Apex Legends – Nintendo Switch Reaction and Unboxing!

Apex Legends - Nintendo Switch Reaction and Unboxing

Apex Legends is launching on the Nintendo Switch Reaction and Unboxing; they just announced this new switch gameplay trailer, and it’s coming up in just a few days; in less than a week, it will be available, so let’s check out the launch trailer. Let’s talk about what this means for the game. And then I’m going to explain to you a few things going on with my website this month. I hope you guys pay attention to that’s extra special because I’ve gotten some comments that scare me a little bit, but I want to get into it. Let’s go.

Whoo, baby. Hey, come on. Yo, this song hit. Down, down, down, down. It’s going to be wild playing this on a switch, man. What is this going to be like when I see you? Seriously. And just share. We’ll be waiting for you. Hey, hey, hey, come on. Come on. All of you know you bought in with me. Come on now. After this, we should hang out. Hey, all of you, I was on and Poppin, man. Is that even 44 4040 on that hold on that that was Poppin man? That song was amazing. Now, I know you guys love that trailer. Really the idea of Apex legends. And the switch is exciting. And there are two things I want to bring up. One, I got this fantastic care package getting me ready for it. If you haven’t seen it, I will post a short most likely of it on my website. But look at this custom Apex legends controller.

Let’s even take you guys into a full cam here to see this. Look at that. This was sent to me by Apex legends just to check it out. I actually really liked the pro controllers. But you see the apex symbol there, you’ve got only slightly, I mean, this is just going to be fun, man, like we’re going to have when this launches, we’re going to hook up the Nintendo Switch. We’re going to play with this controller. And we’re going to see how well we can do, so that that’s pretty cool. But they also sent me this, which anybody who plays with switch more than a bit of bit knows is essential. Someone told me I do not sell this. Like this will be very famous or worth a lot of money or something not famous, but worth a lot of money. I mean, I don’t know. But a microSD 128 gigabytes. I mean, you know, it’s slang. That’s cool. All right. Let’s move into the next thing, though. Now, this is really what’s incredible. I wish I could show you what is within. I don’t think I can’t. What am I? Oh, my God, I can’t wait.

You guys can see and look at this. You can see inside. Okay, so this is a viewfinder. So if I hold it perfectly, you guys can see that in there. I’m switching scenes. And in those scenes, you look inside. And it’s like you’re basically inside all these fantastic cinematic scenes throughout Apex legends, and they have a couple of different ones that they sent me so I could switch them out. And it’s, like, awe-inspiring. This is a toy that used to be back when I was a kid and my parents had it. So that’s how old it was. It’s called a viewfinder, which I found out, and they sent me something else, which I’m not going to tell you, but you have been seen throughout this blog. So we’re going to talk about this. And again, pay attention to that short because it’s going to be fun. I gave you a little teaser for that short. Let’s talk about why this is so important, though, because most people think Apex is dying. Apex is not dying; Apex is growing this final moment where they’re going to be playing. Let’s throw some gameplay in the background. So you guys have something to look at while I’m talking about this not-great gameplay, but you know it is what it is.

Apex Legends is actually about to hit its first wave of new players, and new players are one of the things that games this old Apex is two years old doesn’t get very often, and no play really when it launches is ever expecting more players on the backend. When they launch, most games get their most hyped, their most number of players most people check it out the competition. In the first few months, maybe that first six months of the game launching, after that the goal for Game Dev and the goal for games are switching to retaining players. And Apex is not only done that but what’s cool in this last year, they found ways to get new players by going to steam which is the biggest monthly user marketplace of gaming in the world. Well, maybe not in the world. I don’t know what’s going on nation. As I said, there’s stuff in Asia I’m not paying attention to as concretely as in my world in the United States, kind of Europe. But I know that it is more significant than ps4. It’s bigger than Xbox monthly users, bigger than Nintendo Switch monthly users. So steam acquiring Apex legends getting access to new players. And now on the switch. There’s access to new players. And this is a whole slew of new players. Now when you compare Xbox Live and ps4, how many users do you think they have compared to monthly active users going online versus Nintendo Switch? Yeah, there are more.

