Seeing is believing. And how can you possibly get to see the Xbox series x is incredible graphics without a solid 4k monitor. Despite what diehard PC fans may say, the Xbox series x outputs impressive performance on a monitor just as much as it does on a TV. So let’s take a look. The ACS monitor is an excellent alternative to some others on this list if you really want that gaming aesthetic, but I should warn you, it will cost a pretty penny some $2,000. In fact, now this best monitors for xbox those that want to use it for more than just Xbox gaming. Because well, it’ll still look good on the series x. It is definitely more geared towards PC. Its 4k has a one millisecond response time and 144-hertz refresh rate. So it’s not messing around. But unfortunately, it lacks HDMI 2.1 poll, which basically means if you’re using an Xbox, then you won’t be able to fully experience that 144-hertz refresh rate. But for PC gamers, it’s no problem. Thanks to its array of PC ports. That’s why I’d only recommend this monitor if you lean towards PC gaming more, but also enjoy some Xbox gaming on the side.

This monitor is perhaps one of the best budget monitors for the Xbox series s rather than x. Since its resolution maxes out at 1440 P, I’m gonna get the cons out of the way right now, because it has a VA panel, which means if you’re not viewing this monitor exactly face on, the colours will appear to be washed out. Its HDR feature also leaves a lot to be desired. Because the monitor doesn’t get very bright when HDR is enabled. Meaning that HDR really doesn’t look that much different to SDR. On the plus side though, for just $300 you can get a 1440 p monitor, which has a refresh rate of 165 hertz and a response rate of one millisecond. So if you can put the faults aside, then you have a monitor which is nearly perfectly geared towards the series s. And if you are a competitive player that plays games like Rainbow Six Siege, then that’s even better, because this monitor can make a huge difference in performance thanks to the incredibly high refresh rate and low response time. Oh, and it handles really well in both dark and bright rooms because of its high contrast ratio.

The best budget monitor for the Xbox series x has to be the Dell stone q s $375 will get you a solid 4k monitor with a lot to offer. Admittedly, it does like that 120 FPS support since the panel maxes out at a 60-hertz refresh rate, but it does make up for it in nearly every other way. For starters, it’s a simple-looking monitor that will blend with any setup and is pretty ergonomic to it has an IPS panel, so you won’t get any washed out viewing angles that come with other panels types. And it’s just a really good looking screen as well. It does have HDR, which is great. But in this case, the HDR does dim the screen a little. So it’s not massively impactful, though even without HDR, this screen has a great contrast ratio as well as anti-glare technologies, which makes this monitor really hassle-free to Game on. The response time is decent at just five milliseconds. But obviously, that’s not as good as some of the previous entries. So if you expect you’ll be competitive gaming on then this monitor probably isn’t your best choice. But it is a great all-rounder since it has built-in speakers, which is always nice. Here we have another Xbox series s monitor with a max resolution of 1440 P and a refresh rate of 144 hertz. It’s the same model as the previous gigabyte monitor on the list, except this edition has an IPS panel instead. Meaning colours are more accurate and vibrant and the viewing angles won’t be an issue. It also has a one millisecond response time as well. So it’s pretty much the same monitor as the other model, except it has an IPS panel.

Possibly the best series x monitor for darkroom gaming is this one right here, straight away. This is a 4k and 60 hertz. So wouldn’t be able to capitalise on that sweet 120 FPS output but it does make up for it in other ways. It’s a VA panel, which means viewing angles may be lacking somewhat but sitting face on it will produce some deep blacks and bright whites. The colours are decently vibrant. And response time is four milliseconds. So it’s a decent monitor that will definitely excel in duck room situations. Now I really don’t know if you could consider this one a monitor, but I’ll explain why this LG TV might be the best monitor you could buy that isn’t actually a monitor. It’s a 48 inch. Yes, 48-inch screen. That looks incredible. Of course, if you plan on getting a monitor to put on your desk, then this one definitely might be a bit too big. But if you include it as a TV replacement then you could consider it. Now it should be said that this screen is definitely not going to be for everyone, but it is an OLED panel. So it’s going to look the best by far out of all the monitors on the list, and it doubles as a TV to watch movies on. So hey, that’s gonna be good for something 4k and incredibly good HDR on an OLED panel means the picture quality is just unparalleled. The blacks are as dark as can be, and the whites are so bright, and that paired with vibrant OLED colours means this TV looks phenomenal, especially in dark rooms. It doesn’t stop there either. Because this TV both are 120-hertz refresh rate has free sync and G sync to stop screen tearing and has a response time of one millisecond. You can see why it goes 15 $100 now, it should go without saying you will not find a better screen overall for gaming. But of course, it isn’t actually a monitor.

Samsung tends to make very reliable and impressive monitors for office work and later stuff. But this time around, they’ve made a monitor that looks and feels gamer. This is without a doubt the best monitor for the Xbox series s and actually somewhat overkill. You could use this for PC gaming, and it would still be impressive because while it does cap out at 1440 p resolution, it has a refresh rate of 240 hertz. Now by no means will a series s be able to go up to 240 hertz, but it’s nice to have that nonetheless, especially if you plan on using it for PC gaming as well. It is a larger monitor at 32 inches, which is good or bad depending on your monitor preference, and his panel is VGA, which may be the only drawback since that means viewing angles could be problematic sometimes. Having said that, though, the colour contrast is very good. And the monitor will be pretty vibrant and crisp, especially with HDR and free sync enabled alongside that rapid one millisecond response time.

Now for the best gaming monitor for the Xbox series x, we have the LG 27 inch gn 950 $800 is no cheap price for a 27-inch gaming monitor. But it is fairly priced. And you’ll see why it basically takes all the best aspects of every monitor on the list and combines it into one monitor. It’s 4k 144 hertz and has an IPS panel games will be able to be viewed at all angles with no colour washing issues. And you could really take advantage of the series x is 120 FPS capabilities. Even in full 4k. It also looks great with pretty good colours and contrast ratio. And it is superb at blocking glaring light, with exception of the TV. The HDR on this monitor is probably the best out of all the other monitors on this list. Since it is genuinely noticeable. It also has a response time of one millisecond. So it’s great for competitive gaming as well. The only critique I have of this monitor is its performance in dark rooms since it tends to get pretty dim and that sort of environment. Anyway, which one would you get? I’d personally go for the TV, to be honest.