Apex Legends CHAMPION EDITION Physical Unboxing, Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends CHAMPION EDITION Physical Unboxing, Nintendo Switch

What’s up everybody, MC mer here and welcome back to another blog, and it’s time once again for another fantabulous unboxing. This time was taking a look at the apex Legends Champion edition for the Nintendo Switch. This goes live tomorrow. It’s in my hands right now, though. It’s Yeah, it’s half physical. I mean, you get the nice case for the shelf. All you switch collectors get it; I know that the game is digital, of course, because Apex is free to play. But you get so much extra content with this to bump you up to get you started on your journey on this great game on this great platform.

Let’s get this thing open right now and see what it includes come up. All right, the apex legends champion edition, let’s go essential to note that it is a download for the game again. It’s not an actual cartridge inside. But I like to call these half physical releases. Because I mean, you’re getting lots of extras with it. And again, for you, switch collectors to have this case on the shelf. I mean, to me, that’s pretty cool. Let’s get it open.

All right. So first, before we even get into the content, all right. Look at this inside cover art. I love that so often it is just a blank white piece of paper inside. They went all out here. I am instantly like 17% more into this now. So you can’t see my code. I can’t show you that because I need it. But what you’re getting with this deal is pretty amazing. Okay, we’re getting nine legends instantly unlocked. You’re getting exclusive legendary weapon skins, which you know, can be a grind getting all this stuff unlocked. And that’s part of the fun, but why not start with some really cool stuff. Again, I call this getting on the good foot, right? Let’s get in there.

The Golden Nessie charm, which is a golden Loch Ness Monster, I suppose. Because, hey, who can play without that? Right? It would be best if you had one of those dangling from your gun and 1000 Apex coins. Not sure yet what I will spend that on. But you can bet in subsequent episodes. When we look at the footage, compare some of the other platforms to running on the switch. We’ll spend those coins and see what we get with them. So that’s really cool. All the information here to download, not that you don’t know how to do that. But yeah, so that’s not bad. I mean, that’s a reversible cover. Let’s see what it would do. I mean, okay, right. That’s kind of cool.

Yeah, you know, the values there. I mean, he talked about what you would have spent to get all those things. And you can also say it’s not. Maybe you just instead ground on out, but again, I didn’t put too much real money in the game on the other platforms. But I love this game so much. I think so highly of response. I feel so highly of this that I was ready to buy in on this, and I wanted to take a look at it with you right here on the show. There you have it.

Apex Legends Champion edition for the Nintendo Switch. And I must tell you, and I’m excited to start my journey, my quest on Apex legends on this fantabulous platform, the only forum I’m not currently playing this game on, got to get some action going, and what better way to get it going than to have these great extras packed in to get on the good foot. Hey, are you interested in doing this? Is this stuff that you’re going to need? Are you going to pick this up to start your Apex legends journey on Nintendo Switch eight? Just let me know what you think about everything you saw here today in the comment section of this blog because you know that I love getting a conversation going with you right here on the MC merge show.

Something that we do a lot of this is cool. I’m glad to have it. The game officially launches tomorrow. But I mean, I would think that we’ll probably be seeing some action as of midnight tonight. So you know, I’m going to be there. We’re going to get in there. We’re going to compare some gameplay look to see some more footage more coverage coming your way right here on the show. Very excited about that. I hope that you liked this blog. We’re going to drop a like on this blog. Most importantly, if you have not already done, so you’re going to use to the mZ immersion and be a part of our nation as a result of all the fantastic DVD writer on the show, you need to be a part of it, make sure that you smack that notification bell.

So you’re always the first to know when new content goes live content just like this unboxing right here. We’re always looking at new things, things that come with those things, and all the great things that come from having the things that come in those things. And seamer signing off for this fantabulous unboxing and every one of you again on the next one.