They’re more there’s, you know, roughly in between that, you know, 40 to 60 for ps4 and Xbox. And when it comes down to Nintendo, you know, they’re still working in like the 15 million online users. Now that doesn’t mean that it’s not growing. It’s growing and went from 10 million to 15 million, I believe, in the last year. But it doesn’t mean it’s there yet. This isn’t going to be the same thing as getting in on ps4. Xbox, where it’s more traditional for these consoles to be active and online competitive shooters, but what it is, is it’s a new demographic, a new audience, people who have a switch are not the same people who have Xboxes and ps4. There might be some overlap, but they are not the same. There are many more casual players. There are a lot more younger players. There’s a lot more diversity in men and women, ages, and such a simple console. And that’s what Nintendo is geared this for is they get on a plane, go, you know, play tennis, break off, sit down on the beach, play Mario Tennis with your friends, that’s not some hardcore gamer. And so you’re getting that new demo. And that’s why this game is growing. So people ask me, is this game dying? No, this game is not dying. This game is one of the few games at this Wpoint because they’re going to new platforms growing, despite it being about two years plus old. So that’s exciting.

Let’s go in turn. I know you guys. Hopefully, you care about what I have to say here because I read a little disturbing comment for me. And you know what? I want to show you guys what the comment was. And I want to show you what I’m doing differently this month. Because this is a very big month. And I have a lot of focus on what we’re doing in terms of content. I want you guys to know about it because we’re making a few changes. I’m going to show you guys this window right here. And this comment right here by Johnson Derman. He’s, he’s been a user for two years, right when I started Apex legends, and he hit me with something that kind of made me feel something, guys. He said, you know, what happened to YouTube? What happened to YouTube? You know you used to basically remember when your website was a bit relevant to the apex world, but now it’s a random ass blog every once in a while. Alright, now, you know what, honestly, I read these comments. As I said, I read all your guys’ comments. So what you’re saying is getting to me. But I got to tell you what my plans are for this month and why you might have felt that way. I work in eSports. I work with an org. I work in content that’s broader than just Apex legends. And I always have. I used to play smite religiously, sleep pounds religiously. I play Apex legends religiously. But I’m always more extensive than that. And I want to tell you guys that I’m still here in the apex community.

So do not worry, I’m playing Apex. We’re doing a lot of Apex. And in fact, we’re ramping it up. Because of these beginners, because of new players coming in from Apex, we’re going to focus on a lot of content, getting back to guides, getting back to tips, getting back to things that will help you improve your game. So if you’re curious about subscribing, if you’re interested in saying, hey, I want to be a part of this, this is an excellent thing for you guys to be a part of. Now I have another thing going on too, which is I’m experimenting with some YouTube shorts. You might have seen them. YouTube shorts have been pretty good for the website so far. One of the things I want to show you guys about these shorts is not that they’re this fantastic feature that you guys love the second I dropped them. But I want to show you that when you’re looking at how the shorts are performing for my website. Not only are they bringing new users and bringing new eyes, it’s not a lot of money, but they’re bringing consistent viewership day in and day out. They start slow, but they continue to kind of hit this crazy shorts algorithm, which is something on tik tok. I’m speaking about something huge on YouTube because you know what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to compete with tik tok. And they’re trying to compete with Instagram. And it’s an excellent way for you to grow. And it’s one of the things that I’m going to do this month, start getting shorts out and start getting content that’s going to be Apex focus. That’s helping you guys improve, helping me improve talking about high-level things, but also talking about things that are just valuable. I believe it will be very similar to apex rain day towards the beginning of when Apex launched. And I hope I get your guys’ support in that. But if not, and you guys don’t care, just know that that’s what’s happening.

You may see two blogs a day, you may see one to two, one blog, then two blogs, you may see one blog now and then three blogs a week, but they’re more curated high-quality production videos, but they’re Apex related, and you guys are going to value them. And that’s something that I wanted to just say quickly about what we’re doing this month. And I just think it’s important to mention that I have a huge goal that I’m trying to hit this month. I have many things I’m doing in my life, just to be honest with you guys. I started this thing like this diet with my girlfriend, which you know has been in tandem with me doing a lot more working out and focusing on taking care of my body and my mind, obviously been doing a tonne, I have an important goal on growing as far as tik tok and as far as YouTube, and you know what the natural way that I see the light out of the darkness too, is getting more content out in front of you guys. I’m just hoping that you all know that this is something I’m, I’m in. I’m excited about it, and you can trust being here at Rainey gave me that we’re going to be pushing forward with it. And, you know, I think it’s just time to kind of get back to some of the roots there. And hopefully, you guys agree with me when we’re talking about it. The Nintendo Switch is an opportunity you don’t always get, and when you get new players coming into a game, it becomes something where you have to take advantage of it as a content creator, and I’ve been speaking about that.

