19 Most Iconic and Powerful Glitches in Zelda BOTW

19 Most Iconic and Powerful Glitches in Zelda BOTW

When you think of Breath of the Wild, you probably know it like that trendy open-world Zelda game that everyone compares everything to, but you might also know it for another reason, glitches. Over the years, this one’s wholesome fun has been slowly broken and brought down to its knees by glitch hunters to the point where duplicating weapons breaking reality, getting impossible weapons instant killing bosses clipping through walls and launching across the map has become commonplace in the high rule, as a precursor. Let’s note that we will be covering the most iconic and powerful glitches in Zelda we’re crediting by first blog proof, and these are just essential explanations of these 19 historic breakthroughs that made this list of glitches of the wild.

Back in the early days of Breath of the wild, speedrunning this first major trick allowed the link to be quickly moving at all times. By holding down the whistle button and matching sprint, you not only used stamina but also recovered and easily scales steep hills. Some whispers whistle sprinting was possible on the day of the game’s release, with the first video footage posted the next day—this as well as a less consistent but quieter throw. Sprinting, which was also discovered on the game’s release day, is still used to this day in both speedrunning and casual play. Believe it or not, this technique was found two days after the game’s launch but didn’t completely understand the potential until it resurfaced. Nearly a year and a half later, shield clipping completely changed the game with its flexibility and ease of use.

Bunking your shield on an angled surface length position is saved at that angle, and he will pivot harshly back when he unequip. The shield again. Doing this shield bunk during bullet time also led to the discovery of skew bouncing, which made aggressive scutes that launch link upwards for easy bullet time in combat. This concept led to many tremendous speed running findings, including skipping all sorts of shrines and skipping the trial of the sword entirely, and it has been in use ever since.

The base idea for status launching was technically performed as early as July 9, 2016, in a breath of the wild demo before its launch. Still, it officially made its way to mainstream speed running within the first several days of Breath of the Wild’s launch by spin attacking a statist object then grabbing it or hitting yourself with it mid-air. This launched link at high speeds while people argued that it is just physics manipulation and not a glitch. What matters is it paved the way for a multitude of general logic techniques that would evolve over the years.

One week after the release of Breath of the Wild, this advanced technology was found one week, both also written off as something valuable and speed runs because it needed the Hylian shield. Over a year later, user Yuda repurposed it for something else entirely combat by hitting a shield while jumping without breaking it. It would knock you upwards and allow a second jump, giving you enough height for bullet time. It’s fantastic to see an initially ignored movie become one of the most helpful combat techniques ever created. One of the first primary speedrunning techniques to get you off the grid plateau tower.

This allows you to fall from any height without the paraglider and not die upon impact by throwing switching equipment at the last second before you hit the ground. You negate fall damage entirely. While this becomes unnecessary once you get the paraglider, This is still to this day invaluable when combined with modern launch techniques to speed run safely on the grey plateau before you get the paraglider. After discovering thesis launching, people started randomly getting launches with double the speed and distance, not knowing why slush seems fast.

Like, look at this house this lunch so fast. It was nearly two weeks later that players started to grasp why these super launches were occurring. Opening the paraglider while the game is dropping frame rate from loading multiple objects on the screen caused linked to massively increases momentum. This was researched further, and players develop ways to forcefully induce this lag to make super speed launches a consistent speed on technique. To this day, it’s still used in conjunction with many launching techniques to increase launching capabilities massively.

While the flying machine was reasonably helpful for traversing the map without using any resources, people fondly remembered Klich more for the sheer spectacle of flying across the map in this ridiculous contraption by placing a metal box or minecart on top of another minecart. Magnesium in the lower car will lift the vehicle between you and link and levitate link upwards infinitely. It’s hard to forget it once you’ve seen it. One of the most iconic and powerful glitches in Zelda to this day because of its high utility menu overloading has gone through several iterations over the years to a streamlined setup that now takes about 10 seconds to perform by having multiple active multi-shot shock bows in a particular area—up the games memory overloads, allowing the player to D sync inventory items in beneficial ways.

The ability to duplicate and transfer durability of the equipment and take advantage of a specific NPC to perform the best rupee farming method in the game has made this one of the most valuable glitches and Breath of the Wild history. There weren’t many substantial combat discoveries in the games the first year, but one of the more considerable exploits at the time was the Boseman.

By pressing attack and bow shot while spinning a heavy weapon, it would place the gun down on your back but the lump in your hands. It was initially passed off as a gimmick until I found its secret combat effects with great cross plates and great Thunder blades to perform ice and thunder chaining shortly after I discovered actual freeze chaining, which is still the only technique in the game that keeps the enemy locked in a frozen state completely, never breaking them out of settled status while getting hit.

