Carnival Games Review Non VR Version Mini Games Multiplayer Party Game

carnival games review non VR version mini games multiplayer

Hello, everyone, it’s Simon here with a review of carnival games, you’ve seen the PlayStation four non VR game mode on your screen. This game has been released twice the first time it was released as carnival games VR. And you’ll often see that on sale for about four quid. So, if you do see it like that, and you like mini-game galore, so it’s very simple and easy to pick up and play, grab. However, I’ve got the non VR version as I don’t own psvr. And that’s running at a higher price point.

Although I bought it physically yay for disc games in the May sales, which have been very kind to me. This features 20 mini games, many of which have carried over from the Wii and the ps3 versions of this game, but just spruced up and tweaked and improved slightly is all I’ll say about this. If you’ve already got the previous versions, one to four players locally, you essentially will play all on the same screen for each game almost you’ve got. The game has each mini game has almost identical controls as well, yeah, I was surprised at how diverse all of the games felt because of the aesthetic and the cane mechanics that come from it.

You’ll always use the left analogue stick to either move your character the cursor on a screen or like your aim arrow trajectory. And then you’ll press X to either perform a move, do an action, or press and hold it for deciding how hard or how far you want to throw something that comes into play quite a lot throughout carnival games. That kind of carrot control scheme then is applied to the different scenarios. So it could be that you’re trying to throw hoops over rings or sorry, rings over sticks, you know, I mean, or shoot horseshoes around dynamite that can then cause chain reactions. But what happens and what keeps this all fresh throughout each mini game, at least for the first few hours that you play this game is that there’s always a mechanic that acts as a multiplier for your score. And once you get into the crux of understanding that you can really go nuts. And if you’ve got four people locally like yars, I understand what the mechanics are; it comes quite a competitive way more than it ever really should do.

So for example, if you are doing like the duck shoot type thing, except it’s just like monkeys on the screen. And you can aim for a certain level of tear, if you’re going for the high ones, you’ve got to press and hold and then it takes longer to do it. But you’re going to get higher scores because those multiply up the higher score better. But if everyone’s going for it, you could be sneaky and go for the middle or low tiers and then like spam all of the shots and try and catch back up again or it could be that when I really liked the one we’re throwing the balls into the cups almost like beer pong, you have to keep it in consecutive cups to keep your multiplier going along the way basically. So you can’t just spam x and hope for the best you’ve got to really be like aiming and working it out. But everyone else is doing the same. So you’re kind of like painting over each other.

There are some outstanding games in here. That would be great on any mini game collection. It’s just that 20 is not enough. And that is my only complaint with this game. It comes with a ticket system. So you start off with eight games unlocked at the very beginning when you boot up the game. However, the other 12 is unlocked within the first 10 minutes of me playing. So it kind of felt like this whole ticket system was wasted. But basically a waste of time. You can then build up tickets to then unlock accessories and shoes and clothes for your character. But I fix literally zero amount of the game. So it felt like it was just an if there’s a trophy attached to it, I’ll go for it. If not, I’m going to ignore this now and play the games. And yeah, it’s that that’s all fine. The game plays perfectly well; it’s adapted Well, from VR games, there’s occasionally a little bit of an issue with trying to work out the depth of somewhere, how far you’re throwing something. only occasionally though. And after you kind of played it again, two or three times your mind clicks into it and you understand exactly what the depth of things are. But yeah, this takes me back to the Nintendo Wii time when you can blatantly tell which games were made for an unchecked or a PlayStation Move. Because all it was was throw something. And those times were good.

Actually, when you have a few drinks alongside you, many people complained about it being shovelware I think this is one of the best examples of one of the best pieces of shovelware out there. So carnival games out now on PlayStation. Get the VR version for psvr people because it’s super, super cheap. If not wait for a price drop on the carnival games on non VR and you’ll have a good one. I’ll be using this one at Christmas with my parents you only gain when you’re drunk at Christmas. Okay, get by.