And I want to know that I’m not apologetic for some of the content I’ve been doing. It’s different because I think that the variety that you know variety is the spice of life. You don’t always want to do the same thing, and for people who are like you, what is your website random blogs to me Even though you’ve been subscribed for two years to me, even though, john, you know, you’re saying I’m not liking that there’s not as much apex, to me, it tells me what you’re looking for is the apex. That doesn’t mean that all I’m offering is the apex. And I think it’s important to know I’m a person. You’re a person. We’re creators. We’re doing stuff that not only fulfills our goals but also fulfills ourselves. And so I have to take that into account. And some of these things that I’m talking about are important. And they’re also a part of my content in general. There’s another rebrand situation happening. But the biggest thing that I mentioned, the biggest thing that’s happening right now, is switching computers. And I’m switching to a new setup. And as you can see, on this blog, I wanted to play this for you here. For those who have stayed right now to this blog, you’ll see it is super choppy, so much of the time.

Because there’s a lot that I’m figuring out with my settings, I have a go XLR. You can see I’m using this new microphone, which I’ve had for a while, but I’ve just now tried it out. I got a new lighting setup. I’m doing a three-week intensive that is basically three to four hours every day with YouTube on the back inside as part of the Creator grant that I got this year. And so there is so much happening. And so bear with me, because it may take a day or two for me, I go radio silent, then you guys know I’m trying to fix these settings, I’m trying to get this 1440 p working white, right, I’m trying to set up for these blogs that are going to be impactful for you get these shorts ready to go and kind of get that constant plan running. So I have enough footage to start editing and putting this all together. But I’m telling you guys, just from the bottom of my heart and from the honesty of my voice here, that this is something that is happening. And I’m pushing forward with you guys. It will go down; we are going to have a great month; we’re going to cover a tonne of Apex legends for my beginners or my advanced players for my intermediate players, especially for my new switch players. And so that’s why I want to say this is a great moment for all of us to take things to the next level. Yes, there will be some hiccups. These next few days, I need your patience, or these next few days, I need your patience. I’m so frustrated. This thing headphone with my goal XLR, I’m trying to find a way to have a setup so that this isn’t choking me while I’m playing. It’s just this is the amount of room I have on this dang thing. I’m pissed off, and I’m mad.

My setup doesn’t feel good yet. But it’s because I’m switching. If I want to get to a better setup, I have to let go of the one that I have. And let that be a life lesson just to make sure you guys understand what I’m doing. It’s not easy. It’s not fun. This is the worst part of it. But I know I’m going to do the worst part, to get to the better part to get a better thing because I need a more powerful computer to do everything I want to do. I need a bigger monitor to record and play at 1440. I need to take time to figure out these settings to bring you guys even better gameplay. And I need to register enough. So I can get you the amount of shorts and the amount of content and the number of guides, the number of tips, and the amount of experience throughout the seasons that you will appreciate. And it’s just a simple fact of putting in the work. I’m putting in the position of myself. I’m putting in the work on the website. I’m putting in the work on all my other socials.

And I hope you guys understand that even though it feels like I haven’t been doing a lot of apexes, I’m here. I’m here, alright, I’m here, we rock in it, we will be there, it’s going to be we know we’re going to roll through. But the biggest thing in life is to take the next step. That’s what I felt is missing so much when people say they want to do something. And the hardest thing for me to take the next step, just move forward, finish it, get done, get done the first part, go to work out, go to the gym, do 10 push-ups, you probably do more. But as long as you just get in the gym and say I’ll just do ten push-ups, then you probably might do a few bicep curls. And you might do a pull-up or two, I do some more push-ups, and you might feel good and say, All right, let me walk on the treadmill for a little while. Soon you went in there, do ten push-ups, and you got a whole workout in, and you didn’t go in because an entire activity was way too strenuous of a hill to climb after not working out for too long. But 10 patient push ups got you there. That’s what we’re doing here. So let me just get my rhythm guys. It is going to happen. I’m excited. And not only this, like, for the stuff that people are sending for all the things we got this crazy Pizza Hut fridge back there that you guys are seeing. There’s some awesome stuff happening. I’m very excited to share all of it with you.

But I do believe that you know I’ve been on this journey over these past two months, really focusing on myself and really focusing on creating you know, short form content a lot on Tick tock, but also doing a lot of stuff on YouTube that is expansive. And I think when you look at life, man, you know, you go for the numbers but sometimes the numbers aren’t there whether you try your hardest or not. So build a holistic plan is what I’ve learned do things that work no matter what, whether the numbers are there or not. And eventually all of that will show up that’s what I’ve always done in my career. I appreciate you guys thank you so much for reading as always, never give up Never stop gaming subscribe to stay more. Stay tuned for all we got coming in Apex legends this month, and I’ll see you next time.