down. And then I just got bored with it. I never actually got to that terraforming stage when I can add like the cliffs and the water and the blah, blah, blah, and all that.

So I’m excited to do that because I’ve been obsessed with reading switch unboxing blogs and Animal Crossing Island type videos for a good few weeks. So I’ve just had to pick up with this again. So let’s unbox this now; sorry for the rambling at the beginning. So I’m going to just careful about unboxing it. And that’s what it’s looking like. So as you can see, the switch is just inside here. Okay, so this is what my Nintendo Switch is looking like, or I do love the coral. Cool. I do think that the coral nintendo switch lite like the main big one. It’s only like grey is red and blue.

Like they are more of like a gender-neutral kind of colour. But I just kind of like the joi cons that have the pinks that pastores. But obviously, those are more expensive to buy. So I’m delighted that they did come out with the coral colour. So this is what the coal switch is looking like. It still looks big, like there’s not a huge difference in size. But that is the switch. And this is what it’s looking like on the back. That colour is just so pretty; it is more of a brighter pink than I thought. But I still really like it. I do love how the detailed out white as well. I think it looks gorgeous at the coral. So this is the switch that comes inside. Then I have my digital and more cross download. I am just covering the code that’s on the side. But yeah, that will be the first game; I’m going to put on my switch. So so happy came around, we’ll cross it especially because when Animal Crossing came first came out, it was about 5060 pounds.

So yeah, I feel like I’m getting it for free. Feels good. Yeah, I’ve got my Animal Crossing download. And then I have my three-month membership free download as well. And it also has a code on it, so it’s going to be very easy to set up with all these codes. And then inside the box is the charger. So this is what the charger looks like. So it just looks like what you usually would attach to the dock generally like this section here would be attached to the pier if you had a standard switch, and then you use the plug as you know standard plug. So instead, you’re just going to attach this straight into your Coral Nintendo Switch lite. Okay, so I am going to turn it on.

There we go. I love that sound when you first turn on a Nintendo Switch or a DS or anything like that, I’m just going to put in a language which is, of course, English, and I’m going to put in your I do have to say when I’m pressing the buttons for this, they feel a lot easier and softer to press than the Nintendo Switch. I don’t know if the last one I had was just a bit harder. I had quite a bit of dust in the buttons, but it just feels a lot easier and softer to move around. So I do need to connect to my Wi-Fi, so I’m going to do that. And then once I’ve downloaded everything, I’m going to play a little bit of Animal Crossing with you. Okay, so I’ve only gone and downloaded and more cross in and downloaded my three-month free membership for Nintendo.

So my Animal Crossing is just downloading there, and I’ve signed into my old Nintendo account. When I first had to switch, I was going to play, and more cost on here. But I might save that for another blog on, and I’m going to try and do like an animal crossing tall on my island when I’m finished. Just going back to the switch very quickly, it feels excellent quality. I don’t think there’s a massive difference in the screen size. It feels nice, and I think I will get a case just for caution. And, like these little bits here that stick out, they will probably get scraped if you didn’t. But I think I’ll probably get a clear case because the column is gorgeous. If you’ve never had a Nintendo Switch, very straightforward, you do have to make a Nintendo account, which you can do online, very easy to do. And then you log in and link it.
And then I am just going to show you what’s currently on my wish list of games that I’d like to play in the future that I’ve never actually played before. So I’m just going to move to the side to put the pictures up if you’re not sure what the games are. So I’m just going to say what I have played quickly. So I’ve played all the classics like Splatoon to Zelda like Mario Kart, Super Mario Odyssey. I did complete that game in about four or five hours. It was a straightforward game but entertaining game. I’ve played Minecraft, which I still have downloaded to redownload that I have played Rocket League. So a lot of games I have played on the switch. Well, there are a few that I’ve not played yet. I’m just going to go onto my wish list as I have had a little play around and added quite a few things to my wish list because I didn’t know until recently that you can make a wish list for the Nintendo store.
Suppose you do have Animal Crossing. I would love to add you if you could leave me a little comment saying that you will add me just so I’m aware. And you could tell me your Coral Nintendo Switch Lite name. That’d be great. And it’d be nice for other people to add each other on my blogs. I think that’d be nice. I will leave my friend code in the description. If you do want to add me, I’d love to see your Animal Crossing islands. Okay, I am so moving on to my wish list. The first one that I’ve got is the untitled goose game. I’ve heard delicious things. That is a hilarious game. And it’s just an excellent cam game to play. You just set tasks, and you’re playing as this goose who kind of gets into trouble. And it’s only meant to be like an excellent game. And so that one is 1799 just for reference. And then another one on my wish list is the CATA marry fantasy reroll. I think that’s how you say it, but I’m not too sure this one is where you kind of play this little green creature thing, and you go and you kind of collect everything. You roll everything up into this big ball that you end up pushing, and it just looks like a relaxing game.

It’s not that expensive, brother enough for actually four-pound 79. I think people like finding that as a relaxing game. I’m very much into very casual games. I know the one that I’ve added that I’m not too sure about is me topia, a pre-order. It’s not quite yet. I think you just kind of go on quests. And you can play with friends and things online, and you only have worked together and completed tasks. And I do like the whole me thing, like the new characters. So I’ve just added that on his 40 pounds. I’m not quite sure I probably watch a lot of reviews on YouTube about that game.

But I have just added it on there. Another one that I’ve added is the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Now, I didn’t know that they’ll come out with another Zelda game. I love Breath of the Wild, but I have played it so many times. And to be honest, I do find it quite hard. I think this is like apart from one of the older consoles, and they’ve just put it on and made it a bit better. So this is 50 pounds. It’s private. It’s not out yet, but I just thought I’d give that a go. And the last one I’ve got on my wish list is the story of seasons pioneers of all this town. Now I notice RJ a story of seasons game on the switch. But when I know, there’s a new game coming. I’d rather wait for the latest version though we have seasons. I think that comes out at the end of March for that 45 pounds.

So I’m going to watch a lot of reviews. But I love farming games and other game that I love to play, Stardew Valley, but I’ve just played it so many times and started again so many times that I kind of know what’s coming every day, and it only gets a little bit boring for me. So yeah, that is everything on my wish list on my Nintendo store. This is my unboxing and my Coral Nintendo Switch Lite game wishlist for this blog. I hope that you enjoyed reading. Please don’t forget to add me on Nintendo Switch.