Arguably the most iconic combat trick to this day, troops-perfect parry allows a user to use the ruse protection infinitely over and over. But to initiate this trick, you must release CL within two frames of the attack or bomb striking link, making this move not just efficient for combat but also a show of highest skill to perform this timing-specific trick. This technique’s versatility got only more and more advanced as time went on with perfect rug crushes. Quick rushes to roof launch and landing to regresses. There were small breakthroughs in launching techniques and Breath of the Wild at this point, but none as game-changing in terms of speed and distance as bullet time bounces.

At the same time, it was initially showing off as early as August 2018. It didn’t find an audience until another user posted it to Twitter and went viral by striking an enemy with their shield to make them ragdoll wire and bullet time. The link was propelled at unreal speeds with capabilities even surpassing super launches. Setups improved as time went on, which became one of the most common ways to navigate the world during speed runs.

By performing a sequence involving a glitch camera stage, holding an item, and viewing a memory, the game then leads to unique effects loading into different areas trying apparatus storage led to several significant findings including exploring a bottom of void pits keeping death mountains hot air effects around you which lead to explosive combat techniques, ignoring all elements and most valuable of all the ability to steal Master Sword early and duplicate hearts and stamina, perfect for the completionist who wanted a whole row of seats and stamina.

Another version of this iconic glitch was technically seen as early as four months after the game’s release with the world reset glitch’s finding, but was quickly patched and then resurfaced years later when a player wanted to take pictures with the Guardian and then accidentally refound the glitch. By pushing into strange places. Birth of the waltz map is broken up into a grid system, and making a dynamic object to grid spaces over the Guardian will then spawn endless Guardian parts.

This led to the best way to form ancient materials in the game. Moon jumping broad both entertainment and speedrunning value, giving players the freedom to jump to any height and go anywhere they please. mounting a wild horse. At the same time, you owned a horse during the mounted archery mini-game caused the link to be stuck in this moon jump state this shortly after the discovery of wrong warping to Breath of the Wild lying linked to spawning in specific predetermined locations, including brand new areas he’s never explored before as well as out of bounce. Out of all the discoveries and Breath of the Wild, wind bombs, also known as bomb impact launches, is arguably one of the most important to ever found by placing two bombs in a row behind Lincoln bulletin.

The farthest bomb’s wind box pushed the closer bomb into the link and launched him at high speeds. This newfound ability powerful armed every obstacle breath The wall is built for puzzling and exploration, and toss it to the side gives you the ability to skip shrines altogether and traverse the world in a multitude of custom angles, speeds, and directions. This technique to travel massive distances in any order with very little setup changes brother the wild forever.

Ways to instakill bosses have always been sought after for glitch hunters and on November 9, 2019. The exploits had entirely skipped when blight or climate again and were found by firing an arrow before entering an introduction cutscene. The invisibly suspended needle did live continuous damage through the cutscene, making the boss dead on arrival. Instead, the while it’s been running was never the same ever since.

The introduction of the thunderclap rush completely opened up a new layer of combat to the game by pressing attack and bow shot while in midair. This would force the game to initiate bullet time, and flurry rushes back to back. This led to a much deeper understanding of the market chase mechanic, which is the backbone of how the game figures out where to put link while he’s flurry rushing.

There’s anything we’ve seen so far that screams glitch, and this would take the cake. The strange bug is exclusive to the Switch version of brought to the wild and was initially found. As a result, post curse, but for some reason, It was patched out when the VR update was added to the breath of the wild. This glitch was seemingly lost forever until it was refound through the knocks curse and the boomerang curse by bringing the knocks or style knocks to a waterfall or to throw a boomerang on your water.

Simultaneously, the game was overloaded, the entire game engine breaks causing the rotation bug and some of the creepiest physics glitches possible in Breath of the Wild. Finally, many have considered the most difficult, complex, and most rewarding glitch, and recent discovery is a memory storage glitch by performing an elaborate frame perfect menu glitch.

This allows the link to play a brand new file while you have a memory stored by then completing the new game without ever dying because the game will not save. This allows the link to duplicate Coliseum enemies obtain the unattainable ball of light, skip the grey plateau accept 80,000 arrows, and more. This is, in a sense, the uncovering of an actual new game plus file and, by far, is one of the colossal discoveries ever found in the wild. And that brings us to today.

This game has been completely transformed over the past four years. And although this may seem like quite a few discoveries. The actual list of glitches quickly goes into the 1000s and will continue to climb as people keep pushing Breath of the Wild. A big thank you to the Breath of the Wild community for helping develop this list. And if you like this journey back in time.