9 Reasons Why the Godzilla vs. Kong Call of Duty Event Was More Fun to Watch Than Play

9 Reasons Why the Godzilla vs. Kong Call of Duty Event Was More Fun to Watch Than Play

After the disappointing reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 earlier this week, fans have been searching for any redeeming qualities in the reveal. When it was announced that a team-based mode would be included with Black Ops 4’s upcoming event “Call of Duty: Calling All Devs,” players rejoiced. The gameplay trailer showed off a battle between two titans from Hollywood lore—King Kong and Godzilla—with players taking control of heroes unique to each franchise. Many fans were thrilled to see how well the two franchises could mesh into one cohesive experience, but they were also surprised at how much fun the reveal turned out to be. For those who missed out on last night’s livestream event, here are 9 reasons why watching this instead of playing was more fun than playing:

The Event Pushed the Game’s Development Cycle Back an Indefinite Amount

Activision and Treyarch have a long-standing partnership with the Call of Duty series. In exchange for one-time fees, they have exclusive rights to use the franchise’s characters and storylines, which means that it can take them a long time to implement new game modes. While Treyarch has only been developing Black Ops 4 for a short amount of time, it also has a long history with the franchise—it was previously behind Black Ops 3, Modern Warfare Remastered, and Black Ops II. Considering how much of the series’ DNA can be found in Black Ops 4, it’s no surprise that its development cycle has been significantly extended. The studio has only been able to work on a few select game modes that are part of the event; in addition, the studio has been tasked to create an entirely new engine. It’s a bit surprising that there is no concrete release date or window yet as far as we know. While there are rumors that it might release sometime this fall, nothing is confirmed at this point. That being said, it’s safe to assume that it won’t make it to the same November release window that Black Ops 4 did last year.

There Were No Predetermined Winners or Losers

Call of Duty titles have always focused on the setting and landscape of the world that the players are placed in, and Black Ops 4 was no exception to that. However, the event allowed players to create their own story and choose who to support. This means that there were no predetermined winners or losers, and the battle was just as exciting for those playing as it was for those watching.

It Was a Co-Op Event

Black Ops has always been known for its multiplayer, but the first two games in the series were primarily single-player experiences. Co-op modes have been a part of Call of Duty virtually since its inception, and Black Ops 4 is no exception. The event is a co-op event and will feature a co-op campaign, co-op Zombie experiences, and a special Co-op Modes playlist. The two-player experience allows for two friends to control a Kong and a Godzilla and do battle across many different game modes. Although co-op has been a staple of the series for a long time, this is the first time that it has been a core focus of the game’s marketing. Post-release, the game will continue to offer ranked and unranked Co-op Experience game modes that are unlocked with XP and can be played with anyone online.

The Characters Were Just as Excusing as the Scenario

The main selling point of the event is that the Kong and Godzilla will star in a narrative that tells their entire story, from the beginning to the end. Players will get to experience the entire life of a king of the jungle, from birth to death. They will also get to see how Kong dies, which will undoubtedly be an emotional conclusion. While the narrative is undoubtedly cool and exciting, it’s really the characters themselves that make this mode worthwhile. Both Kong and Godzilla have been long-time fixtures in Hollywood and pop culture, and they have been featured in many different media formats. The developers at Treyarch have done a remarkable job of creating characters that feel like they have always been a part of Call of Duty. These characters have been around for decades; this is the first time that the events of their lives are being told, though. The developers at Treyarch have created a narrative that feels like a natural continuation of these characters, and it’s easy to see why it’s so compelling.

The Conclusion Was Even Better Than the Preview

Call of Duty events are known for stealing the thunder from the annual main series release by striking first. The same was true for Black Ops 4, which stole the spotlight from its main series launch. The embargo for Black Ops 4 lifted and the event was live for everyone to watch, and that’s exactly what happened. This meant that gamers worldwide had the opportunity to see the reveal for the first time and see if they were excited by the trailer and gameplay. The enthusiasm that was shown on Twitter was palpable and showed that the community was excited about the event. It was a huge vote of confidence in the event from fans and press alike, which is invaluable in the world of gaming and esports.

It Was Easy to Watch and Re-watch

Black Ops 4 has been in the works for a long time now, and the reveal was many months in the making. This means that there was a lot of hype surrounding the event, and that hype was only heightened when it was live streamed by Amazon. The fact that it was live streamed and available to watch in high quality meant that anyone with a computer or smartphone could tune in and see what was happening. Anyone who didn’t have time to watch the event live or who wanted to re-watch it later was also given the option. Amazon has been providing a long-running highlight reel of the event that can be rewatched, which means that players of all skill levels will have access to this content.

The Gameplay Trailer Was Live While You Were Streaming It From Amazon

Black Myth, an Amazon analyst, has been streaming gameplay of all of the games that are part of the event for several months now. The gameplay was only being streamed from his personal account, but Amazon recently enabled the option to stream from a third-party account. This means that, while most players were watching the gameplay on Twitch or YouTube, they were also able to watch it from Amazon. This made it easy for players to watch the event alongside their friends and family, which is always nice. The gameplay that was streamed from Amazon was in-game footage from Black Ops 4, and it was difficult to tell that it was being streamed from an account other than Myth’s. This was a great way to ensure that players had easy access to the event and didn’t need to leave the comfort of their home to watch it.

It Was Even More Fun When Other Fans Joined In

The gameplay that was streamed from Amazon was difficult to tell apart from gameplay that was streamed from other sources. This was a great way to ensure that the gameplay was easy to find and that people could find their way back to the event if they had been distracted or were simply looking for another type of content to watch. The gameplay that was streamed from Amazon also provided a great way for fans of other games to get into the action too. Anyone who loves playing Black Ops 4 and wants to run around as Kong or Godzilla can do so in the game’s standard multiplayer game modes.

You Didn’t Need To Own Any Of The Games To Participate Or Comment

Shoveling money into a digital storefront is not everyone’s idea of fun, and Amazon provides a great way for players to experience the event without having to spend their own money. Anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on the games and wants to experience the event can just watch the gameplay streamed from Amazon. Amazon has also provided a great way for fans to interact with the event. The first time that the event was live streamed, fans could just type in the event name on Amazon’s search bar and see a comprehensive timeline of events.

You May Not Have Been Able To Play Black Ops 4 Yet, But That Doesn’t Matter

Black Ops 4 is a brand new game, but it has been running a beta on PS4 for the past several months. This means that the majority of players have been able to try it out, and they have been able to provide feedback to the developers and try out the game’s